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128 responses to “A Huge Tip for New Sites”

  1. Ross


    The direction you are taking is soooo encouraging (I know I have said this before) but it’s such a relief to hear something like this from a seasoned marketer “in this niche”.

    I say that because I have rarely or deliberately canvassed, bought, begged for, or built links in my thirteen years.

    Even now with so much supporting data, I just can’t get my head around forceably acquiring links when I have seen, first hand, the benefits of quality content, and how it attracts natural links and lands better rankings, without raising flags.

    My position, when being paid by others, has always been… invest in great content for that is a bigger, better asset than link building (which can disappear or get you in trouble).

    Don’t get me wrong, I still believe links are important, I just think time is better spent creating rich content that pulls in the “right’ links (just as you enforce in this post).

    I will say though, it is a harder sell when offering web marketing services because content (in my experience) can (not always) take longer to improve rankings than most people want to wait. That said, most reasonable business people can be persuaded to understand good things don’t happen over night.

    And to be honest, if someone is in a real hurry, I think PPC is safer and quicker.

    When do you anticipate the first lesson hitting the new blog… just curious? :)


  2. Seth

    I was wondering why you had clients and I still am. I quit my job 2 years ago (thanks to you) and I answer to no one but myself. It couldn’t be better.

    Why would you (or I) get clients? Why spend time on other people’s sites when that time could be spent building assets for us?

    I understand diversifying income streams and all that and I also understand some people might not be a loner like I am and actually want to get out there and make friends and get business clients.

    But it still seems such a waste of time working on things for other people when you could be spending all that time on your own stuff.

  3. Shaun

    Sounds like you are practicing what those of us at TKA like to call the (edited by request). In fact, I believe he lives in Canada as well. What is up with all you Canucks becoming prolific IMers? LOL

  4. Macnabclan


    (Edit) has a super site that he builds no links for but has people adding content everyday to produce a very nice income.

    I just wanted to mention in reference to the last paragraph that I saw the same opportunity that you see and have started a new company with partners in my local area to take advantage of it. It is only going to get bigger with smart phones leading the way on the amount of searches. Launching next week with 3 sales rep, will let you know how it pans out.

    Oh, and with Google and Bing announcing that they use social media (twitter) as a ranking factor, technically your new love of tweets might count as link building. :)


  5. Lorecee

    Griz, thanks for the response and for the link. My MMO site doesn’t get a lot of work from me these days for the same reasons you mention–I got sick of the sleaze–but it still steers a few people to the Keyword Academy every month, where they’re in good hands. Occasionally an SBI devotee finds me from Lissie’s epic post, mad as hell, which is good for some entertainment.

    (edit) at KWA has a huge, high traffic that he doesn’t backlink to. It’s more than 10 years old, has thousands of pages of content, and has more trust than the rock of Gibralter, all from unsolicited backlinks. His motto can be summed up as build a site about something you’re interested in, but use keyword targeted posts to do it. Look in the KWA forums to see how much money he makes.

    I’m looking forward to your local SEO posts. Have been feeling a bit uneasy about my current monetization models–the sky’s not falling, but nothing lasts forever in this business, and I’m looking to diversify. Thanks for continuing to teach and share.

  6. Dan Cruz

    Interesting post Grizz.

    I’ve been using a similar business model for the past couple of years myself – Affiliate marketing along with seo client work and the first thing I discovered is that seo for AM and seo for clients are two very different things…

    A lot of the things we do on our own sites will get a client site penalized or worse, as you mentioned, because the link velocity in some of these niches is a lot slower then what we’re accustomed to.

    Anyhow after I got my first clients site penalized I started to spend a lot of time reading up on the foundations and basics of seo like information architecture and information retrieval and I started checking out search engine patents and it’s pretty amazing actually what the search engines can accomplish.

    These days I almost exclusively focus on good site architecture, great content and acquiring only the highest quality links out there. I think it’s the only way forward as Google’s algorithms in particular have gotten so much better at recognizing manipulation.

