100 responses to “Total Traffic Annihilation Fake Reviews”

  1. JL Palmetto

    Wow, way cool, Griz.

    Not nice to see the IM yada yada, but it is nice as ever to see you roaring forth on the noble white horse of truth.

    Rock on!


  2. Trent

    What a pleasant surprise to see this blog updated! And a great post as always. It’s good to have you back around on these new (and old) blogs of yours. You have been missed. I will add this blog to my ever growing list of those to write guest posts for that I never get around to doing. Anyway, stick around this time. Your faithful followers don’t like going months without any word from you.

  3. JL Palmetto

    Well, probably better to do it in the Winter than when the golf course is green! LOL!

  4. RED

    Hey Griz, are you going to touch on what happened with the old blogspot blog? I’ve read alot of people saying that you were testing something. I’m assuming from this post that you no longer want to use a free platform for your “stuff” as they aren’t reliable and you moved it to a website you have full control over? Do you plan on ranking for the keyword “make money online” again?

    Also, I have one quick question. “What would Grizzly do…” if he had made it to postion 51 for a 2 word competitive keyword in google’s serps after a year and a half of work. I’m kind of at a loss right now. The highest i’ve made it was to position 22 then a month later it dropped 20 spots or so and I’ve been fighting two or three spot increases and decreases since.

  5. Simonne

    I’ll never understand this golf! You hit the ball once, then spend most of your time going to see where it landed… well, it’s kinda like IM – you set up a website, but you have no idea if it’s going to land in the gold pot. Table tennis is much better in my view – you know what you’ve done and get your reward (if any) almost instantly.

    Nice to see you writing again, Griz! If I manage to write something worth of getting published here, I’ll send it to you.

  6. RED

    Grizz, should I email you using your the mts.net email?

  7. Joomlabear

    Grizz, It’s funny you mention table tennis – It’s a great game, and believe it or not Simonne has actually challenged me to match when we get to Romania.

    It’s great to see you back – I didn’t realise it was client work, thought you were busy playing golf!

  8. Strathy

    Hey Griz,

    Cool review. Would love to see some SBI wrath again … that was fun. Ah, the memories. Too bad Lis is on holidays or we could get her rolling on it too. lol.

    Any chance you are going to expound on your “client work?” Would love to hear what your are doing as a way of diversifying your income.

  9. Naija

    It is nice to know that you are passionate about the noobs IM. Thanks for taking time and effort to educate those willing to learn. I would have been rip off some years ago, but your articles opened my eye. Keep up the good works. Cheers.

  10. JamestheJust

    Have to agree with your take on the pop ups/unders/overs/pop tarts – my goodness, that’s not marketing, that’s just obnoxious. It’s like using a bare naked photo to sell cereal.

    Hm…that might work, actually. (Don’t recommend that, but if you think about it, what DID Tony the Tiger have on? A neckerchief? Resting my case…)

    Now I’m piqued about your experiment with these business sites and client work. Where is the follow up to that going to be (actually, that’s moot…RSS…doh!).

  11. junctown

    Funny that you mention the consulting stuff. I don’t really talk on here much at all but have been following you forever. I took the lessons I learned from here to dominate my region for my business. Without what you told me I would have never been able to do it.


    If you’re ever in the Pacific Northwest and want to get 18 in, let me know. I’ll take 3 a side.

  12. Ross

    Hi Grizzly (and company),

    Following grizzlybrears.com led to internetmarketinglessons.ca assuming the latter will be where you post your upcoming lessons, is that a fair assumption? Simply asking because I want add the feed to my reader :)

    On that note, is that your first dot-ca? If no, I would really love to hear about your experience with dot-ca versus dot-com in an apples to apples comparison… do they rank as well?

    Nice to see all this activity, like everyone else I miss the straight goods.


