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17 responses to “Cubicle Break”

  1. GrizzlyBrears

    [New Post] Cubicle Break – via #twitoaster

    1. odiunjain

      RT @GrizzlyBrears: [New Post] Cubicle Break – via #twitoaster

    2. Macnabclan

      RT @GrizzlyBrears: [New Post] Cubicle Break – via #twitoaster

  2. Kerry

    Also found a video of Grizz on his off time (when he isn’t golfing) being that he is Canadian and all. . .

  3. KC

    That’s cold. What is the coldest round you ever played? I once snapped the head off a 7 iron playing in the 40′s.

  4. Darren

    Please, please Griz tell me your close to publishing SEO posts soon. This waiting is killing me…

  5. RT Cunningham

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I get a headache when I listen to those computer-generated voices. I think I’d rather read the text. Now, if the guys doing these would use their own voices, it wouldn’t be bad at all.

    Oh, and it’s about 27c here right now. Ice and snow? What the heck is that?

  6. Paul

    Thanks for waking me up…now off to bed.

    Only a balmy -22 here tonight. I’ll have to throw the dogs out in the morning because they won’t want to go out by themselves.

  7. Charmed

    Well the pond is frozen here in Michigan, but we don’t have it that cold! Sheesh…

    The video was very entertaining. Thanks for that. I don’t mind the robot voice. It kinda sounds like my wife’s ex step mother. I liked her a lot.

  8. Brawnydt

    Canadians DO swear a lot.

  9. Lin

    Brrrr it’s COLD in your neck of the woods Griz! It’s 34 degrees here and windy but we’re getting a heat wave later today so the high will be a balmy 47 later on ;)

  10. Don James

    Sigh…….Sherron and Splork just ate away my entire lunch hour with nothing to show but my own self serving backlinks through babble. Hey, look, I’m sitting in a cubicle right now……….

  11. Click Here

    Sounded like Stephen Hawking to me.

    MC is to crack down on content farms apparently, just in time for the Demand Media IPO – followed by a quality content site created by UncleG ? Good news for the little guys or not ?

  12. health

    hi griz,
    are you back in the saddle again? it seems like ages since you were posting regularly. (or maybe, i was just “out of the loop” after mmofb). we need to get such a community rockin’ again!

    thank god, i was on your mailing list. (followed the rt wp widget links post here). it’s a new year, and lots of us are ready for some more bear pointers.

  13. mike

    -23 degrees I know what that is like being a Minnesota residant since birth! Actually, I remember much worse 40 degrees below and 70 below wind chill I believe once when I was like 9 years old… Although looking at the temp in your home town makes me want to put on suntan screen and tan in the 1.2 degree ferreinheit weather… not quite though, I don’t have the brear fur coat on.

    Maybe the Vikings will have to move to canada now that the dome collapsed along with their superbowl hopes. I’d make the trip, the one outdoor game of my life this year was awesome.

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