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I would like to thank Richard for sending me a list of his bookmarks (shown below). Richard if you have a site you’d like me to mention let me know and thanks for the help compiling this page. You can use this list as a resource for getting backlinks to your sites.

Attached is [ a list ] that consists of a partial export of my bookmarks.

In it, you will find sites where anyone can create Web pages ( Blogger, Squidoo, HubPages etc.) or host blogs for free and thus create properly anchored links.

This is my contribution to help people get white hat links.

There are 70 sites in the file which is 70 more than most beginners have.  :-)


I will be adding more links for programs, sites etc that you can use to obtain backlinks. If you know of any good sources please drop a comment or send an email to Grizzly

Squidoo Homepage


Webon — Free website hosting, free website templates, free web publishing

Welcome | Gather

Weebly – Create a free website and a free blog – Free website, free hosting, free webpage – Make a web site with photo albums, blogs, videos, forums and more!

Yahoo! GeoCities: Get a free web site with easy-to-use site building tools

Free Website Hosting – Tripod free website templates to make your own free website

Free Website Hosting – Angelfire free website templates to make your own free website

Wiki – Free Website – Wetpaint

Blogger: Create your Blog Now — FREE » Get a Free Blog Here

Yahoo! 360° – Home

Spaces home – Windows Live Spaces – The Weblog Community

Create a Free Blog at ClearBlogs – Your Web Blog hosting community


Blogates – Free wordpress blogs

Free Blogs, Blog Hosting & Photo Sharing at

tBlog: Free Blog Templates! Blog Hosting! – Start a Free Blog / Journal Today

Aeonity – Free Blog Hosting Community

Free WordPress Blog Hosting

Atom5 Blog – Free Blog Hosting Service

Créer un blog gratuit – Le blog des blogs – Annuaire des blogs d’overblog

BlogEasy – Free Web Hosting For Your Free Blog. Free Blog Hosting. – Free WordPress Hosting |  Getting Started

Free Web Hosting with PHP, MySQL and cPanel, No Ads

Free Hostia: domain hosting and web hosting service is a specialized service, which provides professional web hosting and free domain hosting. – Free Web Pages For Everyone TopCities Free Web Pages 150 Megs of Space, Your Own Subdomain

Home | Propeller

Platform for Blog Communities @ BUMPzee!


Free blog hosting in three easy steps –

Free Blog Hosting Free blog hosting.

Free Blogs and blogging communities – Blog Scene

Free Website & Hosting

Blogstream – Free Blogging for Everyone! Create, Publish and Promote Blogs

BlogoMonster – free weblog space, videos, music and more.

Perfect Free WebHosting – free web page, blog and forum hosting

Free Blog Hosting –

Baby can I get ‘em supersized? Free Serendipity (s9y) weblog hosting

Free blog, Free blog software, Free blog hosting, Create blog, Blog directory, Blog things, Blog software, Blog website, Blog service, Blog template, Free blog host – this is the real Blogs Boom!

Free Blog Hosting | Free WordPress Blog | Free Domain | Free Hosting Free Blog Hosting Community – Publish Information Instantly and Customize it!

Blogs Arena 1.0 Free Blog Hosting. Create your free blog today.

BlogText – Get a free blog here

Get a free blog with an easy-to-use blog and photo album service that offers many handy features, including a WYSIWYG entry editor, spell checker, multiple photo albums, blog search, stats, customized colors, personal profile, comment notify, RSS/XML feeds, and more.

eBloggy – free blog hosting , blog templates

free blog hosting with blog templates, group blogs, free blogs and free weblogs Free Blog site and Web Hosting, Free blog Layouts and Templates.

A weblog publishing service that is easy enough for a beginner and advanced enough for an expert. Free Blog sites have never been better.

007 Sites – Free web hosting – free and affordable hosting plans for business and personal web sites including CGI and FrontPage Support

100WebSpace: Free Web Hosting Plan

Most Endorsed FREE Website Hosting Provider | Free Website Hosting

Free ASP Hosting, Free Web Hosting, Free Hosting – 1ASPHost – Get your 250 Megabyte homepage free!  Build your website free!

Sign Up – 50megs – Free Hosting.

AGILITYHOSTER.COM – Free Web Hosting, Domain Hosting, Professional Web Hosting, Domain registration, Affordable, Reseller Program, PHP, MySQL, Ecommerce

100WebSpace – Free Web Hosting Service and Web Space

Frihost – Free php hosting – Webhosting with php, ftp and mysql


Free Web Hosting UK

Free Domain Name – Register your .com, .net, .org here at no cost

AWARDSPACE.COM – Free Web Hosting, Domain Hosting, Professional Web Hosting, Domain registration, Affordable, Reseller Program, PHP, MySQL, Ecommerce

Free Web Space! | MySQL, php & FTP | GoFreeServe – Free Web Hosting


Thanks to April for those below;

Bravehost – (Bravenet)

Bravejournal – (Bravenet)



Wet Paint

Thanks to RJ for the following;

Shoutwire – PR4 News – PR6 – Do Follow on inner page (not home page) – PR2 – PR3 – (Thanks to Cata for this)

Blinkweb – (courtesy of Lamach Web Design) – Thanks Kenth

86 responses to “Link Resources”

  1. April

    Good list there, here are a couple more:- and There is also but I got banned from there so be careful.

