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86 responses to “Being First with Affiliate Products”

  1. Costa

    Phew, real lucrative, this Subscribe and Thrive thingy. If I have 1000s in my mailing list I will surely like to give this a go. I think my mailbox is to be flooded again with this promo. LOL.

    1. The Prophet has Arrived.

      Now that the owner has guaranteed us his product is “not crap” I’m sure we’ll drive traffic by the hordes…

  2. Josh


    I think that passing these along could help with some people trying to achieve A-lister status, but in the end I feel that Subscribe and Thrive is a form of usury. It’s like Avon or anything else like that. In the end it is profitable to sell others on the service and not on the product itself. Real value is earn when you connect people, businesses and ideas, not up selling poor schleps. I just hope the people who try this method of income realize this sooner than later. Good luck on the ranking of Subscribe and Thrive.

  3. Ben Willis

    Thanks for the board meeting Griz.
    Here’s my take. I’m sitting at a long table wearing a tie and watching some pencil dick with a laser pointer pointing at a graph telling me about Amway and how I’m going to get rich. All we need now is a motivational speaker. I don’t need numbers and figures and projections. Save that for TV commercials. Real life is money in the wallet, not out of the wallet.

    Someone may bite, but not me. I’m not impressed by calculations. That’s what the US Congress is doing right now, with the same laser pointers and calculations that got us in trouble in the first place.

    Don’t they get it? We don’t want their help. There is a new class of loser in this world. It is them. A little too late.

    Good luck with the key words by the way. Ben

  4. RT Cunningham

    I realized early on that affiliate programs for marketing products only work for those on the top. I’m glad I never fell for it.

  5. antbanks

    Hey Grizz,

    Thanks for the heads up on this, i was wondering when the make money with affiliate program post where coming. the adsense on it is not bad. anyway i been following you since the inception of your beginner blog just lurking in the back ground. Anyway thanks for this heads up, i might give it a go, when i find enough spare change between my couch cushions. btw the math on there offer is funny. i went thru the link and it said pay a yearly fee of $149 or subscribe for 10 bucks a week with the 14 day trial. if anyone with a brain can see it pays to take the 149 a year if they really are going to do the dam thing. that 10 bucks a week comes out to $480 smackers a year eating at your profits. Just a heads up you know 10 bucks a week 40 bucks a month 12 months to a year 40 times 12….
    anyway thanks cant wait to start my campain of carnage!

    -money in the bank

  6. laweightlossbars

    Griz, thanks for another great post. I have been following you for about 8 months and have read every post on both of your IM blogs – and took pages of notes :-)

    Thanks to your guidance I have been able to build blogs and promote them without spending practically any money. I have been recommending your blogs to anyone that REALLY wants to learn IM, but they always seem to want the “magic pill” of overnight success without putting in the work.

    I have no desire to make money in the make money online niche, but in a few years, maybe I’ll know enough to pass out real world advice like you do and payback for all you have shared with us.

    Is it common for a venture like this Subscribe and Thrive to charge a fee to it’s affiliates?

    Sounds like a MLM scheme to me. I don’t pay someone for the privileged of promoting their product!

  7. Denise

    Well Grizz, you are on page one of Google of course with “Subscribe and Thrive” (in Quotes) and page two without quotes.

    If I had a list of subscribers I would probably jump on this but I really do not promote a lot of make money online products. Just the ones I actually use and like.

    I would rather get affiliate sales through eBay or some service that really helps people.

  8. Success with Todd

    Hey Grizz,

    lol, is this another one of those tests to see how gullible people are?

    Regardless of the nice letter you got from the owner, this definitely looks like one of those “quick hit” type programs that will heavily promoted for a month or two, then gone like a flash.

    And as someone who does make money from a legitimate network marketing business, I especially hate to see these type of programs … gives us all a bad name.