    Oh and one of the things I love about working for some of my larger clients is they have the budget and resources to compete in much larger and more competitive niches that you would never be able to touch on your own. Very exciting working in some of these niches and seeing how some national level companies are approaching seo and the information gleaned from the process is invaluable.

  7. Lisa

    dearest Griz :) would you mind deleting the name of (Edit) site and possibly his late name. He’s mentioned on TKA a few times that he shares that info freely within tka but to not leave tka. I don’t think shaun realized.

    then i’ll come back and leave a real comment :)

  8. Alex G

    can you please remove the mention of (edit) website from Ross’s comment. (Edit) has mentioned several times that he would like to keep his site and method private for the TKA community

  9. Aaron


    You are damm hard to keep up! I had your 2 new sites on my igoogle but then forgot to add this one. Then I come here to find 4 new posts, Arghhh!!

    : )

    Anyway, always nice to see you posting. Wouldn’t have made the income I have made without you lifting the veils off my eyes.

    Happy a great 2011 and I look forward to you telling us how to make 100k in a month!

  10. RT Cunningham

    Hi Griz,

    Although I’ve known exactly what you were doing from the beginning, it’s refreshing to hear you admit it. :-)

    Other than link directories, I’ve given up on generating my own backlinks. My attempts at being social brings in more than I need for most of my sites. 100% natural with no additives or preservatives.

    1. Scott Ludtke

      RT and Griz:

      I have both of you to thank for more things than I could possibly say in a reasonable amount of words…
      I’m burnt-out on chasing through 20-30 MMO sites, trying to compete with a gazillion others. Besides, I enjoy working with clients who I can talk to, visit, and help grow in their market…
      @RT: I finally finished tweaking that css.print sheet so it works… Made a coupon page to save myself a lot of grief too!

  11. Thaiphoon

    The (Edit) method is more of a “never fear, wait a year” method that focuses on on-site SEO and cranking out high quality content. Its more focused on internal linking and letting Google determine where you rank. Its identical to the stuff you’re working on right now Grizz and identical to the stuff I’m doing now. After my “hit it and quit it” sites flames out last year, I’ve started over and am focusing on building authority sites like you and (Edit). Looking forward to your lessons as I want to make sure I am doing things the right way.

  12. Scott Ludtke


    Excellent post!
    Care if I make some observations about the shrink wrap site? Presuming you would have said yes (so I don’t have to wait for your response).
    I will sum it up in five words :-)

    The business listing is “claimed”

    There’s gold in them there hills!

  13. RED

    I’ve got to say that your absolutely right. While I do have a site that I’m constantly trying to push up the serps, the one that I don’t really try at all is pulling 11,000+ visitors a month and I didn’t really even link build the article. I’ve gotten natural links from the overseas version of news. Keep in mind, these anchored links weren’t really ideally targeted(the link was a sentence that wasn’t in english), but the content around them was related. Its also not a money site either. I haven’t made a dime from it and I have no idea how I could, because it’s more of an entertainment/tech article. I’m kind of hoping to let it just grow to see what happens with it. The only advice I can say to anyone out there is to use related pictures in your article. Especially if you critique things. That seems to me what helps people want to link to it(especially other webmasters that use image search). I’ve had an extremely high ranked site rip one of the graphics out to use for the main homepage image as a link to the article on their site. Do I care? Not really, I got a link in the article which outweighs anything else that I could do. Griz as always, good stuff. I was actually really confused about seeing the whole scuttle site links, I know you mentioned on the old blog about never bothering with that. I guess someone else did that on their own and is actually using a scuttle site as a ::gasp:: place for their own bookmarks and not SE links.

  14. Shaun

    Sorry about all the hubbub Griz. Thanks for doing that.

