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166 responses to “Show and Tell – The Money Shots”

  1. Patrick

    And this is why Griz rocks the house.

    Somehow you can write a lengthy post that you probably meant to be fluff but it is chock full of value nonetheless. Your conversational tone in your writing is actually extremely good, but I did not realize this at first.

    I have already read all of your material and I’m ready to devour more. Actually, you’ve already given all your secrets away but it is so inspiring to hear you retell how to do it, over and over again.

    It’s all about firing off more synapses in your reader’s brains, and this is the kind of post that lights them up. And that is why you rock the house, Griz! Thanks again for the motivation.

    1. Brad

      I love your ideas here, but I am new to the blogosphere. Do you have any good resources for beginners? Insight on how to build backlinks? Anything to get me off the ground would be AWESOME!!


  2. Internet Marketing Online

    Again, I nice post that I had to read to the end.

    Btw, how to make money online is not number one in Canada …yet. ;)

  3. Jimmy

    Great post as usual and definitely inspiring to know what can be done.

    When it comes to building backlinks, what methods do you recommend for someone who is new and doesn’t have the infrastructure or relationships built yet?

    My first few adsense sites are just starting to make a couple dollars and any tips on building up those anchored links would be great.


  4. Don

    Having one of those days Grizz if you know what I mean , then I heard that email bell that meant I had mail, from your site. It wasn’t a very productive evening so I zoomed on over and lo and behold got inspired. Flagship blogs are slave drivers, and you are right they don’t get you paid relative to the time and work they consume. Now that Im all inspired I’m off to get links

  5. Pet Doctor

    Great post again Griz. I’m one of those social people that isn’t smart enough to run away from your MMO for beginners blog. Quite the opposite really. It sits with this site in my RSS reader so when ever you do post I can go back to banging my head on what you post and continue to try and make it work for me. Luckily, none of my sites are social in nature so they enjoy a decent CTR. One of them has days that are high enough (percentage wise) that I worry that Google will notice.

    I’ve just started a couple sites recently and have forced myself to go back through all you tuts (even the beginner ones) and start from square one. Hell, I even took some of your template ideas from the beginner site. =)

    This is probably enough rambling though. I just wanted to say thanks for all the fish.


  6. Your Finish Rich Plan

    This is exactly why I have a love/hate relationship with Grizz, lol…

    I love the guy for breaking things down for us noobs and making them simple and easily digestible.

    I hate him for making me look like a total idiot for not being able to take this thing and run with it! LMAO

    Thanks for the continued enlightened guidance :)

    I’ll get it some day ;)

  7. DennisJr

    Wow.. I just happen to check if you responded to my email to see you put up a post.. Great..

    “I see the queries in my stats all the time though – people trying to track my adsense publisher number, my name, IP etc. (You are wasting your time. I am 4 completely different people online and never will the four meet.)”

    LMAO…Fine Griz.. I’ll stop trying to figure it out. always assumed you looked at your stats for such queries.However, I have learned quite a bit from looking at how you do stuff.
    How long did it take you to figure out how to efficently get back links??



  8. used cars sioux city ia

    You are the wind beneath my wings. Thank you!

  9. Milkman

    Four completely different people… Interesting. Is that something that just developed over time or did you plan it that way from the beginning?

    By the way, your posts always uplift my spirits–especially this one!

  10. zania

    Another great post Griz and it’s good to find someone else who is more than one person online, even by IP, lol!

    Strangely, I have never thought to track you, but then I guessed you would have that well covered.

    And I still read Caroline Middlebrook and wish she would ‘get it’. All that talent going to waste is a shame really…

    By the way, the simplest way to post a big picture is to upload the original to your domain on your hosting account, grab the link you get and then link to it from your smaller picture. I do it all the time on my adult blogs :)

  11. Carla

    Hi Griz,

    Just wanted to pop in and say thanks.

    As you know, because of your advice I’ve been generating pretty good traffic on a variety of Web properties for almost a year. Monetization was another matter, though, until two months ago when I found a system that works for the type of Web content I like to develop. As a result I’m finally making significant money! You would laugh if you saw the bass-ackwards way I’m doing it, because it goes against conventional wisdom on several fronts. But it works, so that’s all that matters.

    Anyway, thanks again for all your help.

  12. Bruce

    I just made a long question/post in the Traffic is Supreme section of the Acedemy.

