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144 responses to “What Part of Making Money Online Don’t You Get?”

  1. Josh

    Griz, keep doing what you are doing. Its like separating the wheat from the chaff. Those that read between the lines and start to figure things out on their own are going to succeed. The ones that you give a fish to are back in a couple days looking for another fish. I hate using all of these analogies but you can’t be everything to everyone and will only get burned out trying.

  2. Internet Marketing Online


    From I can see, I was the first to write about Lissie’s post. That was even before you and Vic jump in. Of course, that’s because she mentioned my MyStarterBlog and the comments I was reading. What can I say, I reacted in my own way.

    Vic participated by commenting in my post while I was away and it started to get a life on it’s own when others jump in.

    The sad thing is that I wasted a lot of time on this. Still do by writing this. ;)

  3. nate

    I misunderstood what you mean by ‘in’. I would have gladly done this now that I see what was going on… but I thought this was going to be some sort of group for your closest friends, and I’ve only been reading for a couple of months now, so I guess I didn’t feel like I deserved to be a part. Sorry about that… I’ll know better next time.

    P.S. – please keep it up. My RSS feed went down from about 20, to you and Court/Mark

  4. Patrick

    I am going to be honest here Griz, I saw your call to action about the SBI thing but I did not take action because I thought “well, that is not really in my niche, it would not be relevant.”

    But now I see your side of the coin. I actually do have a site where I could have squeezed in such a post about SBI even though it is not a perfect fit. I have just done so right now and the next time you make a call to action like this I will not hesitate to respond. You can click on my name to verify my SBI post.

    Sorry I did not figure this out sooner.

    Lesson learned.

  5. Shannon Bishop

    Awesome post.

  6. hijinks

    I’m kind of a quiet observer that has been reading for awhile but never comment. However, I’ve got to say that what you are doing is making a difference in a lot of people’s success in this business including mine. Thanks!

  7. DennisJr

    I wish I would have had a flagship blog to give some pull. I used the for my post one. SO, I did the best I could with what I had. I am sure more people will be writing a post. You just put the post up yesterday give a couple of days.

  8. Bruce

    It sounds to me like Griz is most upset about the emails he got which we never see. I’d also love to email him about once a week when I have a question. I don’t though, because I know he gets a ton of emails and if I really need to know something I will just ask it on one of his blogs. I know he would prefer that anyway so that everyone can see the answer and hopefully reduce the amount of email he gets.

  9. DennisJr

    I know. I think I have sent a total of 4 emails to him since I started following him. Of course, the noob questions about will you look at my site. Of course, he only had 350 subscribers on his reader. LOL

  10. Make Money Online Eventually

    Hey Griz,

    I have been reading every word you write since I became interested in making money online. Why? Because I have found that you are the genuine article. I have not witnessed you disparage anyone or misinform any of your readers in any way shape or form. I have put a link and a recommendation to your site on my blog, which is struggling to even get 2 visitors a day, because I believe in the methods you employ and your honesty.

    I’ve learned more from you in 3 months than I’ve learned online from anyone else.

    I had thought about the “I’m In” thing and would really like to do that but never sent you an email. Procrastination on my part… pressures of life, yadda yadda yadda. I’d still love to participate if your doing it and if you’ll have me.

    But I have to say this, and I understand that you may disagree with me.

    Lissie’s post was way off base and It doesn’t matter what I think about SBI.
    The fact is she didn’t get it right, she made statements that were false and she didn’t really have to.

    After all, I don’t see you making up stuff, or just promoting misinformation.

    Hey, being controversial is great and can be used to great advantage. I’ve seen you do it, and I’ve made my comments in support. But there’s a big difference between exposing hypocrisy, or pointing out weakness, even if it does piss someone off, and just totally getting the facts wrong and then acting as if you are right.

    Anyone can make a mistake and I did as well when I bought into many different things online and maybe SBI was one of them. I also hate the herd mentality that was evidenced. Scary shit. But she could have gone about the whole affair differently and achieved more. Just my opinion.

    I wrote a post about it just now and didn’t link it to anyone but I did comment on her blog and the people who click will get my opinion.


  11. Aaron

    I saw the post at DP and felt sorry for you. Seems to always bring the trolls out of the woodwork. DP is kinda weird anyway; I do have an unused account though but I can’t remember why I registered. Probably some new eureka idea I had and never acted on; post a lot and put backlinks in my sig or something. sigh. There’s always something shiny that takes my attention away from what I need to be doing; like writing this comment.