    Even you are having a more mild winter than us? I have a friend in Anchorage, Alaska who says the weather is more mild up there too. If I didn’t want to move out of Minnesota before, I certainly do now haha.

  15. Cathy

    Ok, I’m dying of curiosity. You mentioned that you can get Google to give you a link. How do you do that?

  16. Liz

    Even after all the editing, regarding the TKA member who should not be mentioned (:-)) – as I type, there is still one instance of the name on this page. Do a control-F search to find it …

  17. Frank C

    Here’s what I’ve found in this area.

    First of all, if people like what you’re saying, they’ll link to it. It may be their blog, social bookmarking, Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon, Digg, a forum or whatever else there is out there. Amazing isn’t it?

    Next, if people don’t like what you’re saying, they’ll link to it, especially if they’re non-IM’ers and aren’t otherwise SEO savvy. Even the New York Times linked to the guy who was scamming and abusing customers (until somebody pointed out that this wasn’t a good thing for them to do). People who don’t like you linking to you, who would have thought that?

    Another thing that happens is that people will link to your site because you rank well in Google/Yahoo/Bing (remember Asia’h Epperson). Some people equate ranking well to your site being an authority, especially if you look like one. They may link to you to serve as a reference to their argument on a forum, a resource for a blog article or even as a reference on Wikipedia or a major news site article. Who would think that happening to your “web sewer” site?

    Lastly, people might link to your site because a link to one of their sites is on your site.

  18. Denise

    Grizz, hope you are having a great holiday with your family!

    I have been experiencing much of the same results that you have, with some of my older sites. I have just been adding better content and giving more value and Google has been improving my sites ranking naturally without me manipulating a thing. I thought that perhaps I was just finally getting a break. I find the way I am doing my sites now way more enjoyable and less stressful.

    I haven’t even touched my MMO blogs cause I am not sure where I plan to go with these. Plus my other sites are making me the income I have been trying to force create on those MMO sites.

    I am excited to hear about your local marketing ideas. There has been so much chatter about this stuff lately. So many people trying to make a quick buck out of selling their concepts. I felt this was just the shiny new object to dangle in front of hungry marketers. But if there is an honorable way to do this I would be interested in finding out how.

    We are having a warm spell as well along the lake shore of Michigan. Can’t even get out to snowshoe are sled. But driving is surely nice.

  19. Liz

    Nope! It’s still here. Search for these words “at KWA has a huge”. You’ll find the name just before it.


  20. Darrell

    Hi Griz

    Good insights and something that I have already started awhile back with authority sites. Adding lots of content and not touching it for awhile. Like a fine Wine, let it age.

    Like you, I had a bunch of MMO sites several years ago because that was all the rage, but I recently had zero interest in promoting them and came to the conclusion I didn’t even want to re-use them anymore. They only had a few articles but I simply let them go and didn’t pay for the registration. I have a couple left, but I really have zero interest in that particular area.

    I do like IM and will do some very limited stuff. But, most of my sites are not related to IM or MMO at all. In fact, my 2011 is to reduce the number of sites I have and only focus on a handful of authority sites and continue beefing them up with excellent and keyword rich content.

    At some point in more competitive niches, I do believe based on my own experience you will eventually have to get back links to rank number 1. One of the things that I do that is natural is press releases. Ya, many are no follow, but that OK because no follows are a natural part and I believe they still pass some juice onto my sites. But one press release I had one done about 2 1/2 months ago and its still showing up in approx 20k results from over 2 months ago now. So, it has some staying power and went viral. How much more natural can you get than people picking your press release up and posting it on their own sites?

    Cheers and happy new years

  21. Carla

    Hi Griz,

    Sorry about the global warming up there. I was going to ask if I could arrange a trade of some of our Florida sunshine for some of your snow, so we can cool down our neck of the woods. But it looks like you don’t have any to spare. ;-)

    I love this trend toward understanding the benefits of good content. To me, one of the greatest things about solid content (besides the fact that I don’t have to feel embarrassed by it) is that it naturally brings traffic from referring sites, in addition to from G and the other engines. As an example, I actually make a *lot* more $ from sites and blogs that refer to my HubPages hubs than I do from Google traffic. I get a significant amount of Google traffic but the referring sites produce much more income.