  13. Shane "Master" Dayton

    Good to see the new post and that you’re not going into hibernation permanently. I know your blog was one of the first that helped me get started when I was looking for a way out of unemployment, and I appreciate everything you’ve shared with us. Glad to hear the new directions are proving lucrative, and good to see ya’ around. Take care, and thanks for the update!

  14. Denise

    “CLIENTS!” Does that mean working for someone? Answering to someone else?
    What is this world coming to?
    Griz having all these wordpress blogs!
    I always thought evolution took a little longer.
    I am not ready for so many changes at once. :-)
    You are doing a lot better with these Elegant themes than I am.

    Missed the hell out of you too!

  15. Jo Ann

    Hey Griz!

    It’s always such a hoot to hear from you and find out what you’ve been up to.

    Love your new site. I was almost ‘fooled by the dazzling good looks’.

    Jo Ann

  16. Chris Derenberger

    Hey Grizzly,

    I read your review on TTA, but was disappointed to see a link to my review as being a “scam review”. I have access to this product, read through the book and watched some (not all) of the videos.

    My review explains this product is more for new marketers who are not familiar with these traffic generating methods. Many of us experienced marketers see these products and immediately think it’s a rehashed piece of junk.

    That’s like saying car companies should not change the styles of their cars every year. Everything under the hood is still the same as it was over the past year or so. Just cosmetics have changed and maybe a few additional features.

    The same goes with many of the Clickbank products and TTA is a great example. I earn a full time income online marketing affiliate products (90% of my income is NOT from Clickbank, but from Amazon, CJ.. ect)

    I would recommend TTA to any new marketer who needs help with getting traffic to their site. Sure there are other products that may teach many of these methods, but TTA puts 27+ traffic methods in one digital e-book, PLUS it’s loaded with 6 bonus sections with videos.

    I have to say that I would have gladly paid upwards to $100 for this product when I first started marketing online in 2000.

    Anyways, I just wanted to share my honest opinion and I would greatly appreciate it if you would remove my link from the “scam links”.


    Chris Derenberger

    1. SueC

      Forty Bucks!! The problem is, that’s at least 4 domain names I could buy… and the noobs don’t know that, and don’t know that half those “methods” won’t work (JV my arse). They could learn what works and doesn’t work among those “27+ traffic methods” – i.e., don’t waste your time on social marketing, etc. – for FREE.

      Why rip off beginners like this? On a regular basis? Always more beginners to rip off!

  17. Scott


    I’m happy to know that your hiatus from the MMO sites is due to a demand for your services. That’s awesome!
    I’m really looking forward to understanding the “new” algo in your teachings at internetmarketinglessons.ca, and I’m grateful you take the effort to thwart-off the evil bastards who try and sell junk like Total Traffic Annihilation.
    BTW: Not that you need my help, but I thought I’d give you a little love from my latest post at Backlinks For SEO.

    Take Care :-)


  18. Ryan T

    Wow, Grizz. Nice to have you back. I never commented much (or maybe not at all) but I’ve always been a fan. You’re like the beacon of truth in the sea of mud.

    Sigh, funny how Google penalizes the truth but let the shits float. Maybe they discovered that shit in SERPS are better for increasing their Adwords CTR.

    Anyway, whats MMOFB?

  19. Tracey

    Hey Griz,

    Good to see you posting again.

    I haven’t read all the ‘reviews’ about TTA, heck I hadn’t even heard about TTA (I unsubscribed from most guru’s newsletters ages ago).

    I know – what sort of Internet Marketer am I that I don’t even know the latest ‘must have’ product. No wonder I don’t make any money online ;)


  20. Darrell

    Hi Griz

    So, I am curious about what is the difference between promoting Google Adsense vs offering products for the Internet Marketing or Make Money Niche?

    In other words, when you rank organically for a keyword and put Adsense on it, you are hoping people are going to click on your Adsense ad to make money. Yet, when you look at many of those adsense ad’s, they seem pretty spammy and misleading to me just the same as many internet marketing products.


