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I receive a good number of emails every week asking me how to make some fast money online. The inquiries usually come from people in a bind and need a little extra income quickly. Project Payday is just such a money maker. It is not a get rich quick scheme nor is it available to everyone. It is a work at home job that will take time and effort and you will not get rich. You can make a couple of hundred dollars a day if you work hard enough. I, myself don’t have the patience for this kind of thing but it does work. The basic gist of the system is offering to fill out trial offers for various products and services. You get paid by others for filling out the trials. The average payment is about $25 per offer. You will not need a website to do this. You will inur small costs for some offers – $1-$2 but are paid considerably more. In most cases you will need a credit card. You will have to keep records of all your offers and be sure to cancel them before they become a monthly fee – ie. you take the trial but cancel before regular billing takes place.

This system is widely known as incentivized freebie websites or IFW’s. Project Payday is only available to American residents at this time. I have written several posts describing this system and have linked the articles below. The articles were originally written when Project Payday required a membership fee. They have since offered free membership in exchange for filling out an offer. Read the articles to get a good idea of how the system works.

If you are interested just click the video link and watch the Project Payday demo.

This is the only legit system I have found so far that lets you earn a decent income quickly online. I am always looking for new systems to pass on to my readers so if you know of anything legitimate then please drop me a comment or email. I am not interested in supposed “get rich quick” nonsense. Legit programs that anyone can use to make money online only.

Project Payday

Update – As of Sept 2009 Project Payday will only accept American residents.

I have been told that Cash Crate is the most viable alternative for non-American residents.

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  1. Don

    This is a great program, and I made $80.00 in the first few hours. I was really excited about finding a legit site to making some real income online. There are a lot of people that are just waiting to pay you for completing their offers. They pay you $25-$50.00 and sometimes more. There is a great forum, and the system is laid out quite clearly. Simple and straight forward. The only issue that I had that being a Canadian, there were limited offers, and using this to make a consistant income online came to a screeching halt, only a few short days after, I ran out of patience, and moved on, but like Griz says, if you need fast cash, this is one quick way to make it. Tried, tested and approved!

  2. Larry W

    Thanks again Grizzly this is something I’m going to try. While I wait for my online income to ??? I haven’t visited one of your Make Money Online sites without finding valuable information that I can use.

  3. Venkat

    Hi Griz,

    I have sent you a mail, hope you have recieved it.

  4. Make Money Online » Show and Tell - The Money Shots

    [...] Project Payday [...]

  5. mark

    man i really wanted to join this , but it usa and canada only :(

  6. The Secret Method To Get Rich in 10 Damn Days

    Project Payday is a great way to make some cash, i have a few friends that work with that, and I’ve registered myself 3 days ago. Also.. the review you’ve got here helped me a lot. Thanks

  7. Bob

    Nice blog, I hope to earn some cash!

  8. Maddie

    Great review:) Project payday is also paying per referral. Just wanted to let you know:)

  9. Michael B

    Hey Grizz,

    I know another cool site that is great for people who just want to earn a little extra cash. I’ve used it personally and recommend it to anyone with similar interest.
    I would send the link to you in an email but I can’t find one. The site is

  10. Cristi

    “Sorry, Project Payday is only available to those in the US and Canada.”

    damn.. i heard so much good things about this one, I wanted to try it.

    Anyone knows any legal way to get around that, and get accepted ?

  11. Peter H. Fern

    project payper day is a good program i live in Nigeria this how i register myself on the project
    1 i use VPN of USA ip to log into their site.

    2 I use the help of virtual USA address to sign in it is great i will be cashing my first income next week

    PS you can have your USA virtual office from 2cheakout and graph card they are two great site that i respected

  12. Macaco

    Hi Grizz,

    I hear that Project Payday is a great way to make some money, but its only for US and Canada so i need one that works for Mexico. Please help.

    Here is my email adress:

    if you have some site to make some cash online that works from Mexico please cotact me.


  13. Earvin

    Not a lot of blogs present information as well as this one does. A lot of great information here and I am surely to keep coming back as long as you keep up the good work!

  14. LifePath Unlimited

    Project Payday sounds great….I have several college buddies that told me about it but I passed..Now they are picking up some nice extra income…I am getting started today.

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