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I would like to thank Richard for sending me a list of his bookmarks (shown below). Richard if you have a site you’d like me to mention let me know and thanks for the help compiling this page. You can use this list as a resource for getting backlinks to your sites.

Attached is [ a list ] that consists of a partial export of my bookmarks.

In it, you will find sites where anyone can create Web pages ( Blogger, Squidoo, HubPages etc.) or host blogs for free and thus create properly anchored links.

This is my contribution to help people get white hat links.

There are 70 sites in the file which is 70 more than most beginners have.  :-)


I will be adding more links for programs, sites etc that you can use to obtain backlinks. If you know of any good sources please drop a comment or send an email to Grizzly

Squidoo Homepage


Webon — Free website hosting, free website templates, free web publishing

Welcome | Gather

Weebly – Create a free website and a free blog – Free website, free hosting, free webpage – Make a web site with photo albums, blogs, videos, forums and more!

Yahoo! GeoCities: Get a free web site with easy-to-use site building tools

Free Website Hosting – Tripod free website templates to make your own free website

Free Website Hosting – Angelfire free website templates to make your own free website

Wiki – Free Website – Wetpaint

Blogger: Create your Blog Now — FREE » Get a Free Blog Here

Yahoo! 360° – Home

Spaces home – Windows Live Spaces – The Weblog Community

Create a Free Blog at ClearBlogs – Your Web Blog hosting community


Blogates – Free wordpress blogs

Free Blogs, Blog Hosting & Photo Sharing at

tBlog: Free Blog Templates! Blog Hosting! – Start a Free Blog / Journal Today

Aeonity – Free Blog Hosting Community

Free WordPress Blog Hosting

Atom5 Blog – Free Blog Hosting Service

Créer un blog gratuit – Le blog des blogs – Annuaire des blogs d’overblog

BlogEasy – Free Web Hosting For Your Free Blog. Free Blog Hosting. – Free WordPress Hosting |  Getting Started

Free Web Hosting with PHP, MySQL and cPanel, No Ads

Free Hostia: domain hosting and web hosting service is a specialized service, which provides professional web hosting and free domain hosting. – Free Web Pages For Everyone TopCities Free Web Pages 150 Megs of Space, Your Own Subdomain

Home | Propeller

Platform for Blog Communities @ BUMPzee!


Free blog hosting in three easy steps –

Free Blog Hosting Free blog hosting.

Free Blogs and blogging communities – Blog Scene

Free Website & Hosting

Blogstream – Free Blogging for Everyone! Create, Publish and Promote Blogs

BlogoMonster – free weblog space, videos, music and more.

Perfect Free WebHosting – free web page, blog and forum hosting

Free Blog Hosting –

Baby can I get ‘em supersized? Free Serendipity (s9y) weblog hosting

Free blog, Free blog software, Free blog hosting, Create blog, Blog directory, Blog things, Blog software, Blog website, Blog service, Blog template, Free blog host – this is the real Blogs Boom!

Free Blog Hosting | Free WordPress Blog | Free Domain | Free Hosting Free Blog Hosting Community – Publish Information Instantly and Customize it!

Blogs Arena 1.0 Free Blog Hosting. Create your free blog today.

BlogText – Get a free blog here

Get a free blog with an easy-to-use blog and photo album service that offers many handy features, including a WYSIWYG entry editor, spell checker, multiple photo albums, blog search, stats, customized colors, personal profile, comment notify, RSS/XML feeds, and more.

eBloggy – free blog hosting , blog templates

free blog hosting with blog templates, group blogs, free blogs and free weblogs Free Blog site and Web Hosting, Free blog Layouts and Templates.

A weblog publishing service that is easy enough for a beginner and advanced enough for an expert. Free Blog sites have never been better.

007 Sites – Free web hosting – free and affordable hosting plans for business and personal web sites including CGI and FrontPage Support

100WebSpace: Free Web Hosting Plan

Most Endorsed FREE Website Hosting Provider | Free Website Hosting

Free ASP Hosting, Free Web Hosting, Free Hosting – 1ASPHost – Get your 250 Megabyte homepage free!  Build your website free!

Sign Up – 50megs – Free Hosting.