    I’ve spent the last week gathering a list of free blog hosts (lots!) with the dreams of creating a few new personalities and setting up my own network for links. Now I’m wondering how to keep track of it all. Maybe a spreadsheet with all the domains/users and a separate Firefox portable install for each person? My thought is that this would keep cookies and everything straight if I have multiple blogs on one host. How do you keep it all straight as I assume that you have more than the 5-6 sites that I know of. No need to air this publicly if you don’t want too; I’m just trying to keep from reinventing the wheel.

    Haven’t been commenting much, as it’s getting to be good cycling weather down here. Still trying to push out links for some folks over at RTs place though. I realized last week that I hadn’t even posted to my “money” site (a whopping $100/month) in over a month. Oops.

    Sorry for the long comment, I get a bit wordy sometimes.

  12. Jeremy

    Hey Grizz,

    I’m one of the newcomers who created a blog to give my “real review” of SBI because you’ve probably been the most helpful person on the internet I’ve met, and I’m not lying. I’ve only been reading for about two months, but I feel like I know everything there is to know, and honestly reading more is waste of time (other than your new posts which are great btw), because you basically say the same thing in all of your posts, which is what the whole thing is about. Throw enough shit at the wall and some of it will stick, right?

    I kind of feel bad though because I’ve probably gained at least $1,000 worth of information from you, easy, without paying for anything. The best thing about your techniques though is that it’s for the most part easy. I’ve been blessed with the ability to write (used to be a journalist, wrote novels, etc) so this basically comes natural to me.

    But anyway, enough about the rambling. In life you find out who your true friends are through any situation and the people who aren’t there to back you up can’t be considered true friends. At least IMHO.


  13. Brawnydt

    Woof, Who Let The Grizzly Out? :) Had me shaking in my flip flops as I read that post!

  14. Make Money Online Eventually


    Your point is well taken and you are right that cheerleader reviews are pitches that don’t accurately present the available options. They are sales pitches.

    That is why the only link on my recent post points to you, Vic, Court, and the others. A page on my blog which was there before this all transpired and is added-to as I learn more.

    I’ve read a lot of the recent reviews, and earlier ones, which I certainly hope people will read and decide based on the facts they present.

    All I’m doing is voicing my opinion on the veracity of her facts. It’s only my opinion and I’m not judging you or her.

    I think you should help who ever you decide to help.

    I understand why you’re pissed, and I don’t blame you one bit.

    Don’t be pissed at me, I’m just voicing an opinion.

    Consider a link included.


  15. Activities for children

    All the people who supported Lissie in one way or another demonstrate how strong the non BS non “I am after your money only” IM community can be. I am really glad to be part of a group of people who can rally behind one of us just to support her regardless of all other considerations. This has been a fun thing to watch. Let’s get this pseudo scammer SBI out of page 1 and in this way help a whole lot more people stay in touch with their money.
    Thanks Griz

  16. Matt Morrison

    Looking forward to hearing from you Grizz. Keep up the good work ;)

  17. sudo

    Everyone (and Griz, ofc),

    I’m totally new to this whole ballgame, and, to be honest, I wasn’t paying attention over the last couple of days and am sort of missing what this is all about. Now I’m playing catch-up and reading all through all this conflict :O

    I don’t know any of you – being new on the block here.. but I’ve read probably 80% of all the posts Griz has written (that I’ve found!) and I would tend to agree with his statements above. We’re all here to make money and, with any luck, a new career for ourselves to escape the JOB. I’m not sure about the rest of you, but I don’t dig the 9 to 5, 40-year commitment that, for most people, ends in virtual poverty.

    The great thing about this medium is that we can ALL be unique in our beliefs, perceptions, desires, etc, and still help each other. I think, at the end of the day, he/she who helps others the most, WINS.


  18. Max D. Wolf

    I appreciate the support you have shown to

    This has been a lovely lesson in community.

  19. matt2257

    Hey Griz,
    The funniest thing is that the post had everything to do with making money online.

    You keep telling us that getting in content high authority links will get you ranked.

    Well if you were to consider how many of those links Lissie got and where she sits, you would have one of the fastest real life examples of:

    holy grail anchored text links and what they can do for you…

    and what having a good set of friends can also do for you :)


  20. Max D. Wolf

    Hey Matt, aloha. I can’t click on your article on Griz’s other site or BU.