    Thanks and sorry. :)

  13. Andy

    Thanks for the great post. I had seen a refernce to you a few weeks ago in Caroline’s blog but didn’t know how to find you. I found the link in Court’s blog and here I am blown away. I really appreciate the down to earth way you blog. I am really learning a lot from you guys and hopefully I can play it forward later on.
    Thanks again

  14. Costa Likes Doing Business Online

    Let’s see if Mr. Akisment still hates me. LOL.

    Looks like Adsense is still the best way to go huh? For all my effort to rank for the term, I only manage to sell 6 copies of the 7 dollar script last month, but it’s a term with minimum searches monthly, so what the heck. LOL.

    Still searching for that elusive killer keyword so I can stick some related products into my blog. In the meantime, I think I’ll have my daughter apply for an Adsense account from her office computer. I got no luck so far, trying to get back in.

    Great stuff as usual mate. Turned me into “The Hulk”. All green with envy. :-)

  15. Frank C

    On the screen shot thing, if you’re using WordPress 2.6.x you should be able to select the option to show a medium size thumbnail and it will add the link for you. Or, you can do what I do, type in the HTML directly. :)

    I’ve asked this before but I think it would add to the discussion. You said that your top 7 blogs make $20K a month on Adsense. That’s out of how many total monetized blogs? I think it’s important for people to know that it is a numbers game.

    Another funny thing about search traffic is how consistent it is. My VB.NET programming blog hasn’t been updated in a year but the traffic is at the same level or slightly higher than when I stopped posting to it. It’s not a big money making niche, techies love to block ads, but it makes well over Vic’s proverbial $1 a day. My posting on OpTempo has been sporadic too but there will be at least 800-1000 people through there on a given day looking for all sorts of stuff. But, you hear the social bloggers say time after time that if you don’t post every day you won’t get traffic.

  16. Oregon Coast Hotel

    Busy at the Academy, long post’s…. I’m not complaining Griz i love the teaching..but are you seriously snowed in already?



  17. Philip

    Hello Griz,

    I think this blog is really getting uglier by the day that I was hoping to click on some ads to escape. (LOL!) Too bad I am a regular reader and there is no ads to click even if I wanted to.

    I remembered reading from your Blogger site that you have about 200+ sites but only 25 of them are adsense. I was wondering if you could share with us how you make money with the other sites.

    Is the earning from non-adsense site coming any close to your adsense-site?

  18. Fred Chan

    You have 200+ sites and I only have 2 working sites although I have 4 other domain names registered and 8 blogger name registered. I can’t seems to find the time to update all the sites. I update my sites like once a week as I have a full time office job. I get on average about $1 every two days from adsense for these two sites.

    How often do you update the 200+ sites. I noticed you only update your MMO blogger sites and this site …like once or twice a month….I know because I subscribe to your RSS.
    If you don’t update the other sites that often, on average how many posts for each sites do you have in order to maintain G to continue sending traffic to them.

  19. Simonne

    Speaking of how easy it is to use Blogger, compared to WordPress, it just depends on what you came across first. I’ve spent an unbelievable half an hour only to figure out how to insert an AdSense block above the post title on a blogger blog, thing which would have taken me a couple of minutes with WordPress.
    After I did it the hard way, I remembered you might have written that on your blogs for beginners :)

    Regarding posting frequency, I also have sites which I don’t touch for months, while then traffic and the earnings remain at the same level. Sometimes, I’m even afraid to post more, because I fear I might ruin my rankings if I add something.

  20. Chic Nicola

    Hey Grizz, Great post – your writing always inspires me to

    1. get backlinks
    2. live in Canada – getting snowed in sounds great fun.

    BTW, I love digging through people’s sites and backlinks, etc – I learn a lopt more from seeing what people do than reading about what people do.

  21. Chic Nicola

    Me again.

    How long would you saw (approx) you spend on your sites in total every month?

  22. Paul

    … and Grizz strikes again! You are truly a PRO.

  23. Australia News

    WTF I hadn’t heard that earnings were lower at the start of the month: I had noticed that tail off at the end. But so far this month has been fantastic and before that last month was 50% increase off my baseline which Ive had a for a few months now. So this month is looking GOOD!
    Seeing you seem to be in total exposure mode: how long did take you to start make more than say the minimum wage in this game? I know its not a contest but I am curious – I think a lot of people give up just before its about to work for them. I know I nearly did – I haven’t made my income goals yet, far from it, but I feel so excited to seeing the passive income figures keep on doubling and I know the maths behind the story about the old man just wanting 1 grain of rice of the first chest board square, 2 grains on the 2nd etc

  24. DennisJr

    1st, congratulations on pushing your blog to number 1 on G for MMO. I must say I loosely threw down the gauntlet months ago about VIC getting to the top quickly using his linking methods, where as, it took you a year building it from scratch. You not only explained how he made it to the top you showed me/us with a new blog and how friends can help you. Thanks for proving your statement.