AGILITYHOSTER.COM – Free Web Hosting, Domain Hosting, Professional Web Hosting, Domain registration, Affordable, Reseller Program, PHP, MySQL, Ecommerce

100WebSpace – Free Web Hosting Service and Web Space

Frihost – Free php hosting – Webhosting with php, ftp and mysql


Free Web Hosting UK

Free Domain Name – Register your .com, .net, .org here at no cost

AWARDSPACE.COM – Free Web Hosting, Domain Hosting, Professional Web Hosting, Domain registration, Affordable, Reseller Program, PHP, MySQL, Ecommerce

Free Web Space! | MySQL, php & FTP | GoFreeServe – Free Web Hosting


Thanks to April for those below;

Bravehost – (Bravenet)

Bravejournal – (Bravenet)



Wet Paint

Thanks to RJ for the following;

Shoutwire – PR4 News – PR6 – Do Follow on inner page (not home page) – PR2 – PR3 – (Thanks to Cata for this)

Blinkweb – (courtesy of Lamach Web Design) – Thanks Kenth

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  1. How to Earn Cash Online With External SEO | Earn Online Cash

    [...] Griz has a great list of these sites here: Link Resources. [...]

  2. Golden Prague

    Don’t forget about

  3. Penny @ Online Community College Courses

    Hey Grizz – Do you have a twitter Id? I was looking for you and didn’t find you… It’s kind of like a big party going on and I keep looking to see if I’ll run into you there!

  4. Kenth

    Here are some social networking sites with a blog platform.

  5. PennyGo (on twitter)

    OHH too bad… You’re a big fish and the ocean just got smaller!!! (*.*) Please try again!! Maybe a soft launch???

  6. How Make Money Online With Google Adsense | How To Make Money Online Working From Home

    [...] generous enough to provide a HUGE list of free hosting we can use to build backlinks in his other make money online blog (MY GOD, HOW MANY MMO BLOGS DOES HE HAVE ANYWAY [...]

  7. Kristy

    G’day Griz,

    Just found your blog and love it! This page is an absolute must for those starting out, thanks for posting it.


  8. Top CD Rates

    Another platform that shares the revenue is Article Post at

    Another source to provide backlinks and some dough.

  9. Living With Cancer

    G’day Griz, sorry if I talk a little informal as this is the first time I have come across you. Life has a funny way of turning up information on topics you really need to know about. Thank goodness it does though, thus me at your great site. I am going to spend the next few days absorbing all you write about as it is very relevant to my sites at present. I am at the point of just needing traffic to feed all my sites and blogs. Thanks again for your freely given information and I hope your readers see the value in this. Great article site as far as the Alexa ranking,

  10. bakjewel

    Hey Grizzly,

    You are simply amazing.. thanks for all the info.

    Just one question.. when creating backlinks, do we have to write posts that actually have proper content? Or do we just write a crap post and leave an anchored backlink?

  11. Living With Cancer

    I made a little error on the site I mentioned. Here it is again, ” Great article site as far as the Alexa ranking,” Check out their ALexa Ranking here. …Cheers

  12. Scooter

    (note the time — I’m in the same boat as you…)
    Just been busy plowin’ through the web on a quest to learn some HTML for one of my friends’ blog background… I’m green to this so I’m going to experiment first and see how it works out.
    Anyhow, I stumbled across a site that provided the following FREE blog hosting sites which I did not see in your link resources:

    There are also a couple of FREE web page hosts I did not see in your list: (50 MB free web-space, 1 GB monthly bandwidth, domain name hosting and an online website builder.) (Home Page Made Easy, a site specialized in giving information on how to get, create and promote home pages the easy way. It is meant primarily for the Net-citizen who is not that comfortable with all that technical stuff such as HTML coding and Java-script.)

    I hope this is a beneficial contribution and that it can help others and even you to make money online!

  13. stroga

    OK, i think my comment got eaten up somewhere…

    Anyways, there is also

    That’s free host and domain (though you can use your own domain). They have, and other extensions as well.

    This is a full blown (but easy to use) content management system, so on their sites one can have blogs, forums, articles etc…

  14. Generator Guy

    Wow, that’s a lot of helpful links. Thanks Griz! :)

  15. Michael J

    question…how long does it take google to work out the number of backlinks you have that are incoming and from where and thus determine your PR level ?

    Does google have to crawl the linking sites first ?

    Is it possible to speed up the process by sending a new sitemap to G ?

    What is the best strategy with a Youtube video ? embed and existing 1 or link to an existing 1 & if so do I receive any link love or lastly create my own and upload ?

    Thanks in advance


  16. Make Money Online

    I don’t think you have added and Both of them are highly targeted adsense sharing site for people those who have not got or not capable of maintaining and publishing their own sites and blog. They can write with those two site and get 50% of the revenue generated by their articles through adsense.

  17. Ben

    I found Beacon Hosting: to be a reliable free hosting service but they do have a small text ad at the bottom of your pages that they will remove free of charge if you ask them.