    It may be so hot that it melted the link. LOL!!

  21. Costa

    I think lots of people misunderstand the concept of friendship.

    To me, if you call yourself a real friend to someone, then that someone can do no wrong in front of the public. You might disagree with whatever they have done, but publicly, you defend your friends to death first.

    Then, privately you can punch him in the nose for being an asshole, not because you do not like him anymore, but because you, as a true friend, do not want to see him get into trouble again.

    Lots of people have that “holier than thou” attitude. These people seldom or has never seen how true friendship works. Maybe they have never experienced any hardship in life and has never needed any real friends to be around. They will never know how good the feeling of gratitude is when friends comes around to help when life is down. If they have never experienced that, I doubt they will ever realize what friends are for.

  22. Plastic Surgery Wife

    Hey Griz,
    My friend and I have been reading your blogs for awhile now and I wanted to chime in here as well.

    He ran a contest that offered a chance to win a really cool Flip Video recorder. He promoted it at blog catalog. All you had to do was write quick post with the correct title and anchor text. He gave a quick reminder here or there before the contest was over.

    There are many posts in the Shameless Blog Promotion discussion group like “I review three blogs a day” and hundreds of people make a response to it just to get a review of their blog.

    Of all the people who read the Shameless Blog Promotion discussion group over there, only two took the time to enter a relatively easy contest and it kind of reminded us of your experience.

  23. Carla

    Honestly, I don’t know how you put up with the crap you have to take just to teach people valuable information for FREE. You have much more patience than I will ever have, which is only one of the many reasons I’m glad to know you.

    1. Susan


      Perhaps I’m late to the party but, what’s “hub”?

  24. Newbie Profits

    All it takes for scams to prevail is for people who know the truth to sit back and say nothing.

    SBI doesn’t have to be a scam for it to be something people should avoid. To not enlighten “beginners” (who are the target audience of your blog – though we all read it) that there are better cheaper options would mean you don’t really care about their well being. How can anyone honestly think speaking out against an overpriced product or service is a bad thing to do???

  25. Denise

    Damn, another day has gone by and I still forgot to email you an “Im In” thingy. Shoot!

    Is it too late?

    I have been swamped lately and have been building and linking like crazy. I haven’t even had time to spend at the Academy. Took a huge chunk today just catching up on posts over there and helping out Lis the best I could.

    I may not be in but my MMO blog has really climbed a lot in the serps the past couple of weeks thanks to your and Vics advice. I have changed gears and stopped reading so much and am focusing strongly on the action steps. All those blogs I have been building are now being put to good use. Now to rinse and repeat.

    I am really excited about the direction things are finally going.

    Sorry for not emailing, just really need to plunge in harder to make money online the way I have been taught for over the past year.

    Thanks for all the help and am willing to pay it forward as best I can. Helping Lis was a no brainer. She did not deserve the attacks she got!

  26. Rhonda Holland

    I want in too Griz. Pretty please?

  27. LarryG

    Just hopped over here from the other site…YIKES!!! Figured I’d see what was going on after I posted my article about SBI.

    I am still trying to figure out why folks (especially if they have been following you for any length of time) would give you flak for this. It’s what you do. Things like the “Breakup of the US” post you did a while back. You say…again, and again, and again…you target keywords and make them work for you. Only, in this case you opted to make them work for others as well.

    People never cease to amaze me. Keep up the good work.

  28. Tracey


    People just don’t get that internet marketing is still a ‘social’ way to make money even if you are working alone in your own home. You need friends to survive online whether thats just to support you, or to teach you, or even to link to you.

    I understand that and even though I don’t know Lis (yet), I was more than happy to write a post.

    I just hope it helped.