    Also, as far as I know, webon and wetpaint are no follow.

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  3. Artur

    Hi Grizz,

    Nice list … good (lot of) work.
    Are they all dofollow?

    April said that “webon” and “wetpaint” are nofollow.
    Are there more sites with that atribute? Hope not …

    I`ll make a post on my blog with that list and put another backlink to you.

    Keep on going with the good work …

  4. Artur

    [...] meu amigo Grizz, no Blog “Make Money Online with Grizzly”, na página “Link Resources” [...]

  5. lamach

    Great list! Thanks Richard and Griz. I like Richards comment, 70 more than most people have.

    I’m playing with tumblr right now. I like that a lot. The thing to really ask is….which free web site can you create the best link value. I’ve noticed with tumblr, right out of the box, a majority of link value is just like most free sites, it points right back to the hosting company. With tumblr this is easily solved. I find tumblr quick and easy.

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  7. Cata

    One more:

  8. Larry W

    Thanks again Grizzly and thank Richard too for the link resources. I’ve been trying to crack the Make Money Online Income nut for a while now, your Blogs are the best resource I’ve found for information and resources that I’m able to use right now. Thanks for staying on track and to the point, thats exactly what beginners like me need. Larry W

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  10. LaMach

    Whoa! BlinkWeb not mentioned!

  11. RT Cunningham

    Hi Griz,

    There are more free host sites, but I don’t have the list handy. I’ll forward them on when can I locate it again (my hard drive is a mess and totally unorganized).

    I want people reading this to be aware that free hosting is not guaranteed and always keep a backup of whatever you put there. Does anyone remember Geocities and Tripod before they were sold? Hundreds of websites disappeared overnight and some of them are STILL in Google’s index.

  12. Venkat

    Hi Griz,

    One more question from the question bank I have for you :-) . Does’t the link counts only when the linking blog or page is indexed by Google (search engine).

  13. Simon

    Hey Grizz, cheers for adding my article to your resource. Would you mind removing the “#comments” part of the url, it jumps people straight passed the article and into the comments. Cheers.

  14. The Punisher

    Thanks for leading me here Griz, but after going through the list I see that all of these are in a way free hosts or blogger alternatives.

    Where we will create articles optimized for my keyword and then linkback to my site. And then work on it some more so that google indexes that site

    But isnt this the same as writing articles for article directories. Only in articles we dont have to worry about google indexing our articles as they get indexed by themselves.

    Am I missing something here? Or is creating articles on the above mentioned sites much better than article directories??

  15. Andy

    Hey Grizz,
    Just found this great blog. Thanks so much for all the great info and the above link directory is great. I was wondering how I can tell whether a site is no follow or do follow. Any help would be appreciated.

  16. Barb

    Hi, I also would like to know how you know if a site is no follow or follow. I’ve been reading all your great posts (love how straightforward) you are. I’m getting all riled up to build all my sites more now. thanks for the inspiration.

  17. martinact420 @ Great Ways to Make Money Online

    Hello and thanks for the information. I am going to link to this article as soon as I bring the kids to school. I hope using “Link Resources from Griz” will be good for the anchor text. Let me know what you would like and I will change it! Thanks again.

  18. Barb

    Hmm, I may go check out firefox. I’m using Internet Explorer 6-sorry! Thanks for the info though it does sound neat.

  19. The Punisher

    Webon is nofollow.

    Dont remove it from the list, its a great resource of free webhosts.

    I just thought people would like to know that Webon is nofollow.


    Im still waiting :)

  20. David Lechner

    I feel honored that one of my websites is listed here. ( I personally fund and run the site. It’s meant for beginner webmasters to make a little money while blogging for free.


  21. Stephen Spry

    Guddai Griz

    If Akismet doesn’t snaffu this comment… I’d like to add a couple of my well established web directories to your resources list if that’s OK.

    First up, there’s my business directory at Small Business Support Network for B2B type web sites.

    Next, my directory of Australian ONLY web sites at Come On Aussie

    If you have an employment related site, please consider adding your link to Careers OnLine

    Finally… (newer sites) I’ve recently moved this from a series of sub domains to come under a new domain, so it’s not ranking too well yet – Latest Sites – but it will soon do ok. There’s provision here to ask for reciprocal links and if you do your listing will ALSO be included on a new reciprocal links directory I’ve been wanting to set up for years!