    It may sound corny, but I also love being able to feel proud of what I’ve built. The IM cesspool wasn’t for me. For a long time I thought I just wasn’t tough enough to handle it, but maybe I just had good instincts.

  22. Liz

    I’ve only just come across your name as it was mentioned on the TKA webinar just now. I am interested to hear about this : “There is a huge market out there for people with the skills you’ve acquired and you will be surprised at how little competition there really is.” Where do I get to read what you have to say on this subject? Is it here or do you have a private membership site?


  23. Mike

    Hi Griz,

    I’m a huge fan, infrequent commenter and fellow cannuck. While I haven’t turned what I’ve learned from you into a high recurring income, I do credit the knowledge I gained from you for helping me transition into a much better job in the online publishing field where I get to continue to expand on what I’ve learned.

    I’m glad that you’re back sharing your knowledge again. I never could stomach the endless link building end of things, and am glad that I acted out of inspiration years ago and now have a site aged well over 3 years that is pulling in better than 100 visits a day. It’s a humble accomplishment, but one that at one time seemed unreachable. I’m also on the verge of finally breaking my Adsense minimum threshold of $100 and am about $70 towards my first Amazon cheque. I feel blessed to see that my actions are beginning to bare fruit after all this time.

    I’ve also been looking to helping out local clients with what I’ve learned. I think you hinted at this years ago when you suggested selling batteries for golf carts or something like that. I’ve been working with some acquaintances that have businesses and have had some minor successes but I’m not at the point where I feel comfortable charging them – not even sure what to charge yet.

    Can’t wait to hear more about how you help local clients!

  24. Gayan

    Hi Griz,

    Great post! and although I’m a bit confused right now but since you have a hell lot of experiences and equipped with a five dimension brain or something (don’t know what else to call it ;-) lol) I’ll take your advice right now.

    But again as you said the reason why blinks were introduced was to use them as a way of measuring the sites that search engines crawl and index. So the more competition there is the harder it is for the search engines to evaluate (big words huh.. trying to keep up with you ;-) ) the quality of the sites.

    So if you’re in a competitive sector (yikes :( who said you can always write and build sites about what you liked :( right? ) the links will still have a major role to play (if I understand you correctly).

    And as a final note (of course you know this but just gonna write it…. ) I also saw the .ca site of yours going up and up in the SERP’s and one thing was clear to me griz, it is not a good thing to just observe that sites’s SERP launch :D and jump into conclusions.

    The reason I say this is, almost all the other sites that I read (who are your followers btw) they all have given you home page Backlinks and I’m pretty sure the rest have done the same. So this has to be of the main reasons behind that SERP thingie :D

    But in a onsite SEO perspective I’ll always follow you, but I don’t think as a newbie (talking about me here lol) it’s not a good idea to just grab ideas based upon the fact that the reason for that site’s high SERP rank is purely based upon the onsite SEO (including that “natural” backlinks).

    Or maybe all I wrote above is pure rubbish since I don’t know what the hell I’m talking about :(

    Hope you’d have few mins to answer my questions. Thanks Griz.

    S-Gayan (hey can I drop my “S” from now on?? ).

    Happy New Year!.

  25. Glenn Palmer

    I’ve been a member of TKA for over a year now. The stuff that Court and Mark teach really works.
    Having said that, I’ve always been bothered by the technique of posting all kinds of thin articles around the net to build links. I know it works but I don’t like adding to all the useless noise on the web.
    What’s going to happen to the mining of the micro-niches turned up by keyword research tools with this approach? That’s sort of the core of what many of us have been taught up until now.
    Mark at TKA just hosted a webinar today that hinted at this approach. That’s where I heard that you were back in public again. Interestingly, Mark hadn’t heard about your new tack, so lots of compasses are swinging in the same direction independently of each other.
    Glad you’re back in any case.

