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79 responses to “The New Automated Niche Support”

  1. JeepnDave

    OK what the heck is going on here. I am adjusting to the pretty site but posting two days in a row? I saw you mentioned in the comments of your Twitter game post that you were going to make the announcement for the return of the niche support system here, but wow the next day! ;-)

    As always thanks for all the support you give to us noobs. With out it we may all be lost in the land of the probloggers :-(

    Thanks Griz!

  2. Agrande

    I’ll say your screwing us up, I’m not getting anything done ’cause I keep seeing a new post from Griz in my reader.
    I second Dave’s comment, thanks for the help you provide the community. You are like a brightly lit beacon of safety guiding us in our travels through the troubled waters of…
    Sorry about that I was starting to wax philosophical again. :-)

  3. Ben Willis

    Looks like you’re making things simpler for us too. Give yourself some credit. I’ve made a lot of friends from the old niche’ page.

    Just signed up. Thanks, Ben

  4. myln


    Thanks again for you continous support. I’ve been using your previous niche support pages with great results and I am very anxious to use your new system.

    This reminds me of a group I participated last year about SOCIAL MEDIA support. In the group we helped each other with social media. As it turned out it was a waste of time but the interesting thing was that your favourite social blogger was also a member of the group. It seems that everybody has its bad moments :)

  5. KC

    You said:

    “That will take a bit to answer which means it may be a while…”

    Just wondering if I could get you to clarify that answer a bit? ;-)

    “That will take a bit to answer which means it will be (forever, less than a year, within six months, this month, in a few days)”

    I am really sorry for bugging you. :-)

  6. Phil

    Seems like summer is definitely over there and you can’t play golf anymore because you have all this time on your hands :)

    1. JeepnDave

      hahahahah I think you are right Phil. It is getting a little to cold for golf. Lucky for us we will get more help from Griz ;-)

      At least until he gets his aircraft carrier then we may be on our own and he will just cruise to what ever golf course he wants to no matter the weather :-)

  7. Chewie

    If you guys have any questions, you can also email me. I will be assisting with Niche support. Griz usually gets 400,000,000 emails per week, not per day. I know you guys thought it was more. Unfortunately he is too lazy to handle 400,000,000 so if you need to ask or recommend something and cant get through to the Bear you can email the Wookie. They are both equally hairy. OK maybe that was an unnecessary. Oh well!

  8. Shaun


    You are freaking badass, man.

  9. Curious George

    Man I didn’t quite get how this niche support page is gonna help. Its much like a forum that’s it…

    1. Chewie

      Well if links is not your thing it may not be too helpful. Bottom line its being used as a bulletin board to get people in contact with each other for links. if you don’t think it will help then you don’t have to use it.

  10. Denise

    Just signed up!

    Awaiting approval (or not!) :-)

  11. Lin

    I’ll get to adding niches tomorrow after work (waaah), since some of us actually have to work for a living while Griz plays golf hehehe.

    Besides working, writing and being the Go to Girl for Facebook and Twitter, who has time? Ha!

  12. Chelle

    Sweet. Hopefully this will cut down on the requests of people who have a one page blogspot blog and all I have are well established 250+ page sites that are PR3+ in their niche.

    But in your newly found free time, please, just go play golf or maybe do whatever it is that bears do before winter comes…no more posts, no more distractions. I’ve got a lot of serious work to do. :)

  13. Top CD Rates

    Should set up multiple accounts for our various aliases?

    And I’m working on Askimet. They supposedly fixed another email address. But I haven’t been able to test it yet.

  14. kc

    hi griz,

    i’ve been lurking long enough. this looks like a good time to jump in.

    i found your blog a couple of months ago and started at number 1 and been reading each one in order (even the countless comments =:-o

    my first question (if you don’t mind) should i or should i NOT turn my websites into WP blogs? i started to do that with the simplest template i could find..ugly, ugly (and now you’ve gone beautiful).

    thanks to your generous sharing, i finally have an idea what the hell i’m doing on the web.

    cruising into the holiday season and believing that 2010 will be the best ever!

    thanks again,

    1. Calvin

      Lis Sowerbutts has a shortlist of plain (ugly) wordpress templates here:

      You can also check out the comments for some more themes.

  15. Ion

    I’ve posted my email on the old niche support page here at MMO Grizzly and everything went smoothly. Very good results!

    Just signed up for the new automated system.

    Thanks Grizz!


  16. Phil

    Are you looking for ways to expand your blog? You already added the forum to your blog, so what is next on the problogger list ot things to do.. You will need to add a book to your blog and start videoblogging.

    I am a bit disappointed about the link exchange forum though, since you are not charging a ridiculously low price for the value – which will obviously increase after a few months.. Something like $1,97/mo.

    The colors of this blog would look great on that aircraft carrier though.

