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  1. Terry Didcott

    Hey Griz, nice blog!

    And if I’m not mistaken, that is a rather unique theme you have there – and it looks damn good!

    Here’s to the success of this new blog which I know is inevitable – maybe you’ll even knock that ugly blogger blog off top spot with it…


  2. Frank C

    Griz on an attractive WordPress theme blog. Say it ain’t so!

    Let me know the keywords you want to use here and I’ll put them in a post and on my rotating blogroll.

  3. DennisJr

    Best of Luck Grizz,
    However, I know realistically luck has very little to do with it. It will be fun watching you grow this blog. Have you prior experience with using wordpress on other sites you have? Just curious? I started messing around with it when I started blogging last Nov. As usual take care.


  4. Gotafish

    Thought I’d stop buy and say hi. Looks good so far. much better than that UGLY post I was stummbling through to find out that you had a new blog. HMM wordpress and your own domain what has the world come too.

  5. DennisJr


    Thanks, all is well.. spent a week in the hospital (siezures- first time in 5 years). I wont say anything about this blog until you “officially” announce it. However, I will add some content for your next “make money online blog”. LOL.. Let me know if you would like me to include this site when I do some BMD runs for my other sites. I use the software maybe once or twice a week. Well peace and quiet is over- time to make breakfast for the 5yr old.


  6. Steve McGrath

    Found you via Frank comment on

    The funny thing is that I noticed this morning that you were scrap in full for a post that point to my blog.

    For askimet, you need an API Key. You will need that for some plugin but just a few.

    You will also need Subscribe to thread plugin.

    A list of plugin that Vic uses from Jan 17, 2008:

    Some may not work with WP 2.5.1 or have new version for it

    Have fun with the new blog.
    P.S. Now have a new RSS feed to subscribe ;)

  7. Steve McGrath

    In Settings, Discussion – Comment moderation, you should put a number of links so that when your will get spammed, readers won’t see those comments.

    I theory, my comment above would had be held in moderation since I have 3 links in it.

  8. Fred

    Welcome to the WordPress world Grizz. I am really looking forward to reading more of your posts. If there is anything I can do to help with the launch of this new blog, please just send me an email.


  9. Terry

    Well, you’re indexed now. I wonder why it took so long? My guess is its because its a new domain rather than the WP platform. Where Google may index new blogger blogs with in links faster it probably waits a little with new domains just in case its a sqammer.

  10. Frank C

    Feedburner should work OK with 2.5 WP. I haven’t heard any complaints about it not working.

    Statcounter should work, just put in the the footer. I use Google Analytics and Hittail on OpTempo so it should be about the same. Make sure the end of the footer.php file looks something like this:

    ...your tracking scripts here...

    I hope that formats right!

    The wp_footer section is important for some tracking to work right for some reason.

    The author link should go to the author archive page. If that’s not working then that could indicate a problem in the theme’s code that would need to be corrected. I’ve ran into problems like this with some other themes that required roll-up-the-sleeves programming to fix.

  11. Frank C

    Let me try that code again:

    <?php wp_footer();?>

  12. Frank C

    That’s why I like Court’s themes, he (or the Indian he hired?) has already done most of the futzing around with the code. The nice thing about Blogger templates is that they’re one page and pretty straight forward. WP is a dozen or more separate pages but much more flexible. It’s a trade off.

    I’ve been seeing good rankings, ie first page in my data center, about 75-80% of the time for targeted keywords. For example, I’m showing up #9 for ‘Bill Engvall Dork Fish’ right now in my DC and I just did that post this morning.

    Of course, it depends a lot on the competition. Some keywords/products I’ve targeted have old, long established, sites controlling the first page. Plus there is always eBay, YouTube and Wikipedia to contend with. However, putting an additional long tail like ‘review’ or ‘how to’ will help it rank that way. I would say that right now I’m about 10-20% MMO posts and 80-90% general review posts on OpTempo.

  13. Vic

    Buddy welcome to the WP world LMAO!!! Now please let me know what term you will be working to the root to get it on the side bar. Frank I also need what term in the “MMO” you are working for Optempo to get it there also like Grizz said would eb cool for all of us in the group to dominate first page in the “MMO” arena LMOA!!!


  14. Sunshine

    Hi Griz,

    Nice theme and blog you have here. Looking forward to hanging out and learning some great info from your new second home here:)

  15. Mrinal Bose

    So you’re here! I had been looking for you for a while. Why did you leave your “ugly” blog? Actually, I learnt quite a few things from that blog, and I loved it. Anyway, I’ll be visiting this site from now on. Thanks.

  16. Terry

    Griz, I’ll look at the code in the author.php file and figure it.

    You can copy/paste the statcounter code straight into the footer.php file which you can edit throught the design/theme panels, or email it to me and I’ll add it via ftp.

    Adding ad code blocks into the sidebar is the same – just make sure you add them above the bit of code that mentions widgets!

    Yep, I’ve got a backup of all the files, just don’t go deleting any lines of php!

    BTW maybe you’ve already spotted it but when you post, below the text box is a tab for All-in-One-SEO-Pack – you can add keywords to that as well as tags for extra on-site SEO.

    WP is extremely flexible, although the WP bods haven’t quite figured out how to get it to make your coffee yet….

  17. Terry

    Deep breath… Ok, statcounter. First you need to enable the plugin (if I didn’t already do it) from the plugins tab.

    Then go to “Settings” and click the “Statcounter” tab. There it gives you step by step instructions in what to add to the three fields below. This info you get from statcounter itself when you create the new project – its fiddley I know but saves pasting code into footers.