  26. Fraser

    It’s okay to say my name. And it’s okay to talk about my methods. What I don’t want is my methods getting back to my competitors, so don’t mention my site here, and we’re good.

  27. brix

    slightly off topic but maybe relevant

    if i do a hook up with a related trade magazine and the link it sends me is a do follow and i send it a no follow link – what is that counted as – a one way link trade win for me? or a simple standard reciprocal link with less google benefit.

  28. atma

    Grizz, I’ve got a quick question not related to the subject of the post (if you don’t mind): do you use different c-class IPs for your sites, and does it really matters to have different c-class IPs? Just for an example, let’s assume, I have a site that is on a shared hosting, and I share IP with some trusted sites in my niche (sites are not mine), so when I get links from them, will the links’ value be diminished due to the same shared IP? I mean, probably not all the trusted sites have dedicated or c-class IPs, right? Or I’m wrong here?

    1. RT Cunningham

      Atma, I’d like to answer part of those questions. Of course, I have no idea if Griz has everything on different class-c IP addresses.

      I have all of my public sites on the same class IP address — on a VPS. I also have other trusted sites on the same IP address, which don’t belong to me. When I get a link from those other trusted sites to any of my trusted sites, guess what happens? The linked posts rise in the SERPS.

      This is the same thing that happens when I get links from other class-c IP addresses. As far as I can tell, the old class-c IP address trick is only good nowadays when you’re trying to hide your own network. Griz can kick me with one of his bear claws if I’m wrong.

  29. What about “do follow” (or “dofollow”), KeywordLuv and CommentLuv?

    [...] for new sites. If you're someone that does this (or are thinking about it), you should read: A Huge Tip for New Sites along with the previous two articles on that [...]

  30. Cat

    Great post Griz. I have been kicking myself for the last month, because this was the approach I wanted to take with my main site, which was starting to acquire natural links and rank easily for new posts. But against my better judgement I got a bit greedy did some link building (1-2 links per day) for it in an effort to boost a few specific posts.

    I think I must have over-optimised the anchor text, and in early December was hit with what looks like a penalty, where all my ranking posts were knocked down 100-400 places for their keywords, or they disappeared from the top 1000 completely. The pages are all still indexed, but rank so poorly that I don’t get any Google search traffic at all, except for image searches. I must say I’m a bit suprised that this happened, as I was only sending a couple of in-post links per day, not bombarding the site with 1000s of profile links or anything like that.

    I don’t want to give up on this site. Do you think it would be best to just keep adding content and not build any new links at all? Or might it help to send some non-optimised links (site name, ‘click here’, full urls etc) to balance things out a little?

    Thanks as always.

  31. atma

    I do really appreciate your answer, RT! I had a guess about that but was not sure. My question arose from the trend (old, though) on some MMO blogs about having a reseller hosting account and placing each site on a different c-class IP address. Just wanted to know about justification of this practice. Thanks again, RT!

  32. RT Cunningham

    I just read several of Splork’s articles. That man has a gift. I literally laughed out loud on several occasions. My son came running out of his room because he wanted to see what funny YouTube video I was watching. Of course, then he was all bummed out because I interrupted one of his marathon videogaming sessions.

    Anyway, I will no longer be able to get “guberus” or “web sewer” or “whatever in the mist” out of my head.

  33. Scott Ludtke

    A word of advise re: Google Places.

