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182 responses to “How to Convince a Skeptic”

  1. Cyndi

    Hi, I’m not sure where to begin reading your blogs. I need to find your advice for the brand new beginner blogger.

    I have signed up for a new blogger account. I have started my blog. Now I need to know what steps to take, other than writing posts. I can wing it on my own for a little bit here, but I’m looking forward to learning all I can from you!

    Good luck with the frozen pipes and cold weather!

    1. Aaron

      You’d be best starting with his beginners blog since you are just starting out;
      Start with the archives, and work your way to the newer posts. This will help you build a solid foundation on your way to being a blog superstar.

      1. Cyndi

        Thank you! Once I explored the other blog for a bit, I found the lessons listed listed in the sidebar. Thanks for the reply! I really appreciate it! I can’t wait to get started and now I’m starting in the right direction!

        1. Fiar | Conservative Satire


          Start here: Make Money Blogging Lesson 1. From there find lessons 2-5. That should get you started.

  2. Penny Gould

    Found you from a post on Courtney’s blog. Thanks for sharing your knowledge about (insert key word here) making money online! I’ve been thrilled with my adsense revenue. I have 15 blogs, some my own, some freeby, so some of them are monetized. I’m a State of California employee, and I’m facing a mandatory furlough. I’ve been able to replace the lost 2 days income consistently with Adsensse and Commission Junction – yea! One thing I’ve learned is to reasearch the keywords I select by using the Google Tool,and clicking on the “Show/hide columns” and “Show Estimated Avg. CPC” to help me select the higher paying keywords. Given a choice of a $.05 keyword or a $6.16 keyword, I’ll select the $6.16! (See, making money online is just like brain surgery!)What’ve I’ve learned today from you about making money online with Adsense is to display only one post. I’ll try that, and thanks!

    1. LoreCee

      Hi Penny: I work on a government contract that will expire this year, so I’m very motivated. How many months passed between when you first put up your money-making sites and when they covered your furlough days? Court and Mark have warned me to be patient, but it helps me keep my cool if I know a time frame. Thanks, and congratulations on your success.

      1. Penny Gould @ Camper Blue Book Value

        LoreCee – got your message and I hear your pain about the end of your contract. Sorry, and I hope you land on your feet (and make money online!). My actual time frame is about 3 years. Don’t cry, the first 30 months were spent all by myself at Hard Luck University. The last 6 months were where the income actually became consistent and growing. Like in my previous post, my key learning about making money with adsense online was an aha! moment when I learned how to tell the 5 cent keywords from the 3 dollar keywords. That’s about the range I work in. I have my sights set on some great $10. keywords, but I have to put in my time learning how to compete in the shark infested waters of making money online first. I don’t usually talk about my actual dollar amounts because I don’t want to sound like The Rich Jerk, buy hey, if it helps you to know… Months 1 – 24 Adsense revenue was about $75. total. I didn’t think I’d ever hit the $100. payout. Same thing for Commission Junction. Just a random sale now and then. At about month 30 I got a link exchange request on one of my free WordPress blogs, and got to chatting with the other webmaster. I mentioned my (lack of) making money online, and he suggested I check out Courtney Tuttle and do everything he said. So I did, and my name above clicks to the first Courtney style blog I did. I also read everything PotPieGirl writes… Within a few weeks I had my first Google Adsence revenue, as I finally passed the $100. mark. And then I’ve had a check every month since. (So you know my income is greater than $100. per month with Adsense.) And it’s the same with Commisson Junction. I have 7 blogs with Adsense, and the income for the last period for each blog ranged from 80 cents to $294. Add them all up, it’s over $300. Throw in the Commission Junction income, and I’ve made enough money online to cover my 2 days pay cut. I’ve also had expenses, buying domain names, hosting, and buying the occasional coaching or mentoring. I certainly would’t suggest that an income large enough to cover your primary pay will materialize in time to help with your current situation. My goal with making money online is to grow the income stream over the next 5 years. I’ll be able to retire at about half pay then. My goal is to make enough money online to cover 12 days pay. I’d say I’m 15% of the way to my goal now! I also have to share with you that I’ve worked to learn online affilate marketing by putting my nose to the grindstone, probably an average 30 to 40 hours per week, while holding down full time employment and being a single Mom. It’s been tough. Good luck to you, and if you visit my blog and leave a comment I’d be glad to correspond with you. I have a few sneaky tips to share but don’t want to mess up this wonderful blog by talking about sneaky stuff! Best of luck!