    Take care,

  29. Andy

    Hi Griz,
    Just got online after two days of hell at my “real job.” Sorry I missed all the fun. But reading everything at once instead of watching it unfold has been interesting. I think people completely missed the point which is lets be honest about what a program does and in internet marketing the only benchmark is “does the program teach you how to make money?” When I got started a little over a year ago I bought a different program that told me I could make money online. Well I never did because it didn’t really teach me how to do anything. Luckily my wife said I was not wasting anymore money so I have been doing everything on the cheap with your enlightened help since then and I am now making money. I could have easily gone down the road of wasting thousands of dollars buying Guru Gimmicks but luckily I am more than a little scared of my wife.
    I would imagine that most of the people who were flaming you were some how making money online by selling Site Build It instead of utilizing the program. It is what it is.
    Last week I made a comment about the masses crucifying the one who knows and tries to teach, and you said it is not what you say but how you say it that people don’t like. This seems to show that the masses really don’t want to know the truth (which they never do) they want something to take their mind off their miserable lives (hey why not spend time building money making blogs instead of getting all riled up about someone’s opinion? Just a thought).
    Anyway, what you did was honorable, even if you would have been wrong which you weren’t, because you exposed a different view of the program. I happen to believe that honest discussion is always better (but I was saying that three years ago when the Gurus on Wall Street were selling worthless derivatives and everybody else was swallowing their line of crap hook, line, and sinker (mixed metaphor)).
    I am sure that you have helped a much larger group of people over the last few years than the small bunch of hate mailers who commented and in the end the ones you helped are the ones who matter. You’re a star now and if you choose to tell us to bug off and not post anymore info to help I would be saddened but understand. My life has already been enriched beyond money by reading your words.
    Wishing peace in your life.

  30. Rank Your Hub

    Lissie here.
    Grizz – I only ever sent you links cause I thought your stuff was good – then you taught me how to do it with the proper anchor LOL.

    The irony here is that the main reason that the post in question has the title it does – was purely SEO – it was an easier phrase to rank for! I forgot that real people might actually read what it said !

    The other irony is that Ken did a good job on taking my original post apart – I might have even taken it down or printed a retraction – but his support pitbulls made me MAD. I spent years working in companies where every report had to have be couched in the most middle of the road, cover your arse, don’t offend anyone language – I wasn’t very good at it – my views kept on getting in the way. Then meetings were called – trust me – meetings being called is a lot worse than a bunch of long-winded comments on your blog!

    The interesting thing for me was just how much time it took – I literally lost 2 days over this – and you always have that many comments on your posts! How the hell you keep up with your on and off line businesses is beyond me – I figure you only sleep 2 hours a night!

    I also notice the same thing as you – I get more and more emails from readers via hubpages – and more and more people want me to either give them detailed analysis of their hubs or tell them what to write about. Even if I respond I never hear from them again – they seem to think that ask and you will receive will work and everyone has nothing better to do than answer ever question -individually – in an email!

  31. Carla

    Hi Griz,

    We’re still here in Florida, but that’s OK because Dave’s mom has been ill and she needed us.

    Speaking of the hub, I added a link to your AdSense blog. I’ve been meaning to give you a link for a while but a.) my few MMO pages are getting link-heavy and b.) I’ve been in damage control mode, so I’ve been distracted. I had to remove many of the images from my main site (images being the point of the site) and that caused me to lose a lot of links, and not coincidentally, made my income plummet.

    Oddly, I’ve found that a lot of the techniques that don’t work for MMO and most other niches work in that niche. Social traffic from crafters looking for free images has resulted in tons of unsolicited backlinks (often with anchor text), and image-search traffic actually converts because of the way I have that site set up. I’m telling you this because from the outside it probably looks like I’m chasing no-money traffic. In case you ever happened to notice what I’m doing, I didn’t want you to think I haven’t been paying attention to your advice. I just followed my instincts about that audience and it turns out I was right. It reinforces what you’ve said about not being afraid to experiment. If I were to give advice to anyone it would be to thoroughly learn what you teach and then pay attention to opportunities to blaze new trails.

    OK, that’s enough rambling. :-)

  32. msbehave

    Hi Griz,

    I’m sorry to hear about these ungrateful assholes biting the hand that feeds lately. No good deed goes unpunished, I guess. But as I hope you know, most of us really do appreciate what you do tremendously. I am SO SO grateful to have found you, and I am sure most of your other readers are too.

    Those who won’t listen to reason and/or expect everything to be handed to them while they give nothing in return, will never be successful at this. They will spend the rest of their online careers wasting time and energy on things like hanging out at DP where the blind lead the blind and scammers wait to pounce on ‘newbs’ who don’t know any better. Meanwhile, the rest of us will be laughing all the way to the bank.

  33. Vic

    LMAO!!!! Welcome to my world!!!

    Grizz people do not appreciate FREE and god forbid work is involved!