    “And yes bookmark links don’t appear to have much juice.”

    Your statement above..Is this in reference to PR, or legitimacy of the anchored links from these bookmarking sites? I ask because I just started really concentrating on links and wonder how long it typically takes for links to show up? For instance, I exchanged links from different blogs with some people here and verified the link was posted on their blog but it still has not shown up using SEO Elite. I also wanted to say thank you for answering my question about the link to your blog I was looking at. This gives me a good idea of what BS & LV offer when I get to a level where I may want to consider something like this.

  25. Venkat

    Oh Griz,

    Okay let me take a long breath…wait a minute my mind is not working… will be back soon.

  26. gotafish

    What you mean that people can look at your site and track backlinks?, lol Hey just so you know some of us that research your sites aren’t doing it to find your other networks. Being a network analyst I get off researching crap like that :)
    Great post as always.

  27. roger

    Another nice post Grizz.

    Just feel like a fly on the wall. No questions. Just enjoying like the way I enjoyed my recent symphony.

    Want to say hi.

  28. Christine

    I was one of those trying to figure out your blog network and find your other sites. Sorry. :) I figured you’d be too smart to leave any trails connecting them, but I tried anyway.

    Do I have to post handwritten stuff to my money blogs? I’d rather use blog content wizard. Right now I use it for farm blogs. My microphone jack went dead on my laptop so I can’t use Dragon Naturally Speaking anymore, and typing by hand takes so long!

    So Bookmarking Demon would be a waste of money if bookmarks don’t pass much juice?

    Does BS work again or should we stay away from those paid blog networks?

  29. Carl

    To get the image magnification of blogspot:

    1. Upload an image of the size you want
    2. Set the width and heigh parameters in the img tag so the image fits in your theme.
    3. Surround the image tag with an a tag with the image URL as the href.

    This is not optimal, since users will still be downloading the bigger image when they pull up the page. If you are concerned about download speed, then you need two version of the image.

    But the key points are:
    1.That you can shrink the display size of an image by setting parameters in the img tag. If you just set the width, the height will scale proportionately.
    2. A browser can display an image by itself with no surrounding html. The image itself can be the href.

    Now, I am assuming you have sufficient manual control in WordPress to do these things. I don’t do WordPress, so I’m in the dark there.

  30. Bob Soap Design

    I consider myself lucky and overwhelmed at the same time. Griz blessed us with not just one, but TWO posts in a single week! Plus, you were early. Hence my late comment. I hardly find the time to check on my feed reader lately, but Sundays I do – only to see today that I’m a few days late.

    You know what that means Griz. You have utterly disrupted my daily routine. From now on, I will have to check my feed reader every other day.

    Great post. You make some valid points about updating. One of my most successful blogs is updated about once every 6 to 8 weeks, and I have steadily been seeing an increase in search engine visitors vs. social traffic. I am working to still improve that ratio though; and I have yet to find the best post format for it – short features or long and rambling ones. The advantage of the latter is obvious; it’s what you practice after all. And we can see that it works :)

    On another note, I’d like to add my two cents to getting backlinks. For me, I see two possible avenues; it is the combination of the two which varies for each niche. If it is a niche that has social potential, then the links will follow automatically by the people who feature you, who vote for you on social network and media sites, etc. The more social potential your niche has, and the more you make the post buzzworthy, the more natural backlinks will be thrown your way – not always optimized, but often enough, they link to you with the title as the anchor text.

    It is a crux: write great posts and get backlinks automatically – takes more time to write the post, and less time building backlinks yourself. Write not so good posts and just focus on the keywords – you will need less time to write it but you will need to invest more time in getting backlinks.

    I have yet to find the right balance.

    Keep it up Griz, and sorry – my comment turned out longer than I had meant it to be :)

  31. Stephen

    Hi Grizz,

    Really, you can never feel guilty in the least for ‘subjecting’ ;) all of us regulars to these kinds of refresher posts for the sake of any new readers you may have arriving here that might truly benefit from your words (I really believe that many newly arrived readers would not make the effort to search your archives for this info).

