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113 Golf Games Later…

Hi folks,

Just a quick post to let you know I deleted all the old feeds for MMOFB – seems a spammer now has the site and judging by the facebook comments some of you were getting a bit annoyed… ooops. If I missed any feeds let me know.

Needless to say I have taken the summer off – no computer – just golf!

I vowed this was the year I was going to shoot par or better and it took 93 games to do it… a 71. That is 1 under par or 6 strokes better than Tiger’s last tournament… hehehe…

Unfortunately I have now run out of life encompassing goals so I may have to catch up with the rest of you online. Google plus? Anyone care to fill me in… I’m not kidding when I say I haven’t turned on a computer in a few months. Seems I may have missed a few things…

Just perused my extremely full inbox and yes I am still kicking… thanks to all for your concern.

If I have missed any other Earth shattering news please fill me in otherwise I just wanted to say hello and hope all is well with everyone.

Chillin' in the pool

It's been a tough summer...






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