    What we need to do is flood our email list with the new weekly best seller clickbank ebook and we will be officially loved online gurus LMAO!!!

  34. Nick

    Hey Grizz,

    Good to see you popped a post up on this blog too, but damn it! – I spent time reading instead of building up my sites and getting links ;-) .

    That forum thread that you linked to at the top of the post just brought it home to me how much I really don’t like going to forums anymore – simply because there are a lot of morons in Make Money Online that truly don’t want to listen to sound advice – zombies that troll along. Brings me back to my hospitality days just over a few years ago where people don’t listen to experience and relaise that everything is going to be fine when the sh*t hits the fan – some people just don’t believe something even when they see/experience it.

    Looks like I did a bit of rambling, oops!

    Also, I know it’s kind of a little cheeky, but any chance of getting ‘in’?

    1. Vic

      It is my fault had not made the user again do it right now and mail it before ADD sets in LMAO!!

  35. Yup! People Do Not Appreciate FREE! | Make Money Online

    [...] What Part of Making Money Online Don’t You Get? at Make Money Online Popularity: unranked [?]No Video Responses have been posted yet.Click here to post a video response. [...]

  36. Jack B.

    “I’m in” thing is over? :(

    Speaking of getting “in”, thanks RT! CC looks very promising, hope more people join.

    1. RT Cunningham

      No sweat, Jack. Glad you like it.

  37. Allyn

    Gotta love your style Griz!
    I am glad that Vic is back in the BU saddle too.

  38. nomadicmatt


    You do great work and both you and vic are right: people don’t like free. People on DP are calling you all sorts of stuff but the proof is in the pudding and you make money. You, Vic, Court, Mark are proof that what you do works.

    forgot the trolls and the useless people- the web is like life. you only get by when you have friends.

    you’ve taught me so much and I’m seeing results because of it.

  39. Don

    Grizz, the longer Im in this biz , the more I determine it is best to stay away , lay low, fly under the radar, yada yada, yada, however I am glad that you and Vic and a few others are out there sharing what you know.

  40. Jim

    Griz— 80/20%… or more like 98/2% as my old mentor would say. The majority of people reading your stuff are going to be trolls or people who dont take action even though the material is completely legit and obviously works as you have demonstrated.

    Keep up the good work.


  41. Terry Didcott

    LMAO Griz how much of your weekend has been pissed up the wall on this episode?

    I’ve burned some time reading peoples blogs which is something I rarely do these days – I prefer to spend my precious time writing posts for my own niche blogs with links to more of my niche blogs and the wheel keeps spinnin’…

    This was a diversion with emotion – ever since I was a kid I’ve loathed bullies and always got into trouble for picking fights standing up to them. They’re all the same underneath once you front them and threaten their self-appointed superiority. They’re cowards and to this day I can’t abide bullies in any form whether its physical or mental. So when the mob mentality swings into action like it just did, its just another form of bullying.

    I’m amazed I managed to hold back when I posted my 2 centimos on The Honest Way blog – you can bet that got re-written and re-edited several times before I hit the publish button ;-)

    Anyway, just to let you know I can totally understand you getting pissed off with the tyre kickers and two-faced arseholes (international spelling LMAO) who bombard your email then stick the knife in your back if you don’t conform to their expectations.

    We have a quaint saying in old England that is quite fitting in this case: F*ck ‘em!

  42. Toolboxhero

    Griz, Keep up the good work. I am listening and doing.

    A word to the wise ain’t necessary – it’s the stupid ones that need the advice.– Bill Cosby

  43. Blog Explosion dot NET


    Sorry for joining the party late.

    I looked into SBI when I was first starting to explore how to make money online. $300 per site per year was a lot of money. I knew there was no way I could afford it and I’m glad I didn’t make that “investment”.

    Thanks to you, Court and Mark, and Vic I’m now doing well with what you have taught us!

    Thanks and I have a new post, finally, on my site…

  44. ScottSharpe

    I’m not a regular reader, but I do drop by from time to time.
    You consistently take your time to help other people, answer questions, and publish great content.

    Unfortunately a good portion of people online are ungrateful, selfish, and consumed with the American “instant/i want it now” mentality”.

    I think you need to weed out the people you’re helping. Find and only help the people you feel are worthy of helping. Maybe set up some kind of loop people need to jump through to get your help. Whether its a membership fee, being active on your blogs, certain number of comments, regular reader, etc.