  21. Gilles

    Hey Grizz, glad to know you’re back, don’t ever leave us for so long again, ha. You don’t know me as I rarely comment but I read your MMOFB blog, every word of it. I hope you begin to post more often as I’ve statistically proven that I’m more productive (i.e. get more backlinks) when you post.

  22. Todd Morris

    Hi Grizz,

    I’ll echo all the others … it’s great to see you posting again.

    I really don’t follow “Internet Marketing” stuff any more. As you said above, it’s pretty much all the same rehashed crap.

    That said, I’m still infinitely thankful that I was fortunate enough to meet a few of the “good guys” a few years back .. that would be people like you, and Lissie, and Josh, and Allyn, etc.,

    Looking forward reading some of your new stuff. Although, let’s be honest, if I’m not capable of figuring most of it out on my own by now, I probably never will be. (and I suspect the same could be said for the majority of your readers).

    In any case, it’s nice to have a “community gathering spot” back up and running again.

    Thanks for doing what you do.


  23. Dave Starr

    God to see you posting and good to see you stirring the muck a bit. You’re doing something I intended to do along time back and sort of drifted away from, think I will rededicate myself for a while.

    I tried to leave a comment for Chris on his site, but it wouldn’t stay up long enough to even get to the pop unders. I noted his rational and polite rebuttal here, but couldn’t help but notice how he took you to task for saying something you didn’t say.

    Not only did you not call his review site a “scam”, you specific said it was “not” a scam. I did a search. That’s the only place outside other people’s comments that the word “scam” is ever used.

    We all make errors in reading comprehension … I think I am in the running for world’s best at that ‘bad”, but isn’t it strange that a guy who otherwise seems smart and well in command of the language would make _that_ particular error in reading?

    Couldn’t possibly be a twinge of conscience now could it?

  24. unknown

    Don’t say everything fake man. I am not going to tell you which site I own from those review sites but I have written everything as it is, that is included in the product. And also recommended that this product is for newbies only.

    First Read Then Speak.


    1. Milker

      lol! Here they come. Hey ‘Unknown’ and Chris – “just how much can a noob be milked for anyway?”

      Come on Griz, it’s not a POS if you recommend it for noobs only. lol. Who’s gonna write the TTA is a Scam Review post so that we can all send links to it and rank it?

  25. JamestheJust

    So, wait – are your “lessons” going to be at GrizzlyBrears or…? You have 3 sites now and I’m not sure which you’ll be using. Are you planning on laying it out:

    Site A = Topic A

    Site B = etc.

    No matter, I s’pose, I can always ask Tracey. :)

  26. Bank Man

    Great, to see you again. I actually saw that RC semi-outed on his untwisted vortex blog. Well be looking forward to hearing the story about the other site someday. I have purchased some of those products and always been dissappointed. Matter of fact, because of your absence I almost got sucked in again. :O)

    Great to hear about your success with consulting. You certainly proved your mettle and deserve the referrals.

    My only beef with what you wrote is about keeping it to yourself. Kudos for you for giving so much away for free, but as you pointed out you are now consulting and getting paid to do it. Of course you are also getting results which is why you keep getting paid.

    It is okay to get paid to provide information as long as the information is actually something worth paying for (produces results). It is okay to be paid when you are providing a service that has value.

    It isn’t okay to prey on the newbies and desperate which sadly is what MMO and MLM
    are known for.

  27. Jack Partain

    Hi Grizzly,

    I didn’t know you had me as scum until I read on someone else’s page. How do you know I’m scum anyway? I don’t think we’ve met.

    Anyway maybe you should see this https://vitavee.com/forums/thread-1553.html

    Did you even read my reviw? My review clearly states that there is nothing new in the course. Had I known this beforehand I would not have even promoted it at all.