    1. Allyn

      LOL @ Phil… colors remind me of Juvi back in Texas

  17. Allyn

    I bought a niche support on ebay to help correct my slice but so far it hasn’t helped. You are such a scammer Griz!

  18. Mike

    I’m wondering if you could add the following category: “Clothing, shoes and apparel” . I tried to post something but i couldn’t quite find an appropriate category for it, so if you think it’s worth it, maybe you can consider adding this.


  19. Anonymouse

    gee Grizz, I already made a spreadsheet of people to contact, lol – luckily i have one niche up

    got to hand it to ya though -
    this is a more active process of contacting people

    now I’ll have to throw up some new sites just for this *groan* “hard work pays off” someday… :P

  20. Tucson SEO

    You are the man. Remember…technology (when used properly) does make things easier. I just usually have a hard time explaining to those around me how to use it properly :)

    The old niche resource page worked like a charm…I think this is going to be great.

    I think you should set up a “Donate to Grizz” Paypal button. I’d hook you up with some greenbacks (they are still worth something).

    Party on Grizz ;0

  21. Ben Willis

    Only problem is sorting out the sites that we are already linking with. I’m too disorganised and may end up double linking (if that’s a term).
    Not whining or complaining. I know that I have to do my own work sometimes. Just bringing this to your attention.

  22. Tucson SEO

    I started tracking my site “relationships” a while back using an excel spreadsheet. That way I can keep track of people I am already working with.

    Doesn’t take too long, and it works.

  23. Darrell

    Hey Griz

    Not sure if you will allow me to do this here but I wanted to let your members know about a new article coop directory that came online yesterday.

    My friend owns the site and is 2.5 years old. The site allows individuals to post unique only content that you can deep link within your articles.

    But here is the twist for this article directory. He is allowing keyword anchored comments in articles. It will be moderated by myself and Michael to approve each and every article, so no spammers allowed and no duplicate content allowed.

    I would send you an email, but I am afraid it would be lost in the several hundred emails you receive each day. The site is live and each person can register for an account as a contributor.



    1. Darrell

      Sorry, 1 more important point, the links will all be Do follow, including the comments section.

  24. mike

    Hey Griz, I was trying to get the “exact keyword” bonus in the URL, and I couldn’t get one for blogger, but I could for wordpress (free hosted)… started SEOing for wordpress subdomain, but just found out it’s against their TOS to run ads, so I’ll have to turn it into a supporting blog. Anyway, I’m thinking about doing another subdomain elsewhere, but wanted your opinion on the best place other than blogger for adsense?

    1. MarieBo

      You could try WordPress with GoDaddy.

      Very cheap and easy even for me, a blogspot addict.

      Good luck !

  25. Lin

    Hey Griz,

    Not sure if this request goes to you or Chewie, but categories for Family, marriage, parenting, divorce etc related topics is needed badly. Also categories for cooking, recipes, Legal/Law too. I shot Chewie an email but not sure if it was received or in spam folder. A category for Holiday related topics would be awesome too. ;)

  26. Tucson SEO

    Anybody else notice a hit for AdSense earnings…or isit just me?

  27. Brendan A

    I’m just here to look at your awesome new theme for awhile.

  28. matt2257

    Hey Griz,

    I am noticing that the ads being shown are all over the place.

    With regard to smart pricing, has the monster energy drink post and the twitter, compiled with the niche support post thrown things off?

    Are you even worried about it?

    BTW-as show on your privacy page as well.

    1. JeepnDave


      I was noticing this as well. Especially on your front page I was seeing ads for DNA and Genealogy?? WTF…. Your single page ads look right though. I wonder if your front page adsense ads are screwy because you are showing two posts on the front now. I was also curious if you had any insight as to why that happens.


  29. alaa

    hi, i just want to know :
    what this means and how i can use it to decide on a niche.

    i used Google keyword tool using movies as keyword.

    i have got that on September
    101 million searches have been done for the keyword “movie” and global monthly search volume for that word is 151 million.

    can i make a blog that rank 1st and take these millions every month??? how???

    1. Kenneth

      Yes alaa, it will be easy for you to make a blog that ranks first for the terms “movie”. I suggest you get to work on it right away and don’t give up until you reach the #1 position.

      In the meantime, if you have any problems, please refer to JohnChow (dot)com as he is the best online money making guru who will be glad to help you.


    hi griz,

    your girl kelley pickler is hot again.
    just saw her halloweened out as dolly parton.

    i had never seen her before, but pickler is very talented and nailed parton perfectly.


  31. Kenneth

    Unfortunately this isn’t working out for me yet. I emailed about 6 people and in one week, only 1 has returned my email. Seems like the niche support site is kind of dead too.

  32. Phil

    …Yes folks – hell must have froze over and I am turning to technology in order to make my life simpler. Simpler means lazier …

    I thought this was what internet marketing was all about and what you had been doing all along.

