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16 responses to “An Important On Site SEO Tip”

  1. GrizzlyBrears

    [New Post] An Important On Site SEO Tip – via #twitoaster

    1. MariBoSolutions

      RT @GrizzlyBrears: [New Post] An Important On Site SEO Tip – via #twitoaster

  2. Terry

    Thanks for the heads up Griz.

    As usual, RT is on the ball when the rest of us are snoozing! I never gave sidebar archive links a second thought, assuming they were just more ways of linking internally. Now I know better. I just made some changes over in the weight loss niche, we’ll see how that pans out.

  3. Winnipeg Computer Repair

    Hey Griz Its Me – Your #1 Griz Fan.

    I just read the post your recommended and wondering if you might be able to provide some insight for blogger blogs and wordpress blogs that can’t be edited.

    I’ve just recently discovered you can disable blog archiving all together in blogger settings and you could manually replace your blog archive on blogger blogs with a manually installed link list to do away with the archive file and the extra links from the days, weeks, months, years part of the archive.

    When you say:
    “Bleeding too many links from each page. In general you want far more incoming links on each page (internal or external) than outgoing.” Do you mean for the entire page itself or the post content of the page?

    Im working on a mammoth 400+ page blog that currently uses a blog archive widget that im going to replacing with a manually made link list to rid the extra archive links… are you saying a good strategy would be to make more internal + external links to each page then the totally count of the blog archive list?

    Thanks Terry for your last comment gave me a few ideas I hope your weight loss niche works out well for you!

  4. weput

    What i got here is clear and simple old school debate about nofollow atribute.

    He said specifically he got results when he took off the archive widget and made an archive page instead of adding nofollow to the widget links… so it confirms the theory that nonfollow links HAVE juice…

    good stuff.

  5. Winnipeg Computer Repair

    I remember reading some where maybe it was on the matt cutts blog that google doesnt use no follow for discovery purposes which probably just backs up what weput has to say about no follow. this seems pretty easy to check out… take a higher ranking main page with PR, make a single link on it to a single page with a no follow link and see what the dogs bring home. i have a couple of no follow links i manually made on a hub page and it shows up on google webmaster tools links list…go figure.

  6. Winnipeg Computer Repair

    Hey just wanted to throw out there i came up with a real easy way to make yourself free back links during your manual link making process. blogger blogs have an export blog feature that outputs your entire blog content to a nice single file. you can make yourself a big fat blog, export your blogger blog, and then when you come across all those wordpress, etc blogs that have an import feature you can upload your exported blogger blog file into your new blog and you got yourself instant similar website. change your theme around, rearrange your content on your sites, and wait for google to crawl that bad boy and away you go.

    on some blogs i notice there is a feature to import your posts as a drafts rather then a post, so you can say back up your 1000 post blogger blog, and then import your backed up blog and only post say 100 of your posts, rearrange or rewrite them, and you have probably just saved yourself many many hours of manual back link and content work. maybe keep track of the free blog solutions you use and check if they have an import feature. i know my computer repair blogger blog exported and imported into a free blog with 265 posts took about 3 minutes to generate a new blog….

    sure would be nice if someone put the time into say automatically modifying the blogger blog export file, allowing one to auto change it up so you can just import your blogger blog export files to a new blog that allows blogger blog imports..

    or maybe a nice little single text box windows application or an active x embedded in a webpage you could use to say type in a keyword phrase to hit the go button and it spit out a new random blogger blog style export every time you git the do it button you could use to say import to a new blogger blog or any other type of wordpress blog, etc that allowed blogger blog export file imports…

    but what do i know im still just a newb following the Griz Bears great content at this point… =)

  7. Rhys

    Hi Griz!

    I’ve been using an effective little Content Index program for some time, so that anyone browsing my sites can do so topically and subjectively, rather than using the blind hit and miss choices offered by archive, etc.

    Does RT’s argument apply to the Tag Cloud too???

    Cheers – Rhys


  8. Don James

    I took your advice and removed my Blogger archives and copied them into a separate archive page. I hope this helps!! Thanks for the tip.

  9. Shawna

    just did this and hoping it helps my site that got buried with these new SERPS changes. Thanks!

  10. RED

    Griz, can we expect more useful tips like this soon? I love this information and I think you mentioned this back on your old blog at one point, because I used to do this. For some reason, I added those back in when I did a redesign. If you rank for anything on G, its amazing how huge a difference doing this can be. Its like an instant magic trick, provided you have a little authority flowing to your site already.

  11. JohnTihge

    Hi Griz,

    So you’re back. Its nice to see your furry face again. I stopped checking what was going on with you a while back. I decided that digging yourself out of the latest snow drift had proved too much.

    As in days gone by my tea (yes us Brits do drink too much tea) has gone cold reading your long posts and even loooooooonger comments.

    I have finally been able to afford to buy some software for link building and now you have made me scared to use it, lol.

    I hope you are going to stick around for a while, as I really want to push my business on this year.

    All the best

  12. Fiar

    Where’s that damn e-book you promised already? How am I supposed to know how to work these dang internet tubes if you don’t sell me an e-book?

    You’re useless, Grizz. Totally useless.


  13. RED

    “I once ranked a free blogspot blog number 1 in G for “make money online” and I was only fooling around.” -quote Grizzly

    When you say fooling around, were you doing it for your own amusement or not taking it seriously? Any thoughts on the recent algorithm change? I wasn’t really affected by it at all. I noticed the “make money online” results have slightly changed. Carlo Cab has moved up to position 3 and Mooladays is down some. I don’t really follow the MMO niche other than this site and a few others, so this may have changed weeks or a month ago.

    Do you still plan to rank this site #1 for mmo? If so, could you still do so these days by just fooling around?

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