  3. DaNNY

    GRIZ GREAT BLOG(s) – Ive been reading for the last 4 hours but my eyes are killing me now so i am writing a post to ask you a burning question…

    Blogger Blogs – when creating them i continued to make individual blogs but on the same Email Blogger account (which they say in blogger TOS is fine) However!

    Now thinking back on things, with regards to Link building and perhaps linking these blogs together under the same account, was that a stupid idea? Wont google penalize me for this?

    Q1.I know you have 200 blogs but surely you don’t link the same blogs on one account to each other?

    And second question related regarding your TOP 7 Niche Blogs (which a few also have corporate sponsers on) Are they seriously Blogger Blogs too? Or did you redirect your own Domain and just use the blogger platform?

    The reason i ask is because im skeptical that corporations would pay a .blogger account – whats your methods, do you really have 200 .bloggers or have you been registering domains too?

    so sorry if you already wrote posts on these – im tired but would just like to know this before i continue.


  4. Ion

    Hi, DaNNY – I’ll dare to answer some questions instead of Griz, as he is a away at the moment. First of all do not register more then 3-4 blogspot domains under one google account – it might raise red flags. If your blogs aren’t high quality and are made for ads only remove the navbar so they can’t flag it manually. Ideally it would be fine to register one blogspot domain per google account and move on. Register a new gmail account each time you do this and you are going to be fine. There is no need in paying for .com/.net/.org domains for your blogspot hosting if you are only starting out. Blogspot blogs are well optimized for SEO and if you know what you are doing you can get position 1 in serps for your keywords with the free platform. Making money online is all about experimenting and trying what best works for you.

    Hope this helps,

  5. Josh


    I just started reading your blogs and I am trying out your ideas in two niches to see if I can make this work.

    Two quick questions:
    1. For one of my niches there are a lot of forums on web sites relating to the same topic. Do you think that posting comments to the forums that include links back to my web page with good anchor text will generate “quality” backlinks? Or are forums somehow rated lower. It sees like an easy way to get back links from pages with relevant content without much effort.
    2. Typically, about how long does it take for changes (either in the content of my page or in the number of backlinks) to show up in the google results?

    Even if this doesn’t make a lot of money I have to admit it has been enjoyable reading.


    1. Josh

      Sorry Grizzly, meant to address the question to you but I’ve been reading the whole Jim thread and must had him stuck in my brain.

  6. Joomla Template Bear

    Hi Josh,
    I’ve done that before as well ;-) And I wouldn’t worry I’m sure Grizz won’t be offended. Sometimes the mind just starts to boggle after and and hours of reading and absorbing information.
    If your niche is perhaps something to do with your comment URL then I would say from a little experience that there are some big players in this niche to compete with, but it is also ENORMOUS, in that there are millions of searches per month on this and related topics.

    I setup a little site about a month ago on this topic (if I have guessed correctly) and I have taken it to about 100 per day from search engines in under 4 weeks – many many long tail searches. Have not even begun to rank for my main keyword phrase yet…
    Something that has really helped accelerate the growth is Connect Content which Griz blogged about on the other blog just before Xmas.
    I’ve written a little about my experience at:
    I’ll post an update shortly as well because things have accelerated somewhat since I wrote my little review.

    1. Josh

      Yes your are probably guessing correctly. I’m targeting a specific keyword subset, but I figured that the target audience was large and likely to spend a lot of time in front of a computer. Sort of like the exact opsitie of choosing the keywords “I never use computers”. The other area I chose is completely unrelated. Curious to see which does better.