  33. jayakumar

    Nice to read this blog post Niche link exchange and it is very useful to the beginners. Thanks for the information.

  34. Jumanji

    GRIZ GRIZ GRIZ! I’d be great if you could do a few Posts on ur MMFB website, to gain some serious interest and get people signed up. This idea CAN work! Its all in ur power, Ime here to help, let me know if you’d like any assistance…


    Peace and love

  35. Yonex Badminton Racquet

    The link exchange is a great idea :) This is exactly what I’ve been looking for.

    Someone told me that they spend about 40% of the time developing the site (content, research, design, etc) and about 60% promoting it. Do you think that’s about right?


  36. Jeanine Barone

    I have one blog that’s all about travel. It’s not even a year old so I still have a lot to learn, particularly regarding monetizing the site. I’m confused about link exchanges. Does that mean when I write a post about travel, I link to whoever I’ve enchanged with by setting up anchor test that would link back to their site? If that’s the case, that would mean I would need to find travel related websites/blogs to exchange with. True?
    Also, not sure what 3-way link exchanges are since I only have one blog so it seems like it would be reciprocal.
    Can you clarify, please? I want to make sure I’m on the right track before I sign on to this.

  37. Suta

    You are a great helper to us newbies in blogging. Love to join with the Automated Niche Link Exchange. I love this new site with the new theme. Still love your old blogger blog too!

  38. Jayakumar

    I just want to know about the niche more here and I need to know how to choose our niche to make money through online.

  39. John W

    I was recommended here from the keyword academy and your site has great information. If you can put me on your list for link exchanges that would be great.

    my sites are in::

    home improvement, decor, appliances, and a general directory

    John Wells

  40. axeman

    I was reading vics blogger unleashed…..

    I saw what he was saying about blogger zoom – its closed now. I do the whole gps thing at tka, are there any other places that I should know about?

    email me if you want



  41. TechSavvyT

    I for one am interested in using this. After reading up so much on backlinks, quality ones, I’m interested in seeing how this could effect our sites.

    I think Griz has the idea down, and took care of a load of work for us. The rest is in our hands… Until we all start making money like Griz and get lazy like him ;-)

  42. Tyler

    Thanks for the cool support. Nice to see all of us helping each other. Could you add an ‘economics’ and/or ‘politics’ category?

  43. Michelle

    I’m a little confused. Since all our blogs will have a relatively low PR, wouldn’t a link from a high-PR article directory like ezinearticles be more valuable than one of these ‘niche support’ links?

  44. Saiful

    Hey Grizz..
    As far as I know Google does not support any Link Exchange Program. Is there any chance to get black listed ?


  45. Madav


    Link exchange is wonderful idea but i think search engines like Google not like it.There are chances of your blog being marked as spam in search in my point of view participating in link exchange only if you have some traffic on your blog.

  46. Alex Maina

    I keep getting confused on link building programs. I consider two way or three way links as poor in quality. Can such a network ever get the chance of doing better than simple one way links?

  47. Bedroom Furniture Sets

    I noticed you wet the bed sets when it comes to your blogger account? GRIZZ! Blogspot finally did ya in? ouch. I’m glad to see your wordpress site is still up. I had a blogspot making $100 a month which is a lot for me, more than I make now actually, and went through the restore process a lot and finally gave up and sat down on my furniture to contemplate. I think like 9 months later I decided to check back and I could register the domain name with blogger. LOL, I think it will be pretty difficult for you to re register it before someone else does, so good luck on getting google to restore access to your blog.

  48. Faithwisdomlove

    Hey Griz, how ya doing? Wishing you the best of luck in getting your sites back buddy.

    Woke up this morning to see one of my top ranking sites that’s been making me 5oo bucks/month’s been demoted to position 199 from number 2 position.

    Big ol G did hit me where it really hurt this time.

    Any ideas how i can pull it back up?

    Stripped all adsense already.

    Anyway miss ya! And hope you get your sites back up quickly.

    See you soon!

  49. Daniel The Swed

    Hey grizzly, how’s business going?

    I’ve been away from IM for about 5 months and now that I’m back google seem more confusing than ever to me. Do you feel like giving me some advice?

    You see I joined TKA a while ago but preferred your system over theirs and as they doubled the membership price I left (ill go back there soon though). I learned lots of useful stuff though including how to make super sites witch I believe is the way to make money online now a days? I have several blogspot blogs around the age of 2/3 years old but I’m not so sure if blogspot still is useful for making money. do you make supersites and if so, do you use blogger? if not, do you use blogger for clickbank and such and do you still follow the system you taught in the blink web ex?

    I’m thinking of getting started with one of my oldest blogs and put tons of content on it but i would hate to find out the hard way that it doesn’t work anymore :)

    Take care

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