    I see you simply picked everyone who was on the front page for this. I decided to promote this product because I saw a lot well known people were going to promote it. I didn’t get access to the course until a day or two before launch. When I saw the course, I decided to not give it such a glowing review.

    I was going to promote Mass Cash Coverup until I saw it. Another trash course. Traffic Siphon? I was ranked high for it to and you can see what I put on my review page here. https://corinzander.com/reviews/traffic-generation/traffic-siphon/traffic-siphon-review

    Perhaps you can join our forum here https://vitavee.com/forums/thread-1554.html and you will see the kind of things that I subscribe to. Read some of my posts, my reputation is stellar there and go to great pains to help as many people as I can.

    Will you post my comment?

    Jack (Corin Zander)

  28. Milker


    You seem to have missed the whole point of this post (and the whole point of Griz’s MMOFB blog.) Making money by exploiting the hopes and dreams of noobs is a really crappy thing to do to your fellow human beings. No matter how wonderful you say your intentions are, no matter how ‘truthful’ you say your reviews are, you are still scum for trying to take money from people who don’t know any better. Why don’t you just go jack purses from grandmothers, or steal kids lunch money … it’s the same thing. All you do is rank for programs that are designed to remove noobs from their money, and then ‘review’ them. I lost so much money to people like you when I was starting out … because I trusted your reviews. You are a classic IM scum sucker!

    To quote from your ‘review’, “However if you are already an experienced marketer there really is nothing here for you.” So why review and promote this product? Is it because noobs are easy money? If this is not such a great program as you seem to imply above, then why promote it with your wonderful, amazing, jaw-dropping 10 bonuses?!? “So if you really want kick ass rankings you will need my bonus…” Ya – right! All this BS is just for noobs – suck ‘em in, remove the money from their pockets and spit them out. Scum-sucker!

    The question has been asked here before, “how much can a noob me milked for anyway?” It would seem that you are the type IM’er that could actually answer that question.

    P.S. Nothing says ‘trust agent’ like a pop-under when you try to leave a site – like a swift kick in the ass when you try to leave. Classy.

  29. Jack

    First my bonuses aren’t plr stuff like grizzly said it was. Also my site isn’t listed as having a bad reputation on WOT.

    My bonuses are something that I’ve worked hard to create. I give them out to anyone who buys anything on my site. I believe they are worth more than most of the products that are out there. I show how I’ve been able to get ranking in Google and am also willing to help anyone all the time as much as I can.

    The exit pop up.. yeah it’s something that I’ve struggled with to tell you the truth as I started a thread about it here: https://vitavee.com/forums/thread-1415.html

    In the end I was persuaded that it was ok after all. Maybe it is maybe it isn’t, maybe it’s a matter of opinion.

    I do try my best to tell the truth about these products while still trying to feed my kids. Sometimes, with some of these products, you just aren’t sure until the last minute as in this case. With Mass Cash Coverup I knew enough ahead of time to dump the promotion of it. With this one, it was too late. And same with Traffic Siphon.

    I posted Chad’s comment about the course on my review page and on the forum before I knew about this post.

    I don’t appreciate being called a scum especially by people who don’t know me. There are a lot of people who will tell you differently about that.


    1. Milker

      This is your problem: I do try my best to tell the truth about these products while still trying to feed my kids.”

      It’s a total conflict of interest for you. Your kids are more important than the noobs you are feeding on – so you are willing to sell them bogus junk. This has nothing to do with your crappy bonuses – or pop-unders or any of the other junk you do – it’s about selling noobs something they don’t need while promising them that what you are selling is ALL they will need to succeed online. It’s a total lie. You’ve sold your soul to the IM devil and now you have to justify it by putting your children out in front as a shield. “I’m just doing it for the children…” Cry me a river!

      The thing is – you clearly put work into what you do … and you clearly have some time on your hands – if you followed what Griz does, you could make a much better living in fairly short order doing things that help humanity rather than leaching off of them.