    It’s all good though. I suspect that by the time a few more people comment on this post, Luke is going to be sorry to see you ranking for that keyword. :-)


  9. Penny Gould

    1. What is JV?
    2. Is this one of those “do this instead of working hard so that I can make money off of you” things? It seems like it vaguely falls in to the “make money online” category, (not the “make money online with adsense” category.) (Sorry, that was just a bit of random dialog to throw your keywords in!)Duh, I don’t get it! Although it is nice and reassuring to know this is a random thing I can pay for monthly that isn’t C*R*A*P! I would have to vote no, I wouldn’t be interested in reading more of this sort of thing. I’ve been slogging around in the trenches for awhile, and I think that when something doesn’t make sense and seems too good to be true, I should probably just be spending my time writing and submitting articles or requesting link exchanges with legit sites that I admire…

  10. Lis Sowerbutts

    I tried to sign up but I guess its not live yet – the sign up button doesn’t work on sales page. BTW I never heard of being charged a fee to become an affiliate – I guess I don’t play with the big boys!

  11. Paul

    Hey Grizz, of course I am reading this. I am reading your sites much more than I am reading my own. :)
    Now, don’t feel bad about Brad Callen. That’s how they get to you. He may be a good marketer, I’ll give him that, but that doesn’t make his products any better.
    RT, I just joined your network and I love it. If only there were a little bit more people, but I’m sure they will come.


  12. Subscribe and Thrive Scam?

    LOL OK I bet everyone to the hubpage! To be honest I like their honesty – they aren’t really promoting the subscription at all – they are just pushing the affiliate program – there is some honesty in that isn’t there?
    And if some silly bugger wants to sign up under me I’ll take the $ Lissie

  13. Frank Carr

    It sounds way too MLM-ish for my taste. And, as you put it on the other blog, I’m not a sleazy list marketer either. But, you can bet the ‘usual suspects’ will be flogging this thing to death in the next few days.

    Like RT with, I went with the no-upsell/backsell/affiliate approach with Blog Content Wizard. It probably did cost me some money doing that but I felt that it kept the price reasonable was best. I didn’t want to charge 2 or 3 times the current price.

  14. Bruce

    Griz, if Adsense is NOT being used as the form of monitization on a blog (just affiliate links), is there any advantage of putting one post per page like you do? Having multiple posts on the front page OK?

    1. Frank Carr

      I do both with eBay affiliate blogs and the performance is mostly identical as best I can tell. I do magazine style sites like OpTempo and one post per page ones based on my ‘boring memo’ or ‘dateless mini site’ themes.

      As RT mentioned, Google seems to have a taste for WordPress tag pages so I try to make sure ads appear there too. I have several sites that only show up in SERPS well for tag pages.

  15. Lucky

    Hey Grizz,

    Sorry is an unrelated post, I recently found your blogs, and I’ve been reading ever since, great info! I just found this this forum post about you and felt compelled to answer. You can not put my man Grizzly in the same sentence with John Chow and Shoemaker. anyways, sorry to me such suck up. But you are truly an inspiration.

    P.S. now days, you will get more traffic on your blog, if you add Grizzly, on your how to make money online sentence! sorry, got use some of your juice man! I think we are seeing a new trend here MMOG!check out my post whenever you have a chance.



    1. RT Cunningham

      I read that thread and laughed my ass off before I even got halfway down the page. John Chow? Please! The only thing he has in common with Griz is that he’s in Canada.

      I don’t normally read forums like Digital Point. There are way too many noobs over there accepting answers that are downright false.

  16. Nomadic Matt


    Do you feel there is any advantage with a free site like blogger or wordpress site (other than they are free) over buying your own keyworded domain name?

  17. Lorecee

    For making WordPress look ugly, Frank’s Boring Memo theme gives Blogger some tough competition in the ugly department. The content fades into the background and the ads almost jump out of the screen by contrast.

    I agree with Griz about trying different things. When I started a few weeks ago, I wanted to make all of my decisions ahead of time and do everything perfectly on my first try. After a few mistakes, I realized it’s impossible not to make mistakes, and that I got information from my mistakes that I never would have known if I hadn’t made them. I can afford a few bucks for domain registrations I end up not using if it means learning something.

    1. Frank Carr

      Thanks for the mention Lorecee. I hadn’t looked at the demo site for a while and I found that the Boring Memo subdomain is PR2 and ranks #2 in Goggle for ‘Awkward Golf Shots’, #1 for ‘Concentration and Confidence in Golf’, #5 for ‘Good Golf Pro Shops’ with it’s early version of Blog Content Wizard content. How did that happen with just the single one page link from the regular Optempo post?

      1. RT Cunningham

        I was wondering what I would have to do to “Boring Memo” to make it 2.7 compatible (for comments). Frank?

