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58 responses to “The Death of the USA”

  1. Jeff Williamson

    Boy Canada gets screwed with that chunk of states…lol

    Happy New Year Griz

  2. aaron

    Wow Griz, way to bum me out. I don’t really want to be part of the Texas republic; although I’d bet the tacos would be great. If I move to say Missouri or Kansas and you guys take them over, is it cool if I just come hang out at the lodge during the day? I’ll dust & vaccuum the rugs for you. =) Hell, I’ll even be sure that your printer has plenty of paper in it for you. Have a great new year!

  3. DennisJr


    Maybe, It’s nice to know I will be returning to Canada. My family left there in the early 1800′s. Maybe I will get a head start and take the tunnel if I can make through the ghettos of Detroit and the 22% unemployment rate.

  4. Sunshine

    Hey there Griz,

    The biggest Welfare recipient this year has got to be the US Banking industry who’ve lined up on every corner with their hands out begging for mo’ money.

    Yep, all of the needy, US Banks have definitely slid down the Socialist slope here in the great ole’ US.

    Happy New Year!

  5. Emma

    Wow, that was quite the New Years greeting. Hopefully things won’t be quite that bad. Have a great New Years Grizz.

  6. Trent Brownrigg

    Damn I guess I better move! Sorry Griz I like warm weather so I think I will head to a tropical island instead of Canada. I’ll send you a postcard though!

  7. Ben

    Looks like some kind of key word experiment on your part I presume. Looking for hits from the Arab world? Maybe change the title to “Death To America”.

  8. Jennifer

    2008 Wall Street Bailout = Socialism

    Oh well, there goes the neighborhood.

  9. Bruce

    I also heard that China has a 100 year plan to take over the US because they are going to run out of land and they need ours. It really isn’t that funny because it probably will happen.

  10. Cory

    He has a couple things backwards. The author said “economic and moral collapse”, when in fact, the moral collapse lead to the economic collapse.

    U.S. demise better happen quick cause the world is catching on to the “U.S. foreign debt pyramid scheme” and I’m tired of the media reminding us every day how doomed we are. Some nice, uplifting, state controlled Russian media would sure be a nice change.

  11. Elliott

    Man, living in Kentucky sucks then…although i guess I could finally visit Ireland and Italy a little easier!

    But heck, just one state west and I can be a Canuck with ya Griz!

    Just goes to show that all the greed is finally catching up with the political “Jones’s”.

    Happy F’n New Year!

  12. How to Retire Early

    haha. i can already see it happening. But the scenario is probably that China will take over the entire US economy in 20 years by buying up all the biggie US companies.

    Maybe we will even see 谷歌 controlled by the chinese…haha
    谷歌 aka google….


  13. Stephen (AKA  A future ruler of the USA)

    Okay then.

    Grizz, as a Canadian poised to benefit from this I just have to say that the biggest benefit would have to be not having to take my shoes off at airport security every time I fly to LA or Vegas.

    Happy New Year, my Guru…


  14. Frank Carr

    Hi Griz,

    As a history buff and a long time student of US politics I have to say that Russian guy doesn’t have much knowledge of the US. His map doesn’t match the historical regional divisions of the US. It’s like if we invaded some country in the middle east and divided it up without regard to tribal/cultural differences and so forth, oh wait….

    1. Robert

      Of course, we haven’t actually done that, now have we? That was the Brits and the French in the ME, but other colonial powers did the same. You might note the fact that elevating the minority over the majority would make them more loyal, yet reliant on the colonial powers’ assistance for control. Great system, until it all falls apart, I suppose.

      This is was a kind of counterpoint to Ralph Peters’ map for a theoretical new ME/SWA region, with even less practicality or insight than even he showed. I would encourage you to read Pravda (there is an English version) on occasion — it’s a combination of serious news and alien/bigfoot/conspiracy tabloid all rolled up in the same package. Highly entertaining. :)

  15. Richard



    Having lived the first 26 years of my life in Texas and the last 15 in New Mexico, I can say with 100% certainty that those two states will NEVER be in the same group of any kind.

    Obviously a report written by someone who’s not done research on the dislike for each other of those 2.


    I think I’ll just mosey on down to Costa Rica.


  16. zania

    Nice bait post Griz :)

    Read the article anyway…and all I have to say is that the last thing we want right now is Washington, D.C., and New York in the European Union thank you very much!

    Have a good one :)

  17. Paul

    Well Griz, With your help I’m ready to pay those higher taxes in 2010.

    For the last four years struggling and listening to all the “gurus” including Joel Comm, the adsense site fad, and BANS sites I made a total of $8.32 from Adsense. In November I found your blog, read all the posts. I implemented your simple ideas three weeks ago.