    My condolences on your loss, BTW: the Bluebomers had a chance to beat the Eskimoes this past Saturday but just fell short. How about my Lions, eh? At least you still have the Jets – oh wait, never mind, sorry . ;)

    Speaking of your MMO blog archives, I was digging through them to find a brief discussion you had about the percentages /rates of pay for adsense on a publisher’s site vs the google search engine (ie the payout is less for an ad on your blog than an equally ranking ad on the google search engine’s right hand column).

    My follow up to this: if I am ranking in the top three on yahoo for my keyword should I expect anywhere near the same payout for my adsense ads as I would for ranking in the top three on google for the same keyword?

    I ask this because I have a blogger blog that is around seven months old and has been sandboxed for about the last six weeks;it was starting to really rank well for a few keywords (ie top half of page one)and making a few bucks a day before it got hit. Well, a few days ago I woke up to find that my blog now ranks solidly at number three on Yahoo for an even better keyword (better as in I never broke page 10 for it on google!)and is getting the traffic you would expect from it. However the adsense PPC is nowhere near what I would expect for it compared to what Google’s own keyword tool says it should be. I pulled adsense off my other site to see if it is just smart pricing but I am skeptical at this point.

    Any insight you can offer on this would be greatly appreciated Grizzly.



    PS. GO LIONS!!!

  32. Cath Lawson

    Hi Griz – this is awesome info. LMAO at the illiterate foodmonger.

    Earlier on, I made the stupid mistake of not caring about search engine rankings, because the A listers were telling me titles mattered. But as you say – you don’t get readers who will click your ads by writing cool titles. So the last few months I’ve been focusing on getting more Google traffic.

    Steve Pavlina recently mentioned content being more important than SEO. But the first few times I came across his blog was through doing Google searches.

  33. Can You Earn Money Online From Social Traffic | Home Based Business

    [...] of time. He, like all other Internet Marketers is obsessed with keywords and backlinks so he can make fast money online. The weird thing is, somehow, even writing most of the time with Search traffic in mind, he has [...]

  34. Grass Synthetic

    Another terrific opportunity to get my regular dose of Griz, and another opportunity to get a crappy link by telling you what a fantastic post you’ve submitted. Hmmm, hope that wasn’t too obvious.

    In all seriousness, this couldn’t come at a better time because a chunk of my sites have suddenly dipped significantly down the SERPs. A bit depressing, really with earnings dipping too. It’s a reminder to keep working on the backlinks, even when things seem to be travelling smoothly.


  35. Luxury Wristwatch Aficionado

    You’re full of it, Griz. This is not only entertaining and informative, it is also PRETTY!!! ;)
    Dave Bean

  36. Data Entry Services

    Am I missing something? Where are your Google Adsense ads on this page?

  37. roger

    data entry services,
    Grizz still hasn’t put the adsense in this blog yet.
    Once he get more search traffic than the people like us LOL, which will avoid the smart pricing he is ready for that. He is already ranking for several of his money keywords.

    Read not just the posts but also comments. The adsense snapshots are from another blog of his NOT this one.

  38. roger

    you just got in before me Grizz.

  39. Is Content King

    Hi Griz,

    Do you follow the rule of writing lengthy posts even for your niche blogs. I am struggling to do it. When I am targeting not-so-competitive keywords, it is really difficult to write lengthy posts because of the limited material available.


  40. Carl

    OK, I just tried copying and pasting the above into Notepad and it did the right thing. The code above displays one of your images above, but shrunk down to a width of 300. If you click on the image, then you get the full size version by itself, same as blogger.

    For your situation change 300 to whatever width you desire to fit in your template, and make the image it points to the size you need.

  41. Freelance Writing Online

    Thanks for all the great info, Grizz. I’m slowly trying to shift over from the freelance writing, paid per assignment, model to what you’re teaching, and your lessons are invaluable. I’m up to $30 a month on a couple of blogs and some Hubpages, and it’s going up every month without much time to spend on it, so I must slowly be doing something right :) Thanks for all the great advice, I was amazed at the difference a few good backlinks could make once I finally figured out what you were saying about anchor text. Many thanks :)

  42. Mark

    Somebody told me investing is a good niche but I haven’t gotten any consistent frequently searched keywords that bring in any steady traffic. What free and pay keyword tools do you recommend? I think I could do a lot with stock in my title but I don’t know any keywords with around a mil competititors to target. If you had any suggestions on this or just what keyword program to use I’d be real grateful. thanks for the transparency to

  43. Cath Lawson

    Cheers Griz – I’ll check out that Credit Card post. You have a heap more useful info on here than any of the so called A listers have.