      Nobody here knows you – we only know what you do. What you do is leech off of humanity, and that is pretty scummy – hence, you are scum. Be proud of what you are … or change.

  30. Jack

    You don’t know what I do. Yes, my kids are more important to me than anything. But I don’t sell my soul to the devil. You see one thing by one person and you think you know all about me. You don’t. I don’t feed off anybody. How do you know my bonuses are crappy? have you seen them? no you haven’t.

    I can’t believe you still think I simply feed off noobs. I’ve spent more time helping noobs than most people have. That’s ridiculous.

  31. Jack

    Griz, I just noticed your reply to my original comment.

    I’m sure it was in spam because of the word scum. Otherwise I have no idea.

    Believe it or not there are good IM products out there. I have personally been sick of the lack of them lately. Or more precisely the overabundance of bad ones.

    I just wasn’t sure if you would post it because I was defending myself and thought I had made a good case of it by proving my reputation by referencing the forum.

    But I can see here that it doesn’t matter what I say here. I can’t convince you guys of anything because you seem to have a preconceived notion about anyone promoting IM products.

  32. Graham

    Hello Mr. B or may I call you Grizz.

    This is my first post to you and first of all I would like to thank you so much for all the great information you provide to all of us would-be internet marketers, like many people I found your blogspot by accident one day and knew immediately that I had at last found someone willing to share their wealth of knowledge for free, to help people like myself, who have found themselves in a fairly desperate situation, of job redundancy, zero income and zero work prospects, one of the few alternatives being the internet.

    Personally I started from scratch three months ago knowing nothing about the internet apart from email and a little ebaying, as you will appreciate it is so hard when there is nobody to help you, sure a lot of stuff you can find on the net, the problem is you don’t know it’s the right stuff. You read one article by a so-called expert which seems to make sense, start researching something and then have the whole idea contradicted by another ‘expert’ somewhere else.

    I wish I had found your blogger blog at the very beginning, I know it was a little dated but most of what you had written was pure gold, I was half way through reading it when POOF! it had gone, it was pretty devastating, as it appeared to be very white hat, My first thought was that you had deleted it as you were talking of an update, but then I wondered why you would do that to a successful blog, free or not, then the penny dropped with a loud clunk.
    Which brings me round to another big obstacle for us beginners and that’s having no clue about doing the wrong thing, in all innocence, and not knowing that this could be having a very detrimental effect on our efforts, especially with G.

    I am so glad you are on a scambusting campaign against these ******* who keep peddling garbage to people like myself, I hope they don’t sell a single copy.
    Many weeks ago I cottoned on to the fake review thing by noticing that nobody actually said much about the product they were reviewing and were more interested in giving you $3000 worth of bonuses if you bought through them, another sure sign of a scam?

    In my first two weeks online I bought a few IM products using up some of my meagre budget, everyone needs a starting point right?, it then took me a further two weeks of studying these products to realise I wasn’t going to get rich anytime soon, because in that time I also came to the conclusion that they are nearly all a rehash, everything has the same, same M.O., same sales pitch, same copywriting, same squeeze pages, same videos, same upsells, downsells, followups etc. Yes, they certainly know how to do a job on people who don’t know any better, if these gurus make as much money from their CB accounts as they claim, why do they do it? it is so mean and unscrupulous, i can only assume they are just motivated by pure greed.

    It is so hard just trying to get a start in the first place, there is just so much to try and learn, before one can even think about making a living, I knew it was going to be especially hard for me and also knew it would take a long time before seeing any results, although I will never forget the night I made my very first (and only) sale on Clickbank, my hopes rose a little, but were then dashed as the next 38 PPC clicks saw the profit disappear into a big loss. Later to find out FB ads don’t convert well and if you are not careful you can lose your shirt with PPC (I think you said that in your blog). too late.