    Feedburner. Again, activate the plugin if I didn’t do it. Then all you need to do is go to Settings/Feedburner and add the “” url you get from feedburner into the box. That’s a nice simple one!

    Mybloglog code – mmmm, I’ve always copied/pasted the code from mybloglog straight into the sidebar as is. You can add that at the bottom of the sidebar code after the widgets if you want it out of the way.

    PS: That php file is nasty…

  18. Terry

    PPS: Fixed the php…


  19. Ami

    Good job with your new make money online WP blog.
    As with your Make Money Online blogspot, nuggets are also in the comments. Can you add an rss feed for ‘subscribe to comments’ please?

  20. Bruce

    Hi Grizz,
    First time commenting on your site. Guess I needed to feel at home on a WP blog..though I’ve read everything on your blooger site and of course am still learning how to implement it all. I’m one of Vic’s students if you will – on his tv channel and unleashed site. I need to once again thank you guys and Court,Jason and Frank (luv that comment luv post builder). I’ve been online since 93 and making web sites since 95 but find that I’m still a total newbie when it comes to $$. Starting slowly but really enjoying it – and working it every day.

    - I think you’ll love WordPress!

    Bookshop Bruce

  21. Vinny Lingo

    Congratulations on the new site. Best of luck in the land of the self-hosted.

  22. Chanya

    Hey Griz: love the site and welcome to the world of WordPress. When I made the transition from Blogger to WP it was quite the learning experience. Looks like you’ve got folks with experience that can help – goodness knows you’ve helped us countless times!

  23. Terry

    Hi Griz,

    Yep, blues gig this evening and a wonderful diversion from the computer!

    Sorry about the feedburner/statcounter thing – its one of those situations that would have been easier had I been sitting next to you as you did it. Problem is the world isn’t quite small enough yet! Even trying to fix problems over the phone is not always easy – one of the chores I used to have to do many moons ago in a faraway life…

    I’d love to be able to explain that statcounter thing as I’ve set it up on some of my WP blogs and remember what a pain it was to figure it out in the beginning.

    As for putting in the social bookmarks after each post – I know where that goes (in a general sense – this template may be slightly different but the basics are the same) and it will have to go into more than one file – certainly the index.php and probably single.php and page.php too. I’ll have to look. If you email me the code, I can enter it for you.

    I have other ideas that I’ll email you with…

  24. Justin Briggs

    Good to see you switching over to WP Grizz!
    Its a lot of fun =)
    I’m excited to see you repeat your success on this blog. If you need any help with programming or anything, let me know. I’m not great, but more than comfortable with hacking up WP plugins and php.

    I’ll throw you a link from my blogs.

  25. Frank C


    It’s really up in the air as to how Google treats WP comment sections and the links in them. On OpTempo I’ve seen comments bring in brand new long tails I didn’t have in the original article. For example, my Sarah Jessica Parker article still brings in a bunch of ‘horsey’ long tail searches.

  26. Chanya


    Yes, I just started making a little money with Adsense on one of my niche sites. I’m now working to build up my other sites.

    It’s funny – earlier today I re-read your great post on Adsense Smart Pricing at your other site. Not because I think I’m smart priced but because I was considering putting Adsense on another of my new sites and wanted to know what to look for if I got smart priced. Thank goodness I reviewed your article. One mistake I’ve made in the past was slapping Adsense up on sites before the traffic was there. Or putting Adsense up on a site that didn’t have keyword focused content. Your article reminded me of that. I should probably print that article and put it on my refrigerator!

  27. Wayne

    Griz on WordPress, that’s too cool. Looking forward to more great stuff!

  28. Costa

    Hi Grizz,

    Wow, you are real secretive about this new blog. LOL! Glad I caught the link on Justin’s blog else I will be still in the dark. :-)

    As you can see, I used my “old” blog link here. It’s an old blog of mine catering for audiences in my country so I don’t publicise it much outside the region as the articles there are quite meaningless to people who do not know what is happening in the country.

    Practising SEO is kind of limited in my area as what the SERPs shows over here are not what most will see, so we always gets the the wrong impression about our rankings. LOL.

    Anyway, based what I have learned from you, I started an experiment a couple of months ago to see how that nonsensicle blog of mine, which has Page Rank taken away by big G for writing paid posts back when this was the fastest way to make some money, can rank on the term “Make Money” in my region.

    I concluded the experiment today with a post I just did before catching this link and coming here.

    And people, I personally endorse what Grizz has taught. It worked real well for me.

  29. Vic

    Grizz yes they do get read and if you are using the all in one plugin it creates a markov including the related comments plugin. Please if you need hep instaling both let me know all I would need is to ftp in and it takes me like 5 minutes to make the changes in your theme and you activate the plugins. Below are ht eplugins I suggest if not using them already. All In One SEO Nested Comments Similar Post

    Grizz I am resting most of the day in bed right now but I check emails and BZ and BU at least once a day so please if I can help in something just shoot me an email.

  30. Rhonda Holland

    I really like your theme Griz, it suits you.

  31. Diane

    I also found out about your new blog over at BU TV. It is comforting to know that sometimes one of those Ustreamers is actually you, Griz! Welcome to WP.

  32. Rhys

    Hi Griz!

    Welcome to WPWorld, there are some challenges, but lots of rewards.

    Can we infer from your Domain name that G can separate out(and use) the keywords in the name, without hyphens? Humans often can’t, and I feel not using hyphens leads to confusion.

    I saw a comment recently (Justin I think) that said hyphenated domains look Spammy?

    Hope this new site exceeds your expectations – Your readers will certainly be wishing so!

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