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113 Golf Games Later…

Hi folks,

Just a quick post to let you know I deleted all the old feeds for MMOFB – seems a spammer now has the site and judging by the facebook comments some of you were getting a bit annoyed… ooops. If I missed any feeds let me know.

Needless to say I have taken the summer off – no computer – just golf!

I vowed this was the year I was going to shoot par or better and it took 93 games to do it… a 71. That is 1 under par or 6 strokes better than Tiger’s last tournament… hehehe…

Unfortunately I have now run out of life encompassing goals so I may have to catch up with the rest of you online. Google plus? Anyone care to fill me in… I’m not kidding when I say I haven’t turned on a computer in a few months. Seems I may have missed a few things…

Just perused my extremely full inbox and yes I am still kicking… thanks to all for your concern.

If I have missed any other Earth shattering news please fill me in otherwise I just wanted to say hello and hope all is well with everyone.

Chillin' in the pool

It's been a tough summer...






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71 responses to “113 Golf Games Later…”

  1. Todd Morris

    Hey Griz,

    Welcome back … and congrats on breaking par. I shot 70 and 71 a couple of times when I was a teenager, but since then not even close … lol, although I suppose the fact that I only get out to the course once every couple of months lately probably has something to do with it. :-)

    As for Google + … you should probably get an account .. I expect that in a year or two it will be “the place to be”. For right now though, it’s pretty much just another social networking site to add to our list of places not to forget to check in on (IMO).

  2. Mike

    Google plus happened. People think it matters. That’s all.

  3. Medic

    Glad to hear you’re doing well. Congrats on breaking par.


  4. Carla

    Hey, Griz. I’m so glad you’ve been enjoying your summer!

    Some of the natives got a little restless while you were gone. But maybe they found out through your absence that they don’t need Papa Bear to take care of them. That would be better for them, and I imagine for you, too. :-)

    And Google+ = who cares, as far as I’m concerned. I maintain a perfunctory presence on it and that’s about it. I vastly prefer, which is a lot more fun and actually sends traffic. I may pay the price some day for not worshiping at the Google+ altar, but in the meantime, I’m going to run with scissors.

    1. WordVixen

      Ah, you get traffic from Pinterest? I may have to join up then. A lot of friends love it, but thus far, none of my SEO/IM buddies have tried it (I think). I personally like G+, but only because my SMO/SEO/IM buddies are on there and posting more interesting info than they do on FB.

  5. Shaun

    Good to hear from ya Griz. Some of us were starting to worry lol. I mostly have IM people on my Google+ account, as only a couple of people I know off the internet have them. Mark Butler and Fraser have hosted a few “hangouts” I didn’t have a chance to join. Apparently, they have been pretty interesting. Let me know if you start an account and I will add you to my circle :)

  6. Carla

    Yeah, we drove by the PGA site the week before all the golfers arrived. It made me feel like such an insider, even though I barely know which end of the golf club to swing.

    Thanks for the kind words about our move. We absolutely love it here. We decided to rent an apartment for a year, so we could get to know the area before buying. I’m so glad we did, because we now have a much better idea where we want to be. It turns out that Justin Bieber lives about a mile from us, so we’re thinking something in that neighborhood would be nice. Perhaps not quite in that price range though. ;-)

    And I feel like a dope, but the other day I finally came across your post about your move. A much-belated congrats on such a big transition!

  7. Benjamin T.

    Grizzly Brears – The Original legend of MMO!!

  8. Skinnyninja

    Thank you for the pic! That is fantastic!

    Griz lives!

  9. atma

    Great to hear from you again, Griz! Nice photo, btw! :)

  10. Scott

    Hey buddy:

    Glad to see your well; enjoying the family and golfing. I only wish I had the discipline to stay off of the computer for months… I’m sure my wife does too! ;-) lol!! (BTW: I just got married on April 9th–see my Facebook images for details, if your interested?)
    But you know how it goes, build, write, and write some more… I know your aware of the Panda update. Quite an interesting beast, but fortunately it has been friendly with the majority of my sites — albeit a PR drop here and there, but who cares.
    I haven’t really experimented with Google’s +1 yet. I figured I would let things settle in a bit before I go and get banned. lol! However, it is nice in that you can post links, etc., and share some good information with your circles.
    Anyhow, that’s all I’ve got for now. Looking forward to some long-winded posts ;-)


  11. JL Palmetto

    Hi, Griz!! Glad it’s really you. Nice to see you on G+.

    I heard the blogspot was occupied by an invader. Every time I’d get an email announcement of a blog post from “you,” it’d lead to a Grizzly nightmare of a post instead: “MMO is fun. Everyone likes to MMO. Do you like to MMO? Here is one way to MMO, which is a very good way to MMO, if you are so predisposed to MMO for yourself.”


  12. Sami

    Nice to hear from you Griz! And that photo is sure rare. It’s all supersites and passion sites with the new panda mania. Getting back to the roots at blogging I think.