        1. Frank Carr

          I need to update that theme soon. Maybe I can work with it this week.

  18. Lucky

    Hey Griz,

    Thanks for the hook man! Hope to be around for a while.

  19. Nomadic Matt


    May sound like a stupid question but with free blogs can you use google webmaster stats? should i want to use those?

  20. Lorecee

    I know this is a real newbie question, but how are you guys checking your sites for all the keywords you rank in? Do you do it manually, one phrase at a time, or is there a tool? Thanks!

    1. kenth

      There is a toolbar from seobook that has a rank checker on it. Basically you enter the domain and all the keywords you want to check ranking for then press start.

      You can also do it manually but it will have to be one phrase at a time.

  21. Trent Brownrigg

    Yep, I was wondering why the subscribe and thrive ad was at the top of your other blog yesterday. Now I know.

    Looks like this blog has made it to page two of Google for Subscribe and Thrive right now. So your plan is working. However, it’s the home page and not the post page so who knows what will happen.

  22. Terry Didcott

    How come I always seem to miss the party? Is Spain really so backward and I’ve become so much a part of the culture that I’m a few days behind the rest of the world?

    Oh, Hi Griz…

    MLM and lists eh? You’ll be telling be that I should start a forum or something to attract more social traffic next LMAO!! Yep, I missed your post until just now – I actually spent the last 2 days doing what I should be doing getting links and updating dusty old blogs, so I wasn’t reading anyone else’s.

    Now I’ve just spent one cup of Spanish super strength hand ground (by me) coffee reading your post and about a third of that MLM letter (then my eyes glazed over), then another cup reading the comments and now I’m in caffeine heaven and need to go write a very long post somewhere!

    …better do that for Google and not for real people or there will be a lot of eyes glazing over LMAO!!!

  23. Mike Patrick

    Regarding the emails from Subscribe and Thrive – why do people insist on writing as if they have a large icicle shoved up their ass. Maybe they think they sound “oh so professional” and are able to impress people with the over-inflated numbers that most, if not all, of the readers will never attain, but they just end up sounding like pretentious hucksters.

    This is the kind of unproven hodge-podge I wouldn’t touch with a 10 – no, make that a 100 – foot pole.

  24. matt2257

    Hey Griz,

    in hawaii, I get you page 2 for “subscribe and thrive” so even though not in the post title, looks like your authority really helped. you gonna throw links at this post? Matt2257

  25. Artur

    Hi guys,

    Grizz, we all want you to keep talking about the MMO affiliates sites, because you are the only honest guy out there.

    We all believe on you (I do), and love to read your posts.

    If only there where more Grizz`s out there …

    ps: your 18º on for “subscribe and thrive”, so i`ll help you raising that position, with this lines:

    Subscribe and Thrive offers to all affiliated partners, a synergistic online money making. Thats a combination of Master Resale Products and an explosive affiliate program. Check out this blog “make money online with grizz”, and read the subscribe and trive launch post (typo), before you join. Find Money Making Opportunities and Ways To Make Money in this blog. Learn How to Make Money with one of the best adsense and affiliate marketing guru, Grizz Bear …

    Cumps …


  26. Nomadic Matt

    Random questions:

    1. What do you think about using photos and pictures?

    2. Can you add meta data to blogger blogs? how do you verify them with google? webmaster stats?

  27. Sam ( Out Of debt ) Johnson

    What is the best way to setup a blog with multi topics, and is that a good idea? I have a broad domain name that I want to use wordpress to cover a variety of topics. Is anyone successfully doing something like this?


    1. Frank Carr


      You can see my OpTempo blog for an example of covering a lot of different topics.

      It’s easier to create a blog that’s focused on a particular niche and then concentrate on getting traffic on that tight niche. The advantage of a multi-niche blog is that it opens up a lot of options in the directions you can take with it so it works well as a flagship.

  28. Penny Gould \ Central Coast Real Estate

    Hello, just checking in to see if you’ve made any money online with adsense today? (*.*) I’ve found a way to make money online doing nothing! (Not really but it sounded good!) I like the topic up the thread on doing a “makeunder”! I’ve downloaded the ugly memo theme and I’m trying to decide if I should launch my newest niche idea with it or uglify one of my existing. I was thinking of selling long icicles to sell to the people that click on the “do nothing and make money online with adsense” ads that I see in abundance!