      Thanks for the Connect Conent suggestion, but for now it seems like paying for a service somehow violates the integrety of the experiment. Of course I may change my mind if I can’t make much progress on my own;-)


  7. Joomla Template Bear

    Hey there Josh – you’ll need backlinks to make it work. Thats the crux of it. Email meand I’ll see what I can do as I have a couple of sites in this niche – btw I managed to get 8 backlinks through connect content for the site in question. And that was achieved in approx 1 month. That is why I’m seeing so much traction.

  8. Darren Chow

    Man, I’ve been here for hours. I literally stumbled on Griz’s make money blog on blogspot because I was bored and made a search in G for “make money online” to see who comes out first. It was years ago that I did that, so I thought it would be fun. Guess what, Griz’s blog came out tops! So I thought, “This had better not be some spammy blog”, and I clicked through to take a look.

    Then I went from post to post to post to post for the last 3 hours or so. There’s just so much great content, it’s unbelieveable!

    The title of this post didn’t really tell me much about what it’s about…until I read everything that Jim and Griz had to say. Again, very interesting, and great content.

    Bookmarked, and will definitely revisit!

    Darren Chow

  9. Chad Timms

    All I can say is I am happy people like you want to help others incuding myself out with the Make Money Online Niche. You must enjoy this or I am sure you would find something else to do with your time. Thanks for all the help you render.

  10. Michael-John Wolfe


    Thanks for all of your tips! I have a question for you – I am an actor with a lot of free time, so I have been researching ways to make money online for 3 years now. Most of the ways I have found to make money involve residual, royalty or supplemental income.

    Rather than try to compete with the big dogs (or bears!) with the term “make money online” – I decided to target “residual income” and “royalty income”. I have been posting daily. Can you give me your input on this?


    Michael-John Wolfe (acting website)

  11. Michael-John Wolfe

    Thanks Griz!

    I cannot believe you took the time to explain all of that to me. I truly appreciate it! What I am thinking about doing is increasing the keywords “make money online” in my posts and in my meta-tags and maybe adding that as a main focus to residuals and royalties. Do you think it will hurt me that the actual words “make money online” are not in the domain name? I don’t want to give up on this blog since it truly interests me, I saw your December adsense and honestly if I could get residuals and royalties to 1/4 those earnings – I’d be happy!

    Thank you for the tip on niches too! I plan on starting a few niches soon. I have found one niche with 4400 searched per month, high advertiser competetion and a $18.92 CPC payment – is this good?

    Later this week I’d like to do a blog posting on my site about you and your website – is this okay with you? (It will be all good stuff!)


    MJ Wolfe

  12. Joomla Template Bear

    Hi Michael,

    Grizz is a legend eh ;-) you can see now why we all miss him when he goes into hibernation.

    I just wanted to reinforce Grizz’s point about looking at other niches. Make Money Online is a tricky one because there are some seriously talented, and well connected, people working it – like Grizz ;-) And then you also have a bunch of talentless sods who have not got a clue about SEO who are also trying to work it (I don’t mean you BTW – but a large bunch of people people who target the niche socially rather than through search optimisation)… I guess you could say it fiercly competitive.

    Just a thought following on Grizz’s point about “shoes”, a friend of mine who is out of work in the film industry has setup a blog recently targeting some keywords related to the industry – terms the average Joe is not familiar with but do get searched for. Your mention of being an out of work actor made me think you probably have some knowledge of a field(s) that most of us do not.

    Food for thought.

  13. Michael-John Wolfe

    Hi and thanks for the input! Unfortunately, I am a newbie who “does’nt have a clue about SEO” – but I am trying to learn fast. I am going to stick with the MMO on that particular blog – but I will also pursue a few niches. (I have a lot of free time to write.)

    I did have one question for you or for Griz. I understand that when using the keyword analysis tool that I want a highly searched keyword and a high paying keyword, BUT should I target keywords with Very High advertiser competetion OR very low? I can’t quite figure out which would be best. You advice is greatly appreciated!

    Griz, I will let you know when I add this backlink – it will be soon!


    MJ Wolfe

  14. Michael-John Wolfe


    Now I just have to figure out how to get traffic!

