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125 responses to “Google’s Best Weapon – Fear by Example”

  1. Alexander

    Hey, I know Grizz talks about getting some quality links, and how much they help. I’ve been reading his blog for over 2 years now. Over that time I’ve built up a network of 100 websites across 90 C-class IP’s and I’m selling content posts on there. They range from PR 1 to 4. Each link is only $1.

  2. Tom Atkinson

    I have noticed increased organic traffic in all 6 websites I look after actively. I’ve taken screenshots of the Google Analtyics / Traffic Sources / Search Engines / Organic / Google report, for the period February 1 2011 to March 29 2011, with “compare to past” ticked, and they all show improvements, take a look
    My improvements in visit numbers are: +33%, +58%, +31%, +13%, +43% and +49%. These are really quite large increases in organic traffic, so I’m pretty happy with how it went!

  3. weput

    I’ve received increase as well (15.04%) average on my “left dead”blogger blogs and a 5.05% on my money site (have only one ATM as i’m building that one up). I understand these numbers are not impressive but the following is.

    I’ve tracked the insertion of the site for 22 new cousins keywords and out of the sudden the clicking rate is up from around 10% to 40% which is … great, specially if you consider that I have like 4 months without doing anything on my site (yes i know… i’m lazy and i have a demanding dayjob + family and stuff)

  4. RT Cunningham

    I can’t say anything except that I’m waiting for the dance to be over so I can get on with building some new sites – I’m waiting to see what the final result is going to be.

    It looks like a lot of guburus jumped the gun (as usual).

  5. weput

    my newbie question of the day will be…

    shall i start link building right now?… of course the fact that I’m making enough for my latte (even dough we have no Starbucks around) daily is motivating me…

  6. Mike
  7. RED

    Interesting thing I’ve read. A big name news website recently posted about making money online. The webmaster bascially talked about their revenue and a friend who was interested in making his own site. The owner of the news website goes on to give advice to everyone else out there contemplating the idea of starting their own websites. He stated that he started his like alot of other big businesses out there when the internet was still new and was growing. He said basically you can’t do it anymore and your website(whatever it may be about) will never be as big. He goes on to say that sure you should do it for own self fulfillment, but don’t expect to think that you can make a living from it because it can’t be done anymore. Personally I know it’s crap and it sounds like he wanted to get word out to the millions of people that visit his site not to compete. Most of these websites seemed to have accidently stumbled into success not knowing that linking plays a big part of it and links were counted easier back in the day. I know everyone already knows this here, but I thought it would be interesting to read what this dude’s opinion was. I’m pretty sure he earns a at least a million per year.

  8. LarryG

    Hey Grizz,

    Good to hear from you. Content has always been king, and will continue to set the standard for those sites that continue to rank well. Some of the folks we know have learned the hard way that not only do you need a robust link profile…but you also need to be able to pass a manual inspection. Otherwise, when you breach the $100 a day mark (or whatever it is) you can watch all of your hard work go up in smoke.

    I am thinking about creating a dream team of IM’ers to go out and dominate the SEO industry. That would show em all :)

    As always thanks for your valuable analysis of the situation.


  9. mark

    I have two sites that got thrown down the road after the Big G’s latest change. Now both of them are on page 1. Same niche.

    One of the sites has maybe a half dozen back links. It has good on page seo plus original content.

    My adsense revenues have doubled since the first of the year on adsense only sites.

  10. Larry Stefanuik

    Great post Griz, I too am blessed with 3 fems in my life and I guess I should start listening to them, How do you feel about animal niches, I am also blessed with a bazillion of those too, I am start a blog for my peacock Eric to document his escapades out here and also sell his yearly feathers he is kind enough to shed for us. It will be from the perspective of Eric himself and his upcoming move to England. Maybe I can sell enough feathers for his transport :-)

  11. Gilbert Canda

    I hope you will be the top in results, coz you have the best tips ever. I really miss your article. I have a sample junk blog but i am really making money with it. Thank you for your great advice.

  12. Master Dayton

    Great post as always, and really hits the nail on the head. Although do you really have to mention going after shopping niches for the gals and toy niches? I’m watching my numbers keep growing steadily from these niches and I don’t want any real competition :) I think one of my favorite aspects of these niches is they pay better on Amazon or other affiliate sales – making me less worried about Google than when using AdSense. Great post – thanks for the view on this topic!

  13. Phil

    Hi Grizzly Griz!

    I have totally experienced the “algo update” and noticed that it only improved my “content farm” rankings as hubpages et al. dropped from the serps. One post though on one of my sites dropped from the serps a few weeks ago, and since I know you are the best at sniffing penalties, I was hoping you could help out?

    It was an important post getting 150-200 visits per day, and half way through the month of may, it disappeared. Nothing happend to other pages on the site, and actually I am getting an increasing amount of visits on other pages – the total visitors are now the same as they were before the one post dropped out. I hope I can pick your brain on this, and discuss the issue via e-mail with more details.

  14. RED

    Noticed this website is now on page 2 for make money online. Did you move up by them cleaning out the competition, or was it a social media thing?

  15. Booboo

    Hey griz, I’m about to break $5k per month despite all the algo changes :D

    Post something dammit.

  16. KC

    Hey Griz,

    Any news on the latest dance? My sites have done well since the farmer and have remained pretty high. Hope your sites have too!

  17. Fu**dmylife

    Hey Grizzly. Thanks for the advice. We really appreciate it. I just got my 6k per month adsense account banned :) I think i am still in denial. Anyway, i would just like to offer one piece of advice to all:

    Stop wasting time on link spamming to get your rankings up if you are serious about making a living off adsense. Go white hat. That is the best for the long term.

    Now coming to my case, what am i gonna do? I do not know. At least my site has not been deindexed yet. Although the links are not good, i can assure you that the content quality was very good [ at least relatively]. I had dedicated writers and the articles were not 5 dollar articles.

  18. Novo Google Update 25/4: Um link "duvidoso" É suficiente p/ deindex

    [...] o Griz já havia comentado sobre isto um tempo atrás sobre como o MEDO é uma das melhores armas do Google no combate contra o spam (e por isso que eu falo que a leitura do blog antigo dele é obrigatória!) O padrão se repete [...]

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