    I would have sent you an email but I know you probably wouldn’t answer as you said you got so many you had to stop, and may not even get to read it.
    I know your time is precious and please forgive my waffling on, I also know you do not care for individuals circumstances too, and neither could you possibly be expected to, but I am overwhelmed by your generosity of spirit and your desire to help others less fortunate than you, my greatest wish apart from making enough money to look after my lady is to one day be able to do the same.

    God bless you Grizz and your beautiful wife and daughter, they are very lucky ladies.

    Kindest regards

    P.S. the Twitter page is great, I can just picture me in that boat holding on to a 50 pound Musky.

    I have sent my site url, I know it’s not great but it’s my first one and put in hundreds of hours setting it up, although it’s not finished yet as I’m still adding stuff, It’s been live about a month but zero sales yet despite over 1000 visits, maybe I am flogging a dead horse, and it did make Google’s front page position 5, with a gold star entry at the very top above everything, but it was only there 2 days now its nowhere, and I have no idea why, do you think I may be in the sandbox for putting up too many pages too quickly?

  33. Allyn

    nuthin’ but fun but I am thinking of doing a vid gust post for you. if you decide not to use it, not a big deal, I can always find places to slog it. in any case, I think I can be creative and get some laughs and subs to my new YouTube channel at the same time while “enriching” the overall content here. ;)
    I will hit you up,

  34. Norm

    Nothing like a little emotional nudge to punch up the word count and longtails.
    Hi Grizz!

  35. Terry

    Hey Griz,

    As always I’m late to the party. Good to see you using this old site for something worthwhile! I think everyone else has said everything that can be said, so this is just to let you know I’m still here and so is the Shed if you need a place to talk. There are still a few of us die-hards in there hatchin our evil plots to take over the world lmao!

    Take care and hi to J and the girls

  36. Ibuspro

    Well i was asked to review the product ‘total traffic annihilation’ by one of my website members. To this end i bought the product via Clickbank. After that i was directed through about 5 attempted up sells before eventually getting to the members login page. I did not receive any login details either. I then used the forgot password option on the login page. A user id and password were sent to mailbox. However they don’t work and i still can’t access this product. I have emailed the vendor and opened a Clickbank ticket, so will wait till after the weekend to see if this is resolved.

  37. Rex

    And there was I thinking that “Total Traffic Annihilation” was going to be the answer to my prayers for instant-overnight-riches-without-lifting-a-finger. Your post is like telling me that Santa doesn’t exist (please tell me he does). But on the upside, I’ve saved my money, so now I can spend it on “Turbo Obliteration Google Profit Sniper Avalanche” instead. That’s gotta be the real deal.

    1. JamestheJust

      Watch it, Rex. I’ve been on Turbo all year…

      I think I’ll instead write the ebook, “How To Plagiarize Drivel And Milk Its Golden Teets,” and then include a bonus of “Multiply Them Udders To Udderly Destroy Your Competition: Copy and Paste Success.” Why think when you can Ctrl + C / Ctrl + V your way to the top?

      Or maybe I’ll just buy Turbo Obliteration Google Profit Sniper Avalanche…you’re so ahead of me.

      1. JamestheJust

        Forget Turbo. I just need some coffee. Just realized my editing sucked rotten eggs.

  38. Graham

    Hi Grizz,

    Thanks for taking the trouble to look at my site and answer my question, so I will keep plugging away and see what happens, if nothing else, it has certainly helped me learn a lot.

    Having read the comment above from Rex it was a source of much merriment, therefore I would like to ask him if he or anyone else bought the:

    “Underground Autopilot Clickbank CashProfit Blogging Hijack Millionare Minisite Membership Glitch Copycat Pro Formula Loophole Traffic Empire Meltdown Samurai Afilliate System…2010″

    and if so did they make any money with it?

    Re: Milkers comments above, thanks guy, you don’t hold nothing back do you, good, they deserve it, and may all their teeth fall out! lol

    1. JL Palmetto

      Hi, Graham!

