Friendz of Griz

The following websites and blogs belong to the many friends I have made online. We all share the same goal – we help ourselves by helping others. Make yourself familiar with the sites listed here, get to know the authors, leave comments, link to posts that relate to your niche, leave comments when appropriate and show them support. You will quickly find that they believe in helping out those that help them. Success online is measured by your links and there is no better way to get links than having friends. If you believe in “Paying it Forward” and would like to be included here please let me know.

Note: These are all quality bloggers so please don’t expect links back to sites that aren’t quality in their own right. We want to help but we don’t have any use for spam. – Terry Didcott -  Terry Didcott – Terry Didcott – Justin – Justin – Simonne – Elliot – Noob – Steve

optempo – Frank – Frank – Splork – Costa – Fiar – Carla – RT Cunningham – Monica – Chanya – Josh – Tim Grice

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  2. lissie

    Wow I am honoured to be on your list! Thanks Grizz

  3. Justin

    I made the cut!! Thanks coach!

  4. RT Cunningham

    King me! King me! :-)

    What? No one plays checkers any more?

  5. Carla @ WordPlay

    Thanks so much for the mention and for your friendship! :-)

  6. Lamach

    You mean you actually read my emails! Ha Ha! Thanks for putting me on list. Now I know who to bother, I mean become friends with!
    Please, everyone keep in the back of your mind. If it has to do with a location ie,philadelphia (or state) I’m ready for link exchange. Your article mentioning Philadelphia gets link to your location.

  7. Elliott at Niche Marketing

    Thanks for the recommendation Griz! It’s an honor to be listed with so many great people!

  8. Frank C

    Thanks for the mention Griz.

    I’ve added everyone on the list to my random blogroll at OpTempo, that is people who weren’t already on it.

  9. RT Cunningham

    Seriously folks….

    Everyone on this list, please send me your blog’s main anchor text. Please use the contact form on my site. I’m going to create a series of posts of “about” pages for everyone interested — as well as rip off this list and post it over on my blog as well (with the minor adjustment of replacing my blog with Griz’s of course).

    I think I’ll call it “Friends of the Vortex”. :mrgreen:

    1. RT Cunningham
  10. Lamach

    rt – will be contacting ya. I think you should spend a little more time thinking of your vortex title…..I see some waste! Shouldn’t it be “Friends of Vortex”? …yea, I know you spent hours on that title, but…I’m here to help!

    Your ripping off the list too….I mean …I was going to do that!

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  12. Lamach

    ….and my list with links to articles.

    If anyone wants to change article or get listed they will have to contact me.

  13. Terry

    As usual, it looks like I’m late to the party again! Thanks for the multiple mentions Griz!

    I’m not sure about that Work at Home blog – I’ve completely ignored it for ages and was actually contemplating letting it die – too many MMO blogs… although I have a couple of better focused niche sites that might be useful to people in similar niches. I’ll email them to you.

    BTW, yes I don’t mind revealing those niches as most of you probably know the sites anyway ;-)

  14. Trent Brownrigg

    Hey Griz I just found this. Thanks for the mentions! I’m honored!

    There’s a few on there that I have never been to before but if you recommend them I will definitely be checking them out.

    I really need to start linking out to more blogs too. There’s a lot more worth linking to now that you have come along and got everyone putting up quality content.

    Thanks again,

  15. Work From Home

    Thanks for including me on that list.

    I was wondering, since we all do know the value of anchored links, whether many of those names should be changed to an anchored link.

    For instance, my blog is indeed DayJobNuker but I have enough authority for that usless name for the next hundred years. I would rather be “Work From Home” and I assume many others on that list would also rather be something else as well. (especially if people are going to be copying that list we all need as many anchored links as we can get!)

  16. Work From Home

    I see what you mean and I don’t know. RT copied the list and his works the same as yours with the hover thing.

    But Lamach copied the list and his does not have the accurate hover keywords.

    Again I do not know but people like to copy lists and if they do, it is more of a sure thing to actually use the anchor words than the way you have it.

    Maybe someone else know the answer for sure.

