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128 responses to “A Huge Tip for New Sites”

  1. John Tighe


    Just a thought but if this is the way G’s new algo is going doesn’t that mean that all a competitor has to do to push you down the rankings is to bombard your site with links?

    As I said just a thought.

  2. Mel

    Griz, I am lost and confused.
    You mentioned in this post and others about getting a free link from google, if you can work it out.

    I am sorry. I am blonde. I can’t work it out. Can you give it to me in plain english. How does one get this elusive “free link from google”?

    What am I missing?

  3. Curt

    Griz -
    Maybe you’ll address this shortly, but … how did you start working with some of these local and national businesses? Were you approached first?

    I’m plugging away with my authority site and would like to add another income source using the tools I’ve learned (thanks to you and a couple of other folks).

    Any advice would be much appreciated.

    Glad to see you back

    P.S. You’re spot on about the trend being towards ‘natural’ authority sites. Actually, I think that has always been the trend. I got a couple of other mentors. Each has 35,000+ visitors/day to their authority sites. Their advice from day one:

    Put out good content about something you enjoy that helps people.
    Write thousands of those types of articles.
    You WILL be found by the search engines.
    You can then monetize the traffic.

    Who knew it could be so simple?

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  5. Ceejay

    Hey Grizzly! I found you again! Okay i came online through a friend who ask me to start my internet marketing with you at MMOFB. And when i start reading… Bang! The blog is no where to be found and for months i have been looking on sites…. To see you, now what advice do you have for a ‘Very New Internet Marketer with No money, no nothing but the will to learn’ Grizzly you are loved.

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  8. imarketingph

    As always, grizz posts are worth reading and full of comments

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