    In all cases, you can “play” with the anchor text in the (do-follow) links back to your site. You also have provision for full descriptions and complete editing.

    I do hope you find these resources useful.

    Stephen Spry
    Come On Aussie Internet Services

  22. TheVamp

    Free subdomain :

  23. Mr. Make Money

    Thanks for the content, please keep updating. I think your website alone has proven to be my most valuable resource.

  24. Lawrence Miller

    (Sorry, this is my old domain, but it has nothing on it at the present. It was a rather large envelope sale site. Too bad. We all learned businesses don’t buy envelopes online. I give it to you now because it is my communications domain and it will be reactivated in time.)

    Hi Griz,

    I am very new to this internet marketing. A lady in Australia whom you know quite well (and whom you probably know just left on a three week hiatus) is paying forward by helping me get set up and going in the right direction–read: to do it your way–and she is doing a splendid job of it, bless her heart.

    In a comment to Andy and Barb you wrote, “You can also set the toggle to display all no-follow links on the page you are viewing.” I have the Search Status toolbar, with overview enabled, and Alexa Sparky, but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to make Alexa show the no-follow links. Of course, I may have it set up for that now and haven’t stumbled across a website with no-follow links on it.

    The lady is right btw, you are one of a minuscule number teachers out there who apparently have a good grip on internet marketing strategies. Thanks for making all this knowledge available to us who have an enormous thirst to make it work. Glad I found her and your well filled with thirst quenching knowledge.

  25. Jay

    Hi Griz,

    Found your blog(s) a few months ago, trying to digest it all =) Just a quick q: if one had to invest time on making pages here or using the niche support page, which one is higher yield? From everything you’ve written, it’d seem like the niche support page would be a lot better to use, right?

    (Also, speaking of which, I tried emailing one of the contacts on the niche support page and the email bounced? Email me so I can tell you which one and you can remove it if you confirm)


  26. BlogStew

    Griz hats off to you!

    I’ve been trying to forge an online empire using adsense for some time now. Yet i’ve always had problems when it came down to traffic. However this post along with the entire blog is finally showing me the error of my ways. I can’t really thank you enough for all the support (because thats what it is!) you offer here.


  27. PhotoVideoCompany

    Many thanks for providing this list, that’s excellent, I really appreciate the time taken in compiling this.

    Wishing you all the very best for the year ahead!

    Kindest regards and best wishes.


  28. Brett

    Hey Grizz

    I’ve been struggling along with my site for 3 years now. There is just so much noise out there. Your site is straight to the point- no fancy this or that- just the naked honest truth. I’m totally focused now on getting quality backlinks. Thanks a ton for your content

  29. Locke


    These articles are crazy.. You are like an encylopedia of amazing marketing knowledge. I think i’ve learned more from your sites than I did in my entire 4 year business admin bachelors persuit.. ok, it was 5 years but who’s counting anyways? seriously, i’m applying for SEO jobs now. companies pay thousands of dollars for experts that teach and implement strategies that aren’t half as advanced as what you offer here.

    thanks bro,

  30. Joanne

    I didn’t see it listed here, but you should add yahoo answers to your list. :)

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    [...] 6. Submit to dofollow social bookmarking sites such as and Socialmarker allows you to select only dofollows to submit to.  There is also a great list of sites you can use to create backlinks on Grizzly’s Link Resource Page. [...]

  32. Bruce

    Tumblr is down and not working for about a month now. I lost everything I put up there which wasn’t a whole lot thankfully.

  33. Bob

    Im active on the 50webs forum, never heard of AGILITYHOSTER.COM I will have to try them out, thanks for the tip!

  34. meny

    looks like tumblr is back up..

  35. Penny Gould

    Here’s a site for link exchanges for “charity fundraising” “make money online” etc. And – for charities that are registered 501(C)(3) they can even have an entire page devoted to their charity, with their own CJ or yahoo or ebay or amazon links! (For free, with 100% of commissions going directly to them – they use their own code from their own affiliate marketing accounts.)

  36. Honest Website Talk About Money Online

    [...] the second blog of grizzly … Informative too .. with usefull 70 links to create another anchor blog .. [...]

  37. Maria

    Grizz I am following your blog since a while.
    This information you give is priceless!
    And you have such a super cool Boss :-)

    Tumbs up!

  38. Java Turtle

    Thanks Griz

    Great post. I will add these to my current list (currently only around 20). Now all I need to do is stay off bloglines and get back to work.

  39. rick

    thanks for all of the relevant info. I have been trying to wade through all of the easy-money hype and would like to just get a web site and develope real traffic. I have the luxury of taking my time and really appreciate all of the feedback on your website.

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