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43 responses to “Finding Links for those Niche Blogs”

  1. David

    Brilliant…I’ve wanted to do this, but since I lack your readership its been hard to get going. :) E-mailing site owners out of the blue hasn’t worked well, so this should be great. I’ve sent you an e-mail.

  2. DennisJr


    You post could not have come at a better time. I need your opinion or your knowledge with gotlinks dot com? I am working a local niche and it seems several links are coming from this site and they are set up for several different sites. My target is a local city bankruptcy site.

  3. DennisJr

    Thanks Grizz,

    I just seemed to be running into several sites that were using this site and they all seemed to be on the pg1 & 2 of G. I just now started to “really” analyze sites that are my competition by looking at their links and keyword density. I must again say thanks, because of your “Free SEO lessons” I am starting be able to make a plan to implement.
    As usual,

  4. bloggernoob

    Seo is all about networking. I don’t know how i got to know u grizz, but im really glad im part of your group. hit me up for any requests. This goes out to everyone in this network ;) thanks for the link buddy.

  5. Cata

    This is a brilliant idea, Grizz, I want in. I also emailed you about a similar concern, but you haven’t answered yet.

  6. Trent Brownrigg

    Another awesome post and super idea! Once again you prove how willing you really are to help others!

  7. Ostralia

    Griz, if you could setup a forum, this will be a great way to actually exchange info and network with people.
    Thanks for the good idea mate.

  8. Ben

    Thanks Griz. Anyone who has tried to get links by “cold calling” knows how frustrating it is. Here is an opportunity to share links with like minded site owners. You would be crazy or just too lazy to not take advantage of it. I’ve already traded a few and will do more. Ben

  9. David

    Yeah, a forum would be amazing for doing this kind of networking. There isn’t, AFAIK, a really good forum solely dedicated to this type of niche SEO work.

  10. Terry Didcott

    Nice idea Griz. Do I see some requests for a forum?

    There is a popular board I know of that has a dedicated link exchange forum that most of its many members have completely ignored! Mmm… time to change that perhaps ;-)

  11. Ben

    Thanks Terry, I have used your link exchange board and It’s a good thing. I’m finding peoples eagerness to get involved with your board and this post less than I expected, but it’s still better then e-mailing people out of the blue. I’ve gotten a few positive responses between here and your board, but overall it seem to be the same old thing. No interest. A thanks but no thanks e-mail would be nice so I can move on. Ben

    1. Terry Didcott

      Ben, that’s the way of things in this game. You can tell everyone some great money making tips but you can guarantee 90% of them will go away and do nothing.

      That’s why Griz and Vic know they are pretty safe giving away most of their secrets – they know that most people will never act upon them, so competition will never increase much.

      Its ok by me – more chances for me and the few of us that are keen to work hard to climb the ladder of success!

  12. GoHeels

    Great idea Grizz, count me in. I’ll be emailing you my list of niches in about 45 seconds. Thanks!

  13. David

    Terry’s forum isn’t allowing me to register. I’ve sent him an e-mail, but is there something I’m missing?

    1. Terry Didcott

      David, I replied to your email.

      I keep the forum closed to new registrations to keep out the damn spammers who cost it its page rank several months ago with their bloody crap urls that Google picked up on. Won’t allow that to happen again as I’m trying to get the PR back.

      So if anyone else needs to register, shoot me an email letting me know you’ve come from here (or I may ignore it!).

  14. Yusep

    Really helpul idea in your post Grizz. I’m reader of your makemoneyforbeginner blog and here too. I’m starting making blog using wordpress dateless sniper themes from Court’s blog. I reads Court’s blog too. I’m already have two paid blog, and this is one of them. Other is I want to joint this help each other group. Anyone in the close niche to me, which want to help each other or need link feel free to email me at
    Btw Grizz, maybe you can give advise for this two sites for me.

    Thank’s grizz for your sharing.

  15. Venkat

    Hi Griz.

    Great idea creating a great opportunity.

  16. ems

    Hello, been reading your blogs for sometime now and i highly reccomend you to all my blog readers. You truly are the guru in your field. I Have added a link to your blog on my blogging page

  17. ems

    Whoops sorry, added your link here its a new site so still finding my way arround

  18. Don

    Great idea. I’ll get an email off to Terry soon. Been working on my Golf Talking blog,, and got it up to number 147 out of 18 million on a G search. The goal is in site…gotta get more links. Thanks for your generosity.

  19. Larry W

    I’ve been reading your How to Make Money on Line for Beginners Blog for a couple of weeks now and it is a great resource for especially The Make Money Blogging Lessons. Thanks, Now reading this blog and it’s great to. To get to the point I set up my Blogs the best I could as you outline really well in Make money Blogging Lesson 1 and I put AdSence on it. Now I have a question Do you think Google minds If I put links to other Blogs ex. on my Blog and are Post pages considered separate pages from the G Ad boxes Thanks again reply or no reply. Larry W

  20. Cath Lawson

    Hi Grizzly – I found you on Monika’s blog and I liked what you had to say.