    1. RT Cunningham

      Bruce, I’m slowly changing the links on mine. Your anchor text has been changed and the hover has your site name. That seems to work real well.

  17. RT Cunningham

    From what I just gathered in research, the title attribute doesn’t pass the keyword like the anchor. The problem I have when putting a list together is that I usually don’t know what anchor text to use for a particular site unless I’m told.

    So, I usually start with the title of the site in the title attribute and in the anchor text. After I’m told or figure out what the main keywords are, then I adjust the anchor text only.

    The title attribute is useful for people when they hover over keywords that point to a link — the page or post title of the link will tell them where they’re going before they click.

  18. Simonne

    Thanks for including me on the list. It means a lot to me. Now I’m waiting for you to update the links, then I’ll include it in my blogroll :) )

  19. Lamach

    @GRIZ – I believe the title and the anchor are read. I believe people use the title to get an extra mention of the keyword. By the way, did you know with blogspot all article titles point to home page, and with your new blog all article titles point to the article itself! I know you can change it, BUT, you did mention this as one of the first steps to do when starting blogspot blog.

    @work from home – My titles are different because i didn’t copy! You guys deserve better than that. I will gladly change anything on my post for you guys. Just let me know.

    @GRIZ – I also look for posts everyday when I now one is due. Maybe this explains the increase in traffic when no posting for a while. I know your post is due maybe four or five days since the last one, so I dont have to worry about coming back, then I check everyday because I know the post is due.

  20. Pennsylvania Internet Marketing

    I can only hope one day I’ll be worthy of being placed on a list such as this one.

  21. Note to Self - Make New Friends | Pennsylvania Internet Marketing

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  22. Lamach

    I welcome any thoughts on this last attempt to help Frank at Optempo.

    Be easy on me, it’s my first review!

  23. Don

    Thanks for including me on the list, next I want to talk to you about a Canadian Vacation to a fishing lodge , thanks gain

  24. bloggernoob

    friend, i have land in Alaska. next time i’m up there, we go get some salmon. ;)

  25. Bitter Irene

    Aw shucks Griz. I’ve been so busy here in St. John’s (doing that living stuff you talked about earlier – it’s not so bad, haha ) that I forgot to check this blog. Thanks so much. Appreciate it.

    And yes peeps – I want to be your friend.

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  28. Egor

    Hi there was searching Google for How To Make A Lot Of Money Fast and your blog regarding Friendz of Griz looks really interesting for me. I will definitely bookmark it and come back for more cool postings to read! Cheers!

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    I found another way as described to Make money. I know there are many ways but i would like you guys to tell me what you think about this one.

  30. Charles L

    I like your no-nonsense approach to making money online. I’m trying to build a list of reputable make money sites to help people avoid scams.

  31. Artur

    Hi everyone.

    I`ve a PR2 MMO blog, but in Portuguese.
    Can i link with you guys?
    I`ll put the keys you want.


  32. Dennisjr

    Thanks for the link Jesse. We both used different blogs to give us one way links.

  33. Terry Didcott » Freelance Writer’s Big Happy Family

    [...] better way to do this was kicked off publicly by my good friend Griz at his Make Money Online blog which I had a small hand in helping to bring into being in his page Friendz of Griz, which [...]

  34. yusep at stop smoking shot guide

    Hai grizz and all
    I wish I could be in this list
    But this day I’m still beginner
    So I should wait for my progress

  35. Frank Carr at Earn Online Cash

    I just wanted to add my new blog to your Friendz list. I decided to split off the MMO blogging from the review blogging I’m doing at OpTempo.

  36. Joe from Instant Cash Generators

    This and your other blog are a treasure cove of information.

    Thank you for your hard work, I’ll try to “leave” sooner next time instead of spending hours reading your writings.

  37. MoneyLizard: Making Money at Home for Beginners

    Would love to be included on this list (as Making Money at Home for Beginners), and I would be willing to duplicate the list on a page on my own website if you all would like.

    I love this blog and have learned a lot from it already. Grizz, Thanks for the wonderful information… Just learned about your long tail keyword concept so I changed my target keyword to a long tail “making money at home for beginners” and 2 days later I was ranked #11 for that keyword, without the “” of course. Am hoping to get ranked well for making money at home next… etc etc.