  13. RED

    I haven’t even noticed anything different with my two sites. I started reading about this panda thing the other day and I gotta say, i don’t care. I’m at the point now, where I’m trying to find a way to monetize a site that people come to for entertainment articles. Not gossip, but entertainment/tech. I pretty much don’t want to use adsense at all. I don’t even post on it too much. Traffic grows though. when it reaches a high point, it’s over 1000 per day, then drops down to about like 300-400 a day when it’s on a normal day. The normal day figure increases with every big traffic spike over a thousand though. It’s wierd being able to own certain key phrases. I can pretty much rank on page one for a certain keyword +the subject. That in turn causes me to get links from other big news and entertainment organizations. Its crazy. I don’t have to go around asking or submitting to any directory. I think most of my juice comes from using a related post plugin. It just keeps getting spread through out the site. My links from big news and entertainment companies don’t disappear either because they’re legit. Who knows, in about a year or 2 they will probably be pr5 links etc.. I don’t even have to do anything. I’ve also gotta say, that I honestly believe not having adsense or any ads at all has helped me get those links from those big sites. They don’t even have to think twice about linking to me. Anyone else got any tips about good monetization strategies for what I am talking about? The only real thing I’ve seen is blogads as far as maybe monetization goes. I don’t know if anyone likes them though.

  14. Costa

    “it’s been a tough summer….”

    Yea you can say that again. After 113 Games later, it must be tough.

  15. Shane Dayton

    Great to hear you’re living the dream! Hope everything continues to go well, and yeah – I noticed the spammer getting the old address from an e-mail update. One post told me it was time to go back and be very diligent about taking out all those old backlinks. Cheers!

  16. Steve

    Hey griz!
    Very nice photo and good article overall…………Nice to have a share

  17. Gayan

    Hi Grizz!,

    It’s really nice to hear from you :D . It seems like you had a great summer. The little one is your youngest right?, She’s so cute!.

    And oh, congratulations on the Golf games too and all of a sudden I’m starting to see you’re spamming the heck out of my FB home with “Grizzly Brears and *#*{*# are now friends” LOL! :D .

  18. Jo Ann

    Hi Griz!

    Just wanted to pop in and say it’s good to see you back in action.

    We live near Pinehurst and my husband (who is a true golf nut) thinks this is the next best thing to heaven. lol

    Hope you got some novels under your belt for us!

  19. Aaron

    Hmmm, I don’t remember you looking like this from the old photos. I thought you look much better……

    Oh, what happen to your lovely wife? Why isn’t she in the picture : )

  20. Terry

    Hey Griz,

    Good to hear you’re enjoying a great summer… and you managed to keep your hands off a computer all that time? That must’ve felt weird at first. Maybe liberating later and damn enjoyable not to have to even look at your email inbox!

    You might have gotten a small surprise at Google’s new layout – three ads taking the top 3 spots in the SERPs that are only vaguely decipherable as being ads. Most regular surfers don’t even realize. Google have figured out how to game their own index with paid ads looking too much like organic listings! So the message is “you CAN buy your way to the top of the SERPs as long as you pay Uncle G and not an SEO (or, heaven forbid, you do it yourself).”

    I’m amazed that so few IM’ers have mentioned it. Probably had their attention deftly diverted by +1, FB et al. Ho hum, life goes on eh!

    All is well in Spain, although for once I envy your cooler summers. We’re having a real hot one with average 35C days here on the coast, although inland the poor buggers are getting +40C days. Makes rehearsing in the band hard work (yep, we rehearse inland!) Calls for lots of cold beer…

    Anyway, its great to see you’re back (with a computer switched on again)!


  21. RT Cunningham

    Google+ ? About as wonderful as Facebook. Meh. Seriously, if it weren’t for relatives, I wouldn’t be messing with either one.

    Other than the Panda updates, you didn’t miss a thing. Clicks are down, but I blame that on the economy, especially when traffic is up.

  22. Shuck


    good to hear from ya! I was very surprised when I opened my email this morning and saw this.

    I have been most of the summer also (but I have turned my comp on), and my goal was to break 80 … I’ve played prob about 40 rounds, I have yet to do it … I was close a few times – 83, 81, and 82 the last time out.

    What are the chances of you coming down to Wisconsin and playing SentryWorld?

  23. Alexis

    Grizzy! 8(

  24. Fu**dmylife

    Grizzly, it is so nice to hear from you again in your blog. Thought there were not going to post any more updates.

    On a sidenote, i got my adsense account banned a few days ago. The traffic was legit but like you had posted a few months ago, i think it has to do with big bucks and spammy links. Do you think i should get a new adsense account? Or try other monetization methods? I am sure other monetization methods will not work as good as adsense in my niche. Any info will be very helpful for me. Thanks a lot in advance.

  25. Trent Brownrigg

    Welcome back! It’s great to know you are still kicking. And congrats on the golf game! Also, thank you for getting rid of the new MMOFB guy. He is annoying.

  26. Norm S.

    Hi Grizz, Great photo! Two kids in a pool are worth more than a fish in the hand.