      Yes. I bought it, I bought it!

      The box looks incredibly and totally awesome here on the shelf.

      So far, unfortunately, (really bummed about this!), I’ve no good news to report about it’s effectiveness.

      However, that being said, I’m still hopeful…….


    2. Jack

      You need to buy the platinum version. Oh, and the monthly membership of course.

  39. Rex

    Hi Graham (and Grizz).

    Now I know that “Underground Autopilot Clickbank Cash…” is available, and JC Palmetto says it has a great box, I’ve instantly forgotten about whatever that other product I was going to get was, and will get that instead. Unless of course something even more bright and shiny is waved in front of my eyeballs in the meantime…

    Seriously, it is kind of difficult to understand how anyone could fall for the totally blatant ‘review’ scam. As if anyone who has gone to the trouble of buying https://www.undergroundautopilotclickbankcash.._review.com, arranged hosting and put up his/her dismal little wordpress website on the day of the ‘launch’ is going to say “Nah – pile of crap. Don’t bother”. But I guess that when people see all those fake Clickbank income screenshots and the $3,000 bonuses, they start drooling on their keyboards and common sense just goes out of the window.

  40. Sam

    Wow! You know it’s nearly Christmas when you get a post from Grizz lol

    Glad to hear from you again, been a “fan” for a while but have never commented before.

    BTW, does anyone still use “Niche Support”?

  41. ariston | no money online

    ei Grizz, good to see you updating this site.. and also thanks for exposing those Total Traffic Annihilation Fake Reviews that sitting mostly on top of G (that’s why they had the advantage on milking noobs like me.)

    And also my other email acct has tons of garbage mail promoting the same product(again, noobs like to sign up if there are freebies). =)

    btw, your twit about the Total Traffic Annihilation Fake Reviews is landed on the first page of G (440thou results), although it’s still not on the top but its getting there… =)

    and lastly, congrats for getting good on making this site a kinda resemblance of the old MMOFB site… :)


  42. Agrande

    Nice to see you back Griz,
    Your blogs were the complete eye openings I needed. Thanks for all the information you have given out to help us all succeed.

    I look forward to reading your new blog and hearing about your adventures.

  43. Cata

    Hey Griz,
    It’s good to have you back.

  44. 2danet

    Hey Griz,

    I just emailed you about one of your niches…

  45. Zane

    hello Griz,

    It is just great to see you posting again, though on many blogs at a time. I would request you to give a list of IM tools you use (your recommendation will be a great help).

    (of course your affiliate link will not be a problem for us all :) )


  46. Graham

    Hi Grizz,

    I have just about stopped laughing at the very excellent “Turbo Obliteration Google Profit Sniper Avalanche”
    and the much underrated “Underground Autopilot Clickbank CashProfit Blogging Hijack Millionare Minisite Membership Glitch Copycat Pro Formula Loophole Traffic Empire Meltdown Samurai Afilliate System…2010″ ( I see that is now a link, maybe it’s worth registering the .com?) and noticed nobody has posted much lately so maybe if you get time you could give me/us your opinion of so-called link wheels, I spent a fair amount of time researching this myself and got three definite and different answers.

    1. Link every site in the wheel to everything else in a loop, including the money site.

    2. Do the above but leave some links open, to break the loop.

    3. Do not use a link wheel at all, it could be classed as a black hat technique by G and the money site could suffer because of it.

    All three definitions put forward seem convincing, the concern is choosing the wrong option, and either being at a big disadvantage, or getting penalised and not knowing it,
    your view would be much appreciated.

  47. Graham

    Hi Grizz,

    Just had this drop in my inbox from the “man of many emails” I expect you’re already aware but it looks like the usual to me “Turbo Commissions” is the name of the product, and just like TTA is has many crap review pages, but there seems to be a lot of them so maybe this has been out a while, anyway I thought I would bring it to everyone’s attention.

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