    This is a brilliant idea you have put together and a generous offer.

    But I noticed you mentioned porn links and that is worrying me. I get how to use SEO on my page but I’m hopeless when it comes to links. And I’ve noticed I’m getting linked to from porn sites. How and why is that happening – will it harm my blog and is there anything I can do about it? Thanks. PS – I love your pic – are you from Canada?

  21. Cath Lawson

    Thanks Grizzly. Wow you really do live in the sticks don’t you? And you even have a wolf for a pet. It looks like a really nice place though.

    I’m not just dropping by tho – have subscribed. Now you can’t get rid of me.

    The ugly site that I changed is I’m going to try the big adsense block on there like you have on the site you just showed me.

  22. edson

    thanks grizzly for helping me make this successful website

  23. ankit

    I always thought the link exchange might hurt the traffic,but this post and the results are enough to belive i was wrong.i am new blogger and i blog mostly about finance and economy at
    it will be great for me to get some nice traffic though link exchange
    Thanks in advance

  24. David

    Also…I was wondering if, instead of doing direct reciprocal links if we did a “triangle”. Example: Site owners “A”, “B”, and “C” all share similar niches. Site owner “A” links back to site owner “B”, who links back to site owner “C”, who links back to site owner “A”.

    Would that work?

  25. David

    Excellent, I sent you and email about this with my website.

  26. Joe

    I might have missed something, I overlook, forget, and totally flub a ton of stuff up. I don’t do link exchange, now site I Have has a link page. I only have a few articles and only post them to one site. I don’t do a lot of the stuf Ive seen others do. Here’s a “formula” of sorts that I use.

    When I write a post I:

    Use H1,H2 (twice)
    Every post has one or two “target” words.
    I use these words at least three times. (phrases)
    I bold at least once usually twice.
    I link with target phrase to the post twice. (from other blog I own)
    I submit to at least two social networks. (digg,mixx,etc.)
    I don’t write a post unless I’m willing to do it all the way.
    I write articles and only link to home page.
    I deep link by blog comments that allow.

    In three minutes at this site I determined:
    The owner is grizzley.
    Grizz has a community
    Grizz has rules

    One of which is not to put keywords in the “name”
    Because that is spamm?

    If I used a keyword in the name, I would benifit, maybe dirastically, not sure.

    Would a keyword, hurt this blog or make this comment any less valuable or invaluable?

    The bottom line is you don’t shoot a deer on someone elses property. When your at a non-smokers house you don’t smoke.

    My tip for back links. I was on page one google for 3 months for “best business to start” Got about 2,000 visitors a month from that word. How did that happen?
    I put that widget with social networks on my blog and a couple people “dugg it” or what ever.

    If you want back links and don’t want to get 3 or 4 links to each post, use the widget and let your readers do it for you.

    Grizz, is your following working together when you submit a post to digg. Do they digg it too? Do you digg them?

    This would be huge.

    Rememeber you don’t have to out run the bear, you just have to outrun the other guy….

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  28. make money online

    You can write articles about anything, write as many as you can using your keyword as anchor.

    Personally I only use ezine articles as your link is placed on a page with a very high PR. 10 PR3 links is better than 1000 PRn/a

    …and if your blog has little or no competition you will be on the first page within a month. Watch out for the sandbox though :)

  29. David

    Regarding the articles…I’ve done that with ezinearticles too…the only problem I’ve run into and maybe I am just confused as to how this works, is that I am ranking well in quotes, almost always on the first page, but not ranking well without quotes in many cases.

    How do I fix that????? I think that it’s a problem because according to it hasn’t translated to increased traffic (I use the traffic search volume according to google’s keyword tool to go after keywords with at least 1000/month search volume for the low-competition keywords)…

    …and isn’t that the point? Finding low competition keywords with decent search volume and traffic?

  30. Spanish School

    I’m looking to build links locally in Phoenix Arizona and in the Spanish / languages niche. Any ideas? info(at)

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  32. cangockituani


    What is the best web hosting company?

    I’m trying to build a web site for my new business.

    appreciate your feedback,


  33. Elly P.

    I liked reading your blog…keep up the good work.

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  35. suroz

    I experienced the impasse in the search for backlinks to my website. But after reading your post, I am more excited to find some links for my website. Thank you for sharing this great post.

  36. Dawid From Affiliate Marketing Blueprint

    Hi Griz.

    Great idea creating a great opportunity.
    I liked reading your blog…keep up the good work.

    Thanks !! :)

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