  29. korprit

    just posted this on your other blog, just trying to get this request seen ;)


    i figure (after reading your request for comments instead of emails) my email requests have gotten lost along the way.

    been asking for forum access but never heard back one way or the other.

    if you wouldn’t mind shooting me an email: korprit[at]gmail

    am now 9 months deep into building sites/farms and would love to share ideas/experience with other like minded practitioners :)


  30. Blog Flipping Fool


    Most of the most successful schemes involve recruiting others to do the selling for them. In these schemes, nobody gives a da.. about the product because it stinks, frankly. The only ones making the real money are the few people at the top.

    For me, the bulk of my money comes from creating and flipping blogs. I can sleep at night because I know that my customers make money with what I teach them.

    My adsense sites are worth quite a lot, even without too much in the way of income. My main mistakes with them have been lack of keyword optimized links and not targeting the high paying keywords. Now, thanks to a few pointers I’ve learned here, I am incorporating your wisdom into my daily routine.

    Thomas C. Gajdjis

  31. home based business

    Just would like to tell you that-It sounds way too MLM-ish for my taste. And, as you put it on the other blog, I’m not a sleazy list marketer either. But, you can bet the ‘usual suspects’ will be flogging this thing to death in the next few days.

  32. Budman

    Hey Griz

    I’m a new subscriber to your blog but I have read some of your posts and IMHO yours are about the only ones I have read that actually provide real value to readers. You can count on my placing a few of your links about in legitimate places.

    Cheers and please don’t stop

  33. Rod

    Hi Griz! Should I add adsense to a new affiliate site that I just put up? Or should I test converting the affiliate product I’m trying to sell first and then down the road maybe add adsense?

  34. Nigel

    Hi Grizzly. This stuff is alittle over my head because I’m new to this stuff. I never made much online. The most I have made online is $50. Thanks for the Great information.

  35. James Blanco

    Hi Grizzly, Wow! i Really Envy you! you have a beautiful site. and a great reviews. thanks for the usefull information. keep it up

  36. I'm not really Ben

    I always wondered what all the hype around affiliate marketing was about, it never really appealed to me. So I’m sticking with adsense, specially since the Grizzly motivation injection lol…

  37. mark harrison

    Interesting stuff Griz but I have my doubts. I have never made money from one single, solitary affiliate sale and I’m beginning to wonder if they exist at all. I like the rest of it but not sure it would work for me as I have a problem with the very full on ‘sales’ approach.

  38. clash077

    I’m just starting in IM, I’m gonna check out this!

  39. Pryncessa

    Hello Grizzly,

    I am a fairly new marketer and am learning. I am so glad to have come across your blog. I have just begun to read your post and have subscribed. It is great to have someone who cuts out the crap and hits the target. I just want to say thank you and I am looking forward to being a constant reader.


  40. Cath Lawson

    Hi Griz – I’ve been away from the Internet for a few weeks, so I don’t know if this guy’s offer has taken off. It doesn’t look like he’s getting much traffic.

    And what I really don’t like is the fact that the link to his affiliate program is right beside the link to his product. I hate when folk do that because the buyer usually ends up signing up as an affiliate and buying through their own link – especially with MMO products.

  41. Ditto Asnar

    Hi Griz,

    This product seems like just another online MLM scheme to me. I agree that this kind of product gives bad name to affiliate marketing, which is why I tend to promote affiliate offers outside the MMO markets, since MMO products are mostly MLM scheme anyway.

  42. Urpo Salonen

    I would never pay for affiliate program, this is the way how MLM works.

  43. Caleb (Market Secrets Blogger)

    I am getting tired of programs where the main money comes from signing others up….that’s not a real business model -in fact- it can be looked it can almost be looked at as a pyramid scheme.

  44. James (The 540 Plan)


    I am new to affiliate marketing and I find your site very informative. I have noticed that it is tough to market a product once the gurus have gotten a hold of it. But, I am still trying. Keep the content coming!!

  45. rahul

    looks like affiliate marketing is more profitabley.

  46. Phen375

    Hey Griz… Just wanted to say, your blog was very useful in the time when I was learning about internet business and marketing… And now some results are showing up..
    If you can to Europe anytime, the beer is on me!

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