  44. The Computer Lady

    Thanks a bunch Griz! You made my night. I have been agonizing over why Blogger is so bad since all I read is that WordPress is the only blog system you should have if you want a professional site.

    I like Blogger better because you can drag things around and I like the Dashboard better than WP. I had 2 of my sites on WP and I hated the fact that you couldn’t do CTRL + A to select the text or code you had in a Widget to delete or change. And you couldn’t easily move them around.

    Yes, WP has some really great plug-ins you can’t get on Blogger and cool designs but maybe someone will start making those for blogger as well.

    I am so thankful I found your site. I’ve been reading it for awhile. Oh, and I tested out what you wrote about concerning the American Idol blog you setup. It worked. I did that for a certain popular topic I wrote about and ranked under the “professional” site with my “crappy” blogger blog and it drove traffic to my main site for the duration of the trend. It was amazing to see.

    Now I’ve got to go back and read how you are doing all of these backlinks. I figure it must be you linking from one site to another that you own but I will figure it out eventually.

    Oh, just wondering, do they have stores in the Canadian wilderness that you can spend all of that money on :)

    1. lissie

      Computer Lady – couldn’t resist – check out my link -its a blogger blog with a cool design! Not mine if you follow the footer link you will find the designs author. I’d never use the layout for Adsense but I like if for a flagshipish type – whatever it is blog!

  45. Alan Liew

    Hi Griz,

    Thanks for mentioning my blog.

    Reading at your earning report and your screenshots, they are really impressive.

    And the SEO technique you are using, it is outstanding. You were able to consistently build links to increase the keywords that your blog ranks for in search engines. That is really powerful technique you have used. Most people only think about getting a few popular keywords ranked in Google, then stop it when they achieved that.

    And perhaps now it is time to make yourself popular.

  46. April

    “This site will be making the same kind of money as the other MMO blog but in a quarter of the time. And then I will build another site and do it all over again.”

    When you hit upon a niche that is bringing you in good money, do you replicate the whole process for your 3 other personas? I mean, if you’re going to have competitors, it might as well be yourself!

  47. Mike

    Hey Griz,

    I’m looking to start making some money online. I would really like to know how to do this. I have read this site and one other, but still don’t know where to get started or how. It would be greatly appreciated if you could help me out with this. Thanks in advance.



  48. Kurt

    I just found this website and absolutely love it! The tips you list here could really be found in Ebooks worth hundreds of dollars. Keep up the great work!

    1. Internet Marketing Online

      Griz has his own method, I have mine and you will have yours too.

      Since you mentioned ebooks, yesterday, I updated my own ebook to version 3.0. I only sell it $3(not hundreds, not greedy), giving free updates and give 100% commission on the resell. I used See Free Movies Legally (and make money too) for title. I’m sure Griz would sell a lot because he has his method to get backlinks.

      Read Griz and you will learn.


      Now, if you could write your future famous ebook on Adsense …Here are titles for you:

      “Take a Byte From Adsense”
      “Your Paw In The Adsense Honey Pot”

      1. Fiar | Conservative Humor & Satire

        No. It would probably be called “Make Money with Adsense.” The book title would capture the essence of Adsense blogs. But then you would dig into it and find out you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s title, because while it will tell you how to make money with adsense, it will also be riotously entertaining.

  49. The Computer Lady

    Hey Griz,

    Just had to follow up. Hope you get this.

    I wanted to let you know that I created a blog 3 days ago (11/10/08) and today (11/13/08) it came up #6 on Google and I started getting hits on it from Google.

    That truly amazed me and it is all because of you and your advice. I have been piecing together what you have been saying and it finally clicked in my mind.

    Now I’m off to reproduce it with more keywords :)

    Oh, and I am already on your page to exchange links and have done so with many good “Griz people” who stop by here.

    I am up for more link exchanges if anyone wants to work with me.

    Just click on my website link above and you will find my email contact.

    I have sites on cooking/recipes, technology, blogging, winning prizes, and free stuff/coupons. Most are PR2 or PR3.


  50. Jayden Fellze

    Well, I am ready to devote more time to be a success with Adsense, but somehow unable to come to terms with it, meaning, though I am trying hard to hit upon the right words, they dont generate traffic and as a result my earnings are quite low. I will try to follow your method and see if I succeed.

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