    Anyhow, let me know what do to get on your list, and anyone that wants to exchange links in this niche I can be reached at


  38. Make Easy Money Online With Griz |

    Hi Griz,

    It’s nice to see how a community starts building up and I for sure would very much like to be part of this community. Now I know I’m to ‘young’ to be on that awesome list and of course I’m not going to ask you to include me.

    But instead I would like to offer my support and appreciation for everything you guys (and gals) do and all you efforts regarding SEO.

    So, I decided to offer free review articles on my blog for anyone in need for something like this. The anchor text would be their own chosen one of course.

    I already did a very short review about Griz’ blogspot site and got totally blown away by the warm, nice comment that Griz did on my blog for that particular article.

    Of course, I wasn’t expecting anything and I don’t know why but it just made me feel great. So thanks for that Griz! And I hope I can ‘stop by’ your blog more often ‘coz I kinda like hanging around there :)

    So anyone is more then welcome to hit me up at:

    God Bless and Happy Holidays everyone!

    Remi Vladuceanu

    PS sorry for the long comment.. :)

  39. J.Crawford.

    Hello Griz,

    I came upon your site a few months back and have learned a bunch. I’ve tested the ideas you talk about as far as deep linking and in post keyword anchor text, feeder blogs, adsense placement and the theories behind them. I can say the ideas are universal, in that, simply put, they work. While I’ve made some tweaks to fit my overall strategies, it is very reassuring to “check” what works.This is a favorite place for me to do that now…Along with a few other resources that I’ve found via this site, i.e, courtney tuttle? I believe and several others.

    Its worth mentioning too, all the sites I come across who also implement your ideas.


    I have a question, I’ve looked for the answer, didn’t find it.

    When you talk about one big block on top. I understand creating two options to increase ctr, its either back or ad, but would the click price be more valuable because there are only four ad choices in stead of 12 (if you placed other code?)

    If you haven’t read the adsense success story of “ask the builder” I suggest it. I want to implement an “ask” section to inspire content. That site earns around $1,500 per day. 45k per month only from adsense. I mention that to let people know that adsense can be powerful when it is mastered. His ctr is around 15%. 1/2 a million. Of course he has a small enterprise probably with employees. I’ve promised never to have those again.

    If you have room and would consider adding my side I would appreciate it.(home based business)

    Also I’ve had success with the niche blog list.

    Feel free to edit this comment.

    Thanks for all the help.

  40. The Computer Lady

    Hey everyone..I finally made it over to this page. I see some “friendly” faces – RT, Griz, Bloggernoob. I would like to be considered when you want to exchange links. I finally know how to do it right :) I have plenty of PR3 and PR4 sites that will help you get quality backlinks and I am willing to exchange contextual and sidebar links as well. Shoot me an email. Wendy

  41. Money Online

    Hi griz…
    Can u add me my link as u friend list ?

    I will add u to my link to…tq

  42. Ray

    Just started this site. Will welcome links from and to blogging sites that offer tutorials, articles, posts etc, for those just learning how to blog.

    Thanks Griz for this resource.

  43. Techdeuce

    its awesome to see the difference between this list and all the “other” groups out there. All other places that claim to help you out always makes you feel like they are scamming your wallet. This group has figured out that by helping others you ultimately help yourself and the scammers are left behind. Thanks for all the info I am still reading all your stuff.

  44. Michael Murray

    Hello one and all ….

    I would like to start off by saying thanks Grizz for your wisdom i started my site by taking your advice on seo .My site has been up and down on the serps i guees i need to commit more time to my site .I am still learning alot from everyone ,it seems i made a mistake concerning adsense,after reading one of grizes blogs i should focus on quality links first instead of slapping up adsense so i have taken all adsense from my site and starting from stratch i hope to get some quality links from anyone here or if anyone can give me some advice on how i can improve my site.I took a chance and found a long tail domain name with good keywords but still lack the knowledge of keeping on top of the serps…..

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