  18. kush

    hi grizz!
    i need some of your help.
    currrently am ranking first at yahoo! for my keyword
    and on top 10 for google.
    but now i wanna cover other related keywords/
    i never write any article about my site, coz i dont know how to. please i there is some tutor link who show how to write an article about your site?
    that wood b very thankfull
    thankz in advamce

  19. mike

    Just an idea, maybe add some non blog and non hosting sites that can still provide good service for linking?

    I think being able to get anchor text is important, able to find a page through that resource that has relevant content is important.

    Blogs like these work good because not only can you make the link have anchor text, title tag, and different forms like open in new window with blank, but you can use generated content.

    But these aren’t only sites you can use…

    Things that may also be important are
    able to get link which isn’t a nofollow, able to get above PR 5, and able to get title tags on the links would be a bonus.

    For example
    A site like youtube is a place to get link from potentially high PR, however, because you can’t use anchor text in video description, it’s probably less valuable so perhaps wouldn’t make the list.

    But an article site like ezine articles is great, because you not only can get a backlink, but you also create an RSS feed for your author account just as if it was blog. That way you can submit and have people scrape your content, BUT in doing so provide a link to your website with the right anchor text. In addition, it’s on a high PR network that is going to be easy to rank high in SERPs

    Goarticles might be better in some ways because in the actual article description you can use html. This way You don’t have to worry about people scrapping content or stealing without using resource/about the author box.

    Buzzle works too.
    I have huge directory of links that I found that I will email to you to share, but I would rather focus on getting dofollow links with anchor text with relevant content and good PR ideally with “title” tag to the link.

  20. Walt

    Is a free domain website of any use? Like

    There is free webhosting at and they support PHP, FTP, MySql, and cPanel. I have one domain there and it works fine.

  21. Peter Brown

    Hey Grizzly,

    Great list and resource, many thanks.

    If any one has a site that has information relating to making money online and they are looking to swap links, they can email me at:


  22. Hanna @ Delta Squadron

    Hey Kush,

    To rank well with Google you’ve got to have good contents. And to have good contents you must post quality articles. If you do not know how to write them, get someone else to do it for you because it’s important.

  23. lol

    hanna what? good contents? no… it’s RELEVENT content, if you read all of what grizz says you would see.

  24. Make Money For Kids

    Thanks for the huge list. Possibly you can add the list of free article submission sites? I think that it is easier just to submit an article vs. making a new blog, getting it indexed, getting higher PR and all of that crap, so unless I just go and make a couple hundred blogs-all PR 1-2, it will not amount to as much as a couple articles right?

  25. Directories WORK. Link Pages WORK

    [...] get Bookmarking Demon, RSSBot and ArticleBot and use them to promote my site. I’d use this list of free blog and content sites to develop a supporting network. I would seek out high traffic blogs with good PR and comment on [...]

  26. Siddha Home Remedies

    Thank you Grizzly for the exhaustive list. Very useful.

  27. How to Get Backlinks | Make Money Online 4 Idiots - Internet Marketing & Work At Home Blog

    [...] blogs and a host of other free sources are also excellent for starters (check out Grizzly’s backlink resources page for a list of about 70 places you can set up free sites for backlinking [...]

  28. Make Money For Kids

    I have started a Tumblr blog, and I like it, although do not like the limited amount of control over the site, as compared to Blogger. Tumblr homepage has a PR of 7, so I should get some link juice if I build it up enough.

    As I said above, what is the difference between taking all of the effort to make a blog and get backlinks for that vs. just submitting to some article directories?

  29. Graduate Blogger

    Hi Griz,

    I saw that your ‘friend’ at uses a platform/link resource that is called Info Barrel:

    Maybe you could add this to the list, as its similar to Squidoo and Hubpages.

    Graduate Blogger

  30. call center outsourcing

    Thanks for sharing the nice list. Thanks to all. i get to know some new sites.

  31. How to Make Money Writing Political Humor | The Planets Best Political Humor at

    [...] well. There’s no better place to start for exchanging links than the page Grizzly created for niche backlinks exchanges. So head over there and get to work… Oh, right, you should head over there too. I need to [...]

  32. Fay

    There is a site called where you can post snippets of your blog entries. You need a 200 character description.

  33. kush

    hi!fav what are snippets?

  34. Fay


    snippets are small parts of a whole. For example I might “snip” or cut a piece of hair and put it into a locket.

    It would be a 200 character (not word) description of your article/blog post/hub/barrel/lense type things.

    Sorry for the delay in answering but I do not come to this page often.

  35. Fay

    sorry I mistyped the name its @kush (I’m a sounder not a rememberer)

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