    How can I tell if I can even get to the first page on a particular subject?

    I wish you taught a class! I would pay to attend it!

    I added a link to your website in my sidebar on my R&R blog.

    PS: I looked at some of your ads. ;) Who? What?


  15. Joomla Template Bear

    Start with some of the early posts on Griz’s other blog

    He covers all the basics there. Go back at least a year, it’s all good stuff. Once you have built your sites and done your basic on page SEO – title tags, etc You’ll want to start getting links. Grizz has more resources here on that as well. Keep reading and experimenting, you’ll get there.

    Reminder: try some other niche topics! MMO is competitive and hard, you’re up against people who really know their stuff.

    As an example niche I just did a quick keyword tool search on ‘Cowboy Boots’ (off the top of my head). The total worldwide searches for phrases that contained “cowboy + boots” in December was 1.2 million approx with an average of 800k per/m over past year.

    Quickly scanning through the other suggested keywords I see a whole lot of phrases that could be targeted – like “shoes cowboy boots” – 200,000 searches – but that can be a bit misleading – hit the dropdown top right of the results and choose “exact” to find how many people searched for that phrase exactly and NOT a phrase that contained those words.

    2400 using the ‘exact’ option – not huge but thats still getting close to 100 per day for ONE sub phrase you could target – we know there were over 1,000,000 searches in Dec so there must be a lot of other phrases out there as well.

    Now shoot over to Google proper and do a quick search for “shoes cowboy boots” – I like to search for the phrase with and without quotes. With quotes returns me just pages containing those exact words in that order- 49,000 of them – that’s actually not to bad.

    And quickly scanning the results I see the second result is for 3D clothes for a 3D model – this seems quite obscure and indicates to me that it can’t be fiercely competitive for something so obscure to be sitting in second place (that’s not guaranteed of course but at a glance it looks semi promising).

    Additionally I see a full whack of sponsored links down the right hand side of my G search and this tells me there is good advertiser competition for this term (yeah you can tell the other way as well but this is good reinforcement).

    So with a couple of posts on “shoes cowboy boots” and half a dozen backlinks I might be doing ok (or at least getting started).

    But, Google is never going to respect you for stopping there – from my experience I’d need to make a commitment to this niche and start posting on as many other phrases I could find – if I can identify 100 phrases containing ‘Cowboy Boots’ that each get 100+ searches per day and write a post on all of them that adss up to A LOT of traffic and the results for my efforts will be cumulative – Google will start to respect my site more and more for having so much content around this topic (and only this topic).

    And all the while I’m writing these posts I’ll also be seeking backlinks from my network of friends and other places.

    Whew! quite a bit of work eh? But hey! if you start pulling $100 per day passively from this site after a year i’d say it was well worth it. And it won’t be to hard going if you have a thing for Cowboy Boots ;-)

    Regarding links, I have been having very good experiences with ConnectContent at $12 per month, I put together a brief writeup over on my blog after I’d been using the network for one week, and I will post again shortly on my extraordinary experiences after 1 month:

    FYI (warning!) I have affiliate links nestled in my post but I really don’t mind if you use them or not. I’m pointing them out because anyone who is astute would notice them anyway and I don’t want it to detract from my endoresement of the ConnectContent network.

    Additionally, RT Cunningham who setup CC has been working extremely hard making the network hum – and not using my affiliate link will mean he does not have to give away any commission – He deserves this really ;-) But I’ll leave my links there as the odd signup also helps me out in these trying times.

    As I said RT who runs ConnectContent has been very proactive adding features and keeping everything running very smoothly. Two thumbs up.

    And the more people we get involved the more diversity of niche topics we will have (as long as everyone doesn’t target MMO!) and the more successful the network will be for all involved.

    However a quick last tip! – I strongly recommend anyone signing up with ConnectContent be prepared to write regularly on a number of topics – in my opinion you would want to have multiple sites on multiple niche topics and be willing to work hard to get the most out of it.