  27. WordVixen

    Love the hat in the water! Glad to have you back, glad to have the spam stream stopped, and glad you had a great summer. :-)

  28. antoine

    so let me get this correct:

    Griz is crocodile dundee and mr hogan plays golf with google and now he is par +1

  29. Branding – It’s Not Just About Butt Tattoo’s Apparently | Internet Marketing SEO & Passive Income BLOG

    [...] but you don’t need to be famous to be known as yourself in certain circles. Just mention ‘Griz’ in my internet marketing circles and most of my colleagues will instantly know this is. Whether [...]

  30. Seth

    Length of course you broke par on? I only shot par once in my life but it was on a 5,800 yard course so I really don’t count it.

  31. ariston

    ei Grizz, glad to hear from you again! :)
    it’s great to see you and your family enjoying the sun, unlike here in my end where every day is like 48 degrees c =)

    and oh… congrats on breaking par! maybe it’s time to say – ei Tiger watch out, the Bear is coming! lol

  32. Don James - The Agile Marketer

    Hey Griz!

    You know, all you really missed was a complete, utter stalemate of the government to get anything done. Maybe this group could teach them a thing or two about driving revenue – hmmmmm……

    Good time to go golfing, though – something I’m really missing out on this year. How you broke 72 is amazing!

    Welcome back!

  33. Lissie

    I took 5 days off the Internet and felt guilty as hell but found it was quite good for my head – you took 5 bloody months off – you slack Bear!

  34. Lissie

    hmm – do you take a hack saw to it? or can you break it over your knee ?

  35. tim

    Hi Grizz,

    I knew immediately that was not you sending those emails, but it had me worried there for a minute, I thought you had fell on hard times and sold your list to a spammer. :-0

    Only kiddin’ :-)

    Good job I never believe anything I read.
    It’s good to know you are still around.

  36. Mian

    Nice to see your pic and know you are well. Glad you enjoyed your summer too. The summer here in the UK is almost over (did we even have one?).

  37. RED

    Hey Griz, I’m almost on page 1 for a pretty big keyword. Right now I think it might be at or close to the top of page 2. Problem is… It’s not a self hosted domain. I’m extremely nervous about using Adsense. It would be close to 3 years work gone if anything happened. When i started a few years ago the plan was to throw adsense up if it ever got to page 1, now it doesn’t seem like such a good idea. I was thinking about creating a related site with it’s own domain and linking to it from the site that is on page 2. Problem is, would that take another 2 years to go anywhere? Would it only put it on page 8 or 9 or something?

    Then the other question is… If the self hosted domain ever made it to page one, Do I throw up adsense or other ads. If I didn’t the only other way to make money from it would be to make that new domain a drop shipping site. Which right now, I don’t believe I have the money/time to do. Anybody got any suggestions or had any experience with something similar? Griz you ever ran drop shipping site? From what I read it seems like it could be a headache.

  38. Alexis

    DOH! I just realized half of what I typed got removed. WTF? Where was my important announcement about how you shouldn’t run off and leave us ever again. *flounders*

    I missed you! And there’s just no substitute for the Griz advice. Plus… golf… really? =(

    Glad you’re back!

  39. James Hussey

    Griz – slap me for missing this one, and shame on the world for not telling me you were back. I was wondering what happened to you, makes perfect sense you were out swinging clubs (not “out in the swinger’s clubs,” that has a different connotation).

    So let me catch you up on earth-shattering news:


    Um. I think Google actually is ranking sites with a LOT less links than before (I’ve been happy to discover)…

    …yup. Pretty much it.

  40. Fu**dmylife

    Hi Griz. We would love to hear from you on the panda update that has been going on recently, especially the 2.5.2

  41. Shawn

    You have a broken link on your sidebar.

    The sidebar title “Recent Posts” leads to https://makemoneyonlinegrizzly/blog

    404 page

    1. Shawn

      OH CRAP! I didn’t that entering a link without tags would get converted into a clickable link. Now you have 2 broken links :(


  42. Cynthia

    Found your “hacked” website this week and totally enjoyed reading all the posts. I didn’t realize you were not there until I went to sign up for email. Thought I’d post first, after I finally tracked you down. I was starting to panic, thinking that everyone had left and moved on to greener pastures after I had just gotten used to reading fun posts. Glad to see that you were just off line having fun and everyone is still here. I put my website in the form, even though it has been static (abandoned for a few years). Getting ready to revive it for fun. Was grateful when my Googled “SBI spam?” turned up your opinion of it. It sounded fishy, lol. Hi all!

  43. Hospitalera

    Hi Grizz,

    How is it going, golf summer is over and we are waiting for new blog posts ;-) Or are you going directly into hibernation? SY

  44. Red

    Merry Christmas! What? No Christmas posts?

  45. JL Palmetto

    Happy HoHo, Griz!

    xx oo xx

  46. Shawn

    R.I.P. Griz

    We will miss you so…

    …for the love of-

    What really happened to Griz?…anybody?

  47. Booboo

    Griz is Matt Cutts in disguise.

    Just droppin by.

    Happy new year btw, you silent, silent man.

  48. Mike

    Do grizzlies eat penguins?

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