    As a legitimate at home business owner who happened to change residence 5 months ago, I am experiencing great difficulty in getting my business to come back up when doing a search query in Google like Griz depicts in the illustration above. It does come up in searches on their map, but not in a general search… This really sucks! I’m not certain how long it takes them to update (According to the site they do “Places” updates every 4 days or so) but obviously there is something wrong somewhere? As such, if your planning to move in the near future it may be a good idea wait before you “register and/or claim your business in Google Places.
    Today I edited the “Map” page on my site by re-loading the custom map, and I added my address info, as well as a link to my Google Places business page. Maybe this will work, maybe it won’t…

  34. anon

    can you make a lesson that talks about monetizing a community site such as a forum?

  35. LarryG

    Hey Grizz,

    Good to see you back in the mix :) I have been experiencing the same thing with several of my older sites. I just continue to put up good, relevant content and the SERP ranking improves…especially for long tail keywords.

    Enjoy your mild winter. Last time I was up in Ontario they told me it was one of the warmest winters on record…because the bay hadn’t completely frozen and there was only two feet of snow on the ground! To an AZ boy like me that ain’t warm :)


  36. Leo Dimilo

    Hey Griz,

    Like you, I have been doing some sideline online consulting for local businesses in Memphis and I have to say, when you are working with real companies who are just trying to churn out new leads and all the while stay legitimate, it really opens your eyes up to what is more real in terms of marketing and even organic search.

    I kind of liken it to this- If you are a stripper, your view of the world is going to be tainted by the things you surround yourself with. So a stripper is going to have a completely different view of the world and it will likely be “weird” to regular people who don’t live in that world.

    Internet marketers who surround themselves with the jargon of the MMO world live in a completely different universe than regular businesses and do things that most legitimate businesses would fire you over because they aren’t dealing with personas and aliases. We view it as a normal way to rank because of what we surround ourselves with. It isn’t. Never has been and it is really a shame that so much stuff is spoken as the law.

    I personally believe that marketing online or off is all the same. While most IMers live in the shadows, creating fluff that is never meant to see the light but for some hope for that “link juice”, they are really missing the point. A link should have “value” beyond some sort of juice…it should give authority…real authority…it should push the business’ credibility…and if, at all possible, there should be real traffic or “leads” that come from it. That is an ideal perspective but one that I have really zoned in on since initially starting consulting for businesses.

    This is primarily the reason (I think) why social traffic can “score” big yet the social marketing gurus still miss the point and think of it in a short term bid for whatever.

    Anyway, I am glad you are going in this direction. It is refreshing and I bet a lot of this has come from being able to step away from your own sites and live in another businesses shoes for a second. It a different perspective, ain’t it?

  37. Fishhound

    Hi, just a quick SEO question for ya Grizz. I notice that you no longer link your latest post to the previous as you taught back in the day. Is this no longer a good idea?

  38. JL Palmetto

    Who knew that a person could shrink wrap Canada? Truly stunning. My gosh, just imagine what’s involved to wrap all o’ Canada. Zowie! When they say big or small we wrap it all, they’re not kidding, are they? This totally rocks.

    I’m kinda confused, tho, despite having made my way through the comments. I can’t say I really understand all things Canadian at all. Different traditions, I guess. Sigh. So here’s my question– What kind of sport exactly is Contact Wrap-All ??? (I’m thinking it’s not touch football, but maybe more like rugby? Is that right?)

    Sorry if I’m slow, I do apologize in advance. So far, I gather it involves shrink wrap on a boat, and a stripper, I guess (per Leo).

    And here I was thinking that the official sport of this blog was golf. Is that still true???

  39. Tyler Davis

    Creating optimized content is able to be manipulated. Aged sites can be manipulated by buying them.

    The more Google favors content, the less money they will make. What content flies off the shelves in real life? Do you see a lot of fitness magazines talking about the top 10 ways to discourage adipogenic differentiation of stem cells? The type of content that sells magazines is Justin Bieber tilting his head sideways and then next issue he has his hair styled in a slightly different way.

    You said it in your credit card post about making money online. Google can’t favor people writing 1,000 page authority sites about how evil credit card companies are. It wouldn’t favor the target user(the one who spends money).