    And if you want to know how much you can get out of it? Try this on for size :-

    A new site I setup December 12th – has received 7 backlinks from CC in that time (I’ve give this many links to other people to earn those links). I’ve gleaned 2 links from other sources outside of CC. The site in question is now PageRank 4 after 5 weeks… Don’t know about anyone else here but I’ve never seen that happen this quickly. And I’m getting 60-100 visitors per day from search WHILE I’m still in the sandbox for my main keywords… all those visitors are from long long tails and I can’t wait until I can get out of this blasted sandpit, It’ll be awesome.


    Hope some of those suggestions help.

  16. Penny Gould

    Has anyone tried I joined and have been receiving many social bookmark exchanges and link exchanges. It’s a clearing house for people that want to exchange links. It’s free, there’s no affiliate program, and it seems to work well. Anyone try it yet?

  17. Joomla Template Bear

    Heya Penny,

    We discussed this ;-) and I have registered for an account – I have not really had any results yet but it could work out.

    The thing I like about ConnectContent – and maybe it’s main points of difference – is taht it’s basically driven by people who have followed Grizz’s blogs and the majority who are involved are working towards the same end and are reasonably clued up.

    Links from CC come from sites on related topics and are contained in a 150 word+ post. Because the network is relatively small and RT is managing it we avoid spammers and link exchanges where you might give a decent link and then get one back from someones links page that has 100′s of unrelated links. That’s my concern with Lava, that free could come with a price.

    Additionally the social traffic you mentioned – Grizz has covered some concerns on this – it does not typically convert well, possibly also lowering your adsense CPC because G sees it as low converting traffic – then you lose money on your search traffic as well.

    I realise Lava also lets you trade links and avoid the social stuff if you so desire – so there are options at least.

    I’m also interested in other peoples experiences here.

  18. Michael-John Wolfe

    Hi Griz!

    I posted a write up about you on my Residuals & Royalties blog — check it out at… (I also added two links to your sites.)

    Thanks again for all your tips – my traffic is growing quickly!

    Michael-John Wolfe

  19. Joomla Template Bear

    That’s very nice of you to review Griz’s sites.
    However, SEO 101 calls for linking of relevant anchor text – so to give Griz the maximum kickback you’d want to link the words “Make Money Online” to this site ;-) Wish I had fans like you. Feel free to review my site next.

  20. Michael-John Wolfe

    How do I make anchor text???

    Send me you website and I will give it a good review in a few weeks – as long as it is in the money making genre.


    Michael-John Wolfe

  21. Michael-John Wolfe

    Thanks Griz – I updated it – it is now an anchored link!

    Check it out at

    I really wish I could find someone who is good at the technical side of things like SEO, backlinks, adding plug ins and getting traffic to join up with me and make money.

    I am good at writing articles, keyword rich articles, layout of the website, making vlogs or videos, visual stuff, writing ezine articles — but my weakness is the technical stuff.

    I could create 50 blogs on tommorrow – but I am not sure that they would ever get seen!



  22. Joomla Template Bear

    Mr Wolfe,
    I would be interested in discussing this with you – email me info [at]
    Big Bear

  23. Michael-John Wolfe

    Hey Guys,

    Is Bidvertiser any good?

    I just added thier ads on the top and bottom of my Residuals & Royalties blog — will this affect adsense at all?

    Here is my blog:

    Does bidvertiser pay as good as adsense?

    BTW – I used ezine articles like you said and it is really working! I am getting more and more traffic – from each article I write!

    PLUS – people are spending an average of 4 minutes on my site! I bet your average is like 20 minute Griz, with all the reading there is to do here!


  24. Joomla Template Bear

    Have you found that earnings are greater when people spend more time on the site? Do you think that the 10 second bounce negatively affects earnings?
    The rare click on an ad at the bottom of the page seems to return higher earnings… Another hunch I have is that ads right in the middle of content, actually in between two blocks of text, seem to return the highest amount per click.
    Of course the ‘money spot’ gets so many more clicks than the other positions it still works out better overall just to run this spot. Perhaps this is your conclusion as well?
    Interested in your thoughts on this.