    Anyway. Just my opinion.

    Thanks for all the great content Grizz.

    - Scott

  45. Clean Red Widgets » Site Build It Review | SBI Review | SBI Scam

    [...] Grizzly Bears over at What part of making money online don’t you get also wrote a [...]

  46. Thai


    My apologies for missing your post. I was trying to build some sites the last two days and I was doing what you and Vic tell me to do… stop reading so much and start BUILDING!!

    I do hope you got my email about the “I’m In” program. My Outlook took a dump and deleted all my stuff in the mailbox and your response email to me was sadly deleted.

    Either way, I know I’m slow to the battle but better late than never. I’ll always help out my fellow IM’ers, count on it!!

  47. Scooter


    I chose the “I’m In” because I want to make money online.
    I’ve been watching, reading, practicing, and applying what I learn. And I’ve even got my practice blogs to the top of the 1st page — twice. So now its just the challenge of finding the niche that gets traffic! I watch what you do with the make money online, and there is a lot of competition there… So I’ll shy away from that one, respectively.
    Now I’m pretty new at this, but I appreciate what you do, and when a friend asks for help — help is on the way! No matter what it is. And if my help is not the best I can only say that I tried, right? Anyhow… So I stepped up to the plate and supported Lissie by posting a blog at VOX; linking to her review post and tearing the SBI cheerleaders a new one… politely.
    I am truly sorry for the haters, because what you are doing is THE RIGHT THING! Please do not give up your passion and what you know by sharing your knowledge with the majority of interested viewers.
    I (WE) really do appreciate and support this forum 100%

    ~Scooter (I’m In”)

  48. Paul

    Well, the truth is that 99,99% of all the reviews of all internet marketing products are the same: pure bullshit. the bigger the commission, the bigger the bullshit.
    For example, I used to wonder how much money would I have made if instead of giving a bad review to Traffic Crusher, I had given it a good one. The product sold for more than $1000 and the commission was huge. I have top spots for “Traffic Crusher”, “Traffic Crusher review” and other related terms. When the product was launched, I had thousands of targeted uniques looking for these specific terms and long tails.
    But as Vic mentioned earlier, people do not appreciate FREE. All this crap that is being released is maybe just a reaction to what people really want: reading and dreaming about making money, but never actually working to do it.
    I don’t know what to say anymore, I am very confused also. As for you Grizz, you have a big heart, and that’s why you are bound to get disappointed by other people from time to time.

  49. Paul

    Sorry, Traffic Crusher was “only” $500, I confused it with another of Mike Filsaime’s garbage. But it had a hefty commission anyway.

  50. Justin

    Completely understand you on some of this stuff. I’ve turned into more of an “ass” with emails these days because of a lot of bad experiences with people. I tend to ignore people straight up if I don’t know them, just because most people don’t value your time.

    People are too closed minded in MMO and want to make money while isolated on their little part of the web. Online business is a lot like offline business, who you know can really matter. The A-List proves this with their circle jerk releases and they keep each other at the top.

    The name of this game is attracting links. Its kind of hard for a selfish asshat to earn good links. Give a little, and you get a lot.

    If there is any “secret sauce” I’ve learned about SEO is that human relationships count for a lot more than most people talk about. The amount of behind the scene communication and back scratching that goes on is huge.

    Simply, when a heavy weight in a niche (Griz) openly offers to help you, you should sit up and pay attention. He’s been pushing “help each other” for a long time, but people still do not clue in. They ask “how do I get links”. We’ll I can tell you a ton of push button free for all methods that will get you started, but ultimately I’d say “write emails”. Links I earn through email communication are the best links.

    1. Thai

      I agree Justin. I’ve found some great people in this business since I started last year. Grizz is one of those. I’m the type of person to help someone else out in life so being online isn’t any different to me and I do the same things here that I do offline. I know that karma is real and if you help people out, good things happen to you. Many people try to game the karma system by doings things solely so they can get in return. That ain’t karma. Karma is doing things solely for altruistic purposes. When you do so, the good feeling you get is your reward. I usually do things in life where I expect nothing in return, and as such I never say anything about the specifics of the gestures (or “gifts”). So helping Lissie out was a no brainer for me. I just wish I had seen the “bat call” (as Gotafish calls it) sooner.

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