  40. Lawrence Miller

    Hi Griz,

    It sure is good to see you posting again. As for me, here I am just in time to be comment number 106 or something like that, which goes to show that I am still my typically slow self. The good news is, late as I am, I am the first to comment here in 2011.

    Since I see you as the pick of the litter in the internet marketing world, I will be following you closely on your blog, as you develop your lesson plan for us wannabes.

    Oh, and about hot versus cold weather; I don’t favor either all that much. Warm is more to my liking, but I can’t seem to find a place in the U.S. where the weather is perennially warm outside of Orange and San Diego counties in southern California, where I used to live. I, like many other have finally found out that the weather there wasn’t worth the hassle, cost, and loneliness of living there. Yip, it is a crowded, lonely place.

    Anyway, slow as I am on the uptake in this online marketing business, I have just begun to move in the direction you appear to be heading in. So far I am still not to making a lot of money at it–fact is I make almost none–but I can already see that I am finally heading in the right direction.

    Dang! It is good that you are back and still way ahead of the pack in building out a well-appointed map of the ways to give something of value online and be rewarded for it, and feel good about being rewarded for it.

    I have been unable to move ahead much in my online endeavors over the past couple of years due to some personal matters. But I am in the throws of getting up and running again now, so it is a delight to see that, just as I am coming to life, you are coming back to help the lesser lights like me become better online marketers—and help some of the brighter ones, too, for that matter.

    Meanwhile I have found that Court and Mark at The Keyword Academy (TKA) are good people, who give great value for a very reasonable reward from each of their students. I would recommend TKA for anyone who wants to learn the ropes of online marketing in a regimented, serious, yet enjoyable atmosphere. I would have been far ahead of the game had I been in a position to put into practice what they teach.

    Now I am ready to go and so are you. Now that is good!

  41. Sam

    Hi Grizz,

    Looks like G is getting better and better at achieving their ultimate goal – for the better I say.

    That said, the flip side of all this penalizing of manipulated backlinking ultimately means that you could simply spam your competitors’ sites with perfectly anchored backlinks to destroy their trust with G?

    I’m not sure if that’s something you can publically discuss given what happened to the old site… but that was one aspect which bothered me.

    1. LarryG

      Personally I still think properly anchored backlinks will play into the algo. Content will help to build authority for a site, but how will G determine who has more authority for a specific phrase? I think this is where backlinks will still figure into the equation. If you are a thin site, with no real content or depth and no authority it will be much harder for you to rank for keywords when competing against other sites that have the type of authority that Grizz is talking about.

      Just my two cents.

  42. RED

    Sam, I think G would simply just not count those links just as it would not really count links if someone did it too fast for their site. Not sure though.

  43. Faith

    Hey Griz,

    Funny you mention branching out and teaching others in different niches – I have just recently started doing that as well as considered taking on local clients to help them with their exposure online. Am I pretty safe in drafting lessons around the info you had on MMOFB paired with TKA knowledge or will these lessons that we’re all anticipating be completely revamped approaches? (I know you hinted to some of it here and I’d rather move ahead with the knowledge I have than wait patiently)

    Well, the only downsides to you being back are that now I have a lot of blinks to go update and I am already beginning to feel information overload symptoms ;o)

  44. Backlink Builders Take a Left Turn? |

    [...] are a few quotes: Griz – A Huge Tip for New Sites – “Believe it or not – I haven’t built a single link anywhere for any of the three sites [...]

  45. Milker

    Great post Griz. Really looking forward to the lessons, but you’ve given me so many ideas with this post (and your older one about lead generation), that I think I’m gonna forge ahead and see what I can do locally. We’ve got a lot of local manufacturers that have either no website or worse a crap website that nobody ever sees. Gonna start building and funneling and see what happens.

    I found it interesting how you, Mark B, Leo, etc. all came out with a post or webinar all more or less saying the same thing … at the same time. lol.