    @MJ I have had awful experiences with Bidvertiser and totally agree with Griz – The amount paid per click was lower than adsense, and the crap ads (due to the lack of decent inventory) meant few people wanted to click at all.

  25. Joomla Template Bear

    Thx that for that Griz ;-) That is the highest eCPM I have ever heard of. But I see how it adds up. $5 clicks on a 10% CTR… I have achieved a %10-15 CTR on some sites – however they are fairly low value keywords I have targeted so I don’t see anywhere near that eCPM.

    I did think I recalled a post of yours recently where you mentioned that you can tolerate some degree of social clicks before earnings drop, and that time on site was a factor? But maybe I was mistaken.

  26. Michael-John Wolfe

    Hi Griz and Joomla,

    I spent all morning making “Cliff Notes for Griz’s Make Money Blogging for Beginners” lessons and I added a few of my own ideas.

    (I hope you are flattered and not offended Griz – these cliff notes just make it easier, once I have read and followed all of your instructions and I want to repeat the process, I don’t have to search through loads of text.)

    You can see my Cliff Notes here:

    Ultimate Guide to Making Money Blogging

    Let me know what you think!


  27. Joomla Template Bear

    Hi MJ,

    Lots of good core parts of the process in that list – however the ordering is maybe a bit out, e.g. you don’t apply for the adsense account first – in fact Google will not typically give you an adsense account if you don’t already have a site with substantial content – in some cases they have been requiring the site also be a minimum of 6 months old.

    And there are a few things I would not bother with, like bidvertiser. Though as with most things I had to find that out for myself – I’m a curious bastard.

    It is a good list of reminders though – especially for beginners – points like “one post per page” etc.

  28. Michael-John Wolfe

    Adsense = removed from atop the list and brought down.

    Bidvertiser – Gone!

    Thanks for the tips! :)


  29. Joomla Template Bear

    I don’t want to start a flame war over Bidvertiser – possibly some people have had good results with it? I have not had success with it, and Griz points out the reasons above why Adsense is the clear winner.

    Maybe more what I meant is not just to cull Bidvertiser, but perhaps you could just reorganize “Get Ads and Affiliates on Your Blog” into “Get Adsense” and “Alternative Ad Providers”.

    This could be useful as there are situations where a backup ad network comes into play – there are people who have lost their adsense accounts for one reason or another, etc

    I guess it really comes down to whether this list is just useful reminders for yourself, or if you want it to be a list of things a newbie would work through and get some successful results at the end -

  30. Market Secrets Blogger

    If you want to make money then make money – if you want to be a writer be a writer…

    Do both of these with enough persistence and you will be a famous Blogger ;-)

  31. Internet Marketing Tips

    Hi Griz,

    Just wanted to drop you a quick note of thanks, since this post is about convincing a skeptic…

    I started a new blog about a month and a half ago in a non-MMO niche (something I should’ve done long ago). I’ve been reading your tutorials for quite a while and decided to implement your suggestions fully regarding on-page blog design (although I still haven’t figured out all your tweaks yet! :-) )and off-page linking.

    Well, I checked my main keyword phrase this evening, and there it was – my ‘ugly little blogger blog’ has cracked the first page of G at position #8. Yes, I’m jacked! In addition, I logged into G’s webmaster tool and saw that I’m actually ranking for 16 different keyword phrases, which is …. well, pretty cool indeed.

    The niche is food related and not nearly as competitive as MMO (1.9 mil listings for my main phrase without quotes), nor is the CPC setting any records, but the point is simply this …. your teachings and methods flat out WORK – no question about it. Now it’s just a matter of rinse and repeat for my additional blogs and sites moving forward.

    I can’t thank you enough for your clear-cut, straight to the point advice that you so freely share with us. I hope this clears up any doubt that new readers here may have as to whether or not this works – IT DOES.

    Best to you,

  32. Jim


    I see that you’ve gotten a lot of much mileage from my skepticism. Gee, I feel almost famous or should I say infamous.


