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19 responses to “Why I Haven’t Embraced Twitter”

  1. Todd Morris

    lol .. Grizz the “pro blogger” :-D

  2. Trent

    LOL you are two of a kind!

  3. Rarst

    There is something eerie to read a post in Google Reader that has a screenshot of Twitter page that has your avatar in it. :) Roundabout reminder that what you say online is more public than it feels. Ahem, hope I make sense with this.

    PS I am “similar” to @photomatt… No, not really. Really, no.

  4. denise

    LOL! Sorry :-(

  5. Mike

    A bear is known by the company he keeps.

  6. Tyler Davis

    Both you and Darren Rowse have the same head tilt in both photos. Darren is secretly a bear?

  7. rob sellen

    He he, that made me laugh. ;)

  8. Strathy

    lol! You should subscribe to his Twitter feed – you’ll get between 30 and 50 ‘updates’ each and every day! …. and for free too. Wow! Quality stuff like, “I am Spider-Man. Which Superhero are you?” lol.

  9. Scott

    I won’t even poke fun at you Griz… Besides, messin’ with a bear is ALWAYS a bad thing! :-0 Right?
    I will note, however, that I find it perplexing that Twitter places two inapposite individuals in the same category. What gives with their algorithm?

  10. Larry Stefanuik

    being somewhat unfamilier with Rowse until now, am I to assume he’s a dick?

  11. Lin

    Haha! Thanks for the funny distraction Grizz! Slow day in the office today and I’m bored. :)

  12. Darren

    So does this me your an “A Lister” now?

  13. atma

    Weird things happen:) By the way, Griz, why have you striped off your nice look from the site?

  14. Paul

    At least twitter got your match into the same fuzzy corner of the internet. They matched my do-it-yourself account up with Michael Feldman!

  15. Allyn

    Griz- great job using the hashtags to generate multiple links from Twitter! (assume a post is coming regarding your results)
    I retweeted some stuff for you to increase the linkage.


  16. Zane

    hey Griz, they are taking you similar to Darren because of lack of good information sharing with us readers. You in terms of vanishing from the scene and Darren in terms of flooding readers with no-good offers… :) just my two cents

    where are you man??

  17. Ben Willis

    No comment. It’s not necessary.

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