  46. How to Become an Expert |

    [...] … and apparently this is what Google is looking for. [...]

  47. Worried

    Hi Griz, thank you for taking the time to read this.

    Ive an online store since 2008 but i started doing linking june last year. I freak out reading your post as ive been doing 20 bookmarking and 20 authority sites linking daily. Is that a penalty? Will I lose all traffics as currently im experiencing traffic drop.

    What should I do? Should I buy a new domain and move my whole store?

    Hope to get your reply soon.

    Thank you very much

  48. Hello world!

    [...] and Splork, which is not related to the most recent wave about becoming “social” (Griz, Leo, Dave, Ben) or an “expert” (Milker, [...]

  49. Luis Miguel

    Griz, I’m really shocked about your “new approach” to IM. This is going to be a long post, let me write numbers to structure my thoughts…

    1. My profile: working in IM in Spain.
    Working only for my 2 money sites, not for customers.
    Monetizing through lead generation, not getting any money from Adsense (so far).
    My 2 money sites: static sites, 1.000 pages each one. Not original content (I would say it’s refurbished content)
    My 2 money sites living in a competitive niche, with the main player in the market starting business 10 years ago and making 1,2-1,5 millions monthly.

    2. Started my websites in May/June 2010. Not building links at the beginning. Nothing happened: no traffic.

    3. Reached your blog MMOFB at blogspot (gladly, I copied it in full to my hard disk-The “adsense team visit” you got make me think this could be a good thing…Looking backwards this was a good decision, it seems you got banned).

    4. Studied your tactics, readed your “mate” blogs (Vic, Benk, Splork, Court…) and started working with a clear target: you wrote something like “I use 10% of my time building content and 90% of my time building links”… I brought this to practice, starting in Sept2010.

    5. I started building content for google (refurbished from news and from other people’s blogs, well keyworded, very well spun by hand, gramatically correct)…you know: not really content for users, nothing noticeable, nothing new, just content to put anchored links.

    6. I started building links (90% of my time): my weapons…
    Articles (I submit a lot of them from each piece of spun text)
    Wordpressblogs/50-100 pages each one so far.
    Blogspot blogs/50-100 pages each one so far.
    W-P-M-U parasits/5-10 pages each so far, recicling the same spun text used for articles
    Blog commenting (outsourced-not spam), targeting High PR pages
    Building links in P-l-i-g-g-s (automated, but with legit spun text)
    Some Twitter and social linking (using RSS to feed the tweets)
    Next move: planning to use X-ru-m-er to build link to my blogs.
    Now: my main money site showing 2.000 links in yahoo site explorer (I’ve built many more).

    7. Results so far: started making some money in november2011. Now (january2011) making 2.000$/month. Ranking 4/5 for a “mid tail” keyword with 15.000 exact searches/month and 350.000 competing websites (search made with “”). Number 1 and 2 in the SERPs are government sites, not really competing with my service. Ranking and getting long tail traffic from 4.000+ keywords monthly.

    8. My thoughts before reading your new blog: I felt very good!. I followed your tactics and they worked!, I’m going up in the SERPS, getting trafic and monetizing it!… (summarized: I built content mainly for google, not for readers and I built links 90% of my time, without spamming-well “almost without” spamming).

    9. Now, after returning to your site after six months I see how you have changed your “approach” and advocate about “not manipulating the rankings”, “building sites for the very long term”, “acquiring links naturally” and so on…a very different approach than the one I have practised until now…And I get panicked when I see your MMOFB blog is blocked.

    Griz, I guess you read all your comments, may I ask for your opinion based in this profile?. Should I be concerned?. Do you think my business could be in danger?. I was planning to add Adsense to my sites (I think I could get a 20% increase in revenues)…would this be a wise decision?…

    Feel free to answer my questions: anyway I always will be in debt with you as far as I know what I know in IM mainly because of your advice in the MMOFB blog.

    Thanks a lot,


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