  33. Joomla Template Bear

    Hi Jim,
    Griz gets a lot of mileage out of most of his articles. They’re not retreads, they are the genuine article ;-)
    I hope you found some of Griz’s points helpful and I sincerely hope you get more out of your adsense. Adsense sure can be a headache to get right, but once you make that bot think your content is valuable you will succeed.

    1. Jim




  34. Penny Gould

    Thanks Griz, I learn something new about ways to make money online every time I visit. I’ve read eye tracking studies, and know that the top left corner of the page is the #1 viewed spot, but I didn’t put 2 and 2 together with that. I have 14 websites and blogs, some monetized, and some do better than others. The ugly ones are the highest paying! And yup, the ads are top left! Without thinking too much about it I’ve developed some of my sites for readers, some for keyword shoppers! So, I’ll drop a tip in your tip jar, here’s where I have used a bit of my cyberspace to plug you: Charitable Fundraising Ideas

    Here’s to making money online with Adsense!

  35. Penny Gould

    Much appreciated! BTW, have you been getting any traffic from They’re cracking me up! It’s kind of random, but I’ll get little waves of visitors! Also, didn’t think about the comment that was made upstream about social links… I thought digg links were good links??

    1. Fiar | Conservative Political Humor

      Penny, if you’re talking about a BMD style approach, Digg, Propeller, and a few others will give you low quality FOLLOWED links, so in that respect they are good, but although the links may be good, the TRAFFIC that can result from it is not.

  36. Penny Gould | Travelosity

    Thanks Fiar, BTW, (by the way to those of you that don’t have a 12 year old going on 21 in the house) your site gave me a laugh out loud this morning before my first gallon of coffee! I loved your code of comment ethics, particularlily the part about “It is a brutal dictatorship where I rule with an iron fist.” So refreshingly honest! Do you want to be BFF? (Best Friends Forever, again, 12 year old not SEO!)Loved how you slipped your keywords next to your name, I’ll try that too!

    Help with acronyms anyone? BMD?

  37. Penny Gould \ Central Coast Real Estate

    OK, LOL, (laugh out loud)I’ll look up Book Marking Demon! Learn something new every day! Gotta run, making money online with adsense in a few minutes!

  38. Gennaro

    Reading this, I’d say that it’s better to have to blog for your niche. One to express you passion, be creative, and write for the sake of winning readers and social networking and another for purely profit. Build the second around AdSense and/or AdBrite. This way you can have your cake and eat it too. It bit more work, but less compromise.

  39. Make Money Online » Blog Archive » Making Money Online Is About Helping People

    [...] over at MakeMoneyOnlineGrizzly wrote a long blog post about making money online. He seems to be defending AdSense, but he had [...]

  40. Jim

    This skeptic is finally giving up. I’ve tried everything I can think of. I’ve followed Griz’s advice as well as plethora of others and after nearly 8 months not only can I not make any money with Adsense ($7.65), I can’t get any traffic. I average around 30 visitors a day… if I’m lucky.

    1. Penny @ Online Community College Courses

      Jim – aaahhhh I was in the same boat for almost 2 years – don’t give up, get smart!!!!! Here’s a magic bullet that brought me from 2 cents per click to over 2 dollars a click!!! First, I made a page for you to see the facts:
      If I give all the links of what to do next I’ll get stuck in Grizz’s spam filter, so just go check out what I’m trying to show you – don’t give up – you CAN make money online!!!

  41. Dash

    Hi Grizzly

    First off –

    You make sense.
    You write intelligently.
    Your information is top-notch.

    I don’t agree with:
    “If you are optimizing your site for the benefit of readers you will not do well with Adsense. You have to optimize your site for a machine (Google) and always remember that a machine is stupid compared to a human brain.”

    I optimise for both readers and machines. I have an overall 20% CTR and gain anywhere from 20c to $5.00 per click. I’d say the page that makes me the most gives me 50c clicks. That page also has a CTR between 40-45%

    I love writing a resource that gives people answers – and I optimise for them first – SEs second. And yeah, I make good money. I’m from Australia, but target the USA mostly.

    I’ve only been doing this for a year – but I love it. Anyone who says adsense doesn’t work just hasn’t applied enough thought to how they can make it work.

    I came across your sites today – and they are right on the money. You certainly know your stuff!

  42. Work at Home Business Online

    Hi Grizzly -

    Thanks for your insight into Adsense. I started 5 blogs specifically for adsense income a few months back… I was in a high ticket coaching program that promised us $200/day in 60 days. Well… to get there, they wanted us to have 40 blogs up within 60 days, w/ about 20 posts each… impossible for anyone that has to eat and sleep, let alone do anything else – in my experience anyway. I got 5 blogs up, and realized it took way too much time and effort for a few bucks in Adsense – I gave up.

    But your blog has inspired me to revisit the adsense blogs. I am now pretty good at SEO, and teach anyone in my downline about how to drive traffic to their sites… one of the techniques of course being the use of blogs and targeting different keywords.

    thanks again for the advice!

    Stacey Stanley

  43. Black Greeting Cards

    Hi Grizzly -

    Thanks for your great posts on using blogging and adsense. I came across your site via keyword academy, what a blessing you where. I read and read your blog for beginners. I was glued to the screen; with so much information I thought I may never see my bed for a few days. After finishing and recapping I printed out important parts, so I had them at hand while on the computer. These sheets or should I say small booklets have become my adsense blogging bibles. I am a newbie to mmo so bear with me.

    I have an online business and I have started using your keyword instructions for my blog, which is my name above. I changed my main title to use my keywords and started a section called articles to contain my keyword posts, however because of the theme of my website and blog I get to use my keyword a lot, which is cool. I have also started another blog on blogger based around recipes; because I need to understand everything you said and see if I understood correctly. Well it has been up for 3 weeks now and even though it’s not at serps 1, it is on page 2 which I thought was brilliant considering I did not have a clue before.

    Reading the comments on your posts are so insightful, those alone can take days to get through. Anyway the problem I was having once I saw your instructions work and the results I had seen is finding a niche. I understand there are many, for I now live in Google tools. The thing for me is I have in my head I either need to know a little about the niche or if not finding the motivation to get into the subject to write about it. After reading this post and many, many comments I came across a comment about cowboy boots and the results they mentioned and about the out of work actor who was told to do something in his field. That got me really thinking, I have been thinking of niches I could use then I thought I already know a niche, I was working init for 4 years. At that moment all the information came flooding back to me.

    Now I have a question, it may seem simple but I’m not sure where to go from here until I can get some help with them.

    question: I read in ur post to only use 3-4 blogs to 1 account to dominate a niche. I put my keyword in google tool and its searched for a lot, plus there are many variations using the keyword. My question is do I just use one that focuses on one area and write posts just around that Or do I create a blog which focus around the keyword in general. If I do the 1st then the blog will only have a few posts and I’m not sure that will be enough to get me and keep me in serps 1. From reading your beginner’s blog each post kind of bounces of each other and that’s how my niche would work. If I did it all in one blog it would probably have over 90 posts that’s using the good keyword long tails google has given me then additional posts like cleaning, buying, selling, etc which would relate to all the other posts.

    I hope you can put me right, I can’t wait to get started I just need a shove in the right direction.

    I look forward to your reply – sorry about the loooong post but I could not say what I wanted to say in a few lines.

    Great blogging and I look forward to your next posts.

    Have a great day


  44. Marko

    Is it true what some say, that Google will not give as much rank for a new site (with no significant traffic yet) with AdSense versus a site without AdSense.

    This is basically a question: “When is the right time to put AdSense on a site?” Right after publishing the site or after the site receives some decent traffic?

  45. ELC

    A well researched site, I’ll link to it from my site thanks

  46. Jim


    Because of the inspiration, encouragement and support from one of your commentors, Penny Gould, I’m back in the game with two sites. I’m ready to move forward with two more, but I want to use the two I have as a template formula for future sites with a few variation here and there.

    When you have the time, I’d appreciate it you’d take a look at the one URL I’ve left in your “Website” field for this comment section and give me your opinion.

    Signed, on my way to being a convinced skeptic.


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