    Today I broke my first $100 in Adsense and I did it all from only one site!!!

    I can’t wait to duplicate what you have taught me on other sites.

    Thanks, Paul

  18. Ben

    Frank, you aren’t eluding to our VP elect and his stupid plan to divide Iraq are you? Just wondering.
    Griz, they gave me the full treatment at Saginaw airport. Pulled my underwear and pint of Canadian whiskey out of the bag in front of everybody. I wasn’t embarrassed. Then they sat me in first class as an apology. I drank free beer all the way to Detroit.

  19. Ben

    I walked right into that one Griz, but it is a true story.
    I had to leave suddenly, bought a last minute ticket, bringing only a carry on bag (with underwear and Canadian whiskey along with some CD’s to sell) which brought up red flags at the airport. I’m a caucasian of Welsh descent but I guess they can’t take any chances.

  20. YC

    Happy New Year Grizz! Let’s reel them in $$$$$$$$$$$$$

  21. Josh

    Grizz, when you eventually get North Dakota it will be just like home, in fact you probably wont even notice you left. With one exception, we don’t say eh.

  22. Terry Didcott

    Hmm, as California is 52% Hispanic anyway, the Mexicans already run the place and never told anyone…

    …and football will always be football (or “futbol” if you’re Californian) because the only country in the whole world that misuses the term is about to implode under its own mountain of national debt and be taken back by the United Indian Nation who will put up a casino on every corner and stick the finger up at Macau…LMAO!

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  24. Fiar | Conservative Satire

    Griz, they gave me the full treatment at Saginaw airport. Pulled my underwear and pint of Canadian whiskey out of the bag in front of everybody. I wasn’t embarrassed. Then they sat me in first class as an apology. I drank free beer all the way to Detroit.

    Ben, I am really sorry to hear they made you land in Detroit. That must have been awful.

  25. Lorecee

    I’m from the Rust Belt, so I’m going back to Canada, where my ancestors had to flee in 1776 in a big hurry. Seems my great-great-great i forgot how many greats grandfather was a Tory and fought for the wrong side in the Revolutionary War. Advice: if you’re going to war, pick the side that’s winning.

  26. Ben

    Fiar, It was only a layover/switch planes. That “Disco Tunnel” between gates was an experience. I’ve never actually been to Detroit (besides the airport). I was headed back to Florida.
    Want a scary airport? Try Hartsfield (Atlanta).

  27. Book Reade

    Hi Griz:
    There have been various maps drawn through the years. This one is not as good as some others. In particular, no way would California (Nuevo Mexico del Norte), particularly Southern California, end up in the same block as Oregon and Washington.
    I sure wish a breakup had happened 40 years ago when I could have enjoyed it.
    BTW, when the Union of Soviet SOCIALIST Republics (USSR) came apart some years ago, my comment then was “One evil empire down; one more to go”.
    David Bean

  28. Pableaux Wableaux

    Hey G-

    Does this post have anything to do with that other of yours I read about being able to see the bs for what it is? I agree with zania nice bait, Griz. :) And like bait it is what it is: pointed, tempting and stinky. It’s wonderful to see all the hate-America-first Kool-Aid drinkers fall in lock-step and spew forth their usual dribble about the evil empire they (still) call home.

    Some ignorant communist professor not withstanding, as I see things, Texas, the rest of the traditional South, Wyoming, Idaho, Monatana, Alaska, Oklahoma, Utah, Kansas, Nebraska and the Dakotas would combine into a national strength able to whip Mexico (again) and Canada in any economic or military test.

    Texas’s state GDP (PPP) is already on par with all of Canada’s and all of Mexico’s. As the only state to have been a free-standing nation before that historical mistake to join the Union, Texas national pride still runs very wide and strong here, bud!

    Now with some reservations it could be seen that most of your western provinces would probably be allowed entrance into the new Lone Star Republic, but the Francophiles in Queerbec and others like them would be expunged.

    My advice to you Griz, and all your frozen brethren, learn to speak Texian (with a drawl), get yourself some Wrangler jeans and some manly footwear. The Eyes of Texas are upon you…. :0

    Remember the Alamo! Don’t tread on me!

    -Pableaux Wableaux

    1. Fiar | Conservative Political Humor

      Pableaux Wableaux

      You sound like the kind of person that would enjoy my political humor site.

      Sorry Grizz, but I just had to do it.

  29. Gennaro

    “Canada gets to take over the American heartland”

    That sound you just heard was Ben Franklin rolling over in his grave. He had an eye on taking over Canada from the start of the United States. Thing is, Canada is still more socialist than the U.S.

  30. Jon B.

    This map would be more complete if it included Quebec breaking off and joining the EU, or at least France, at the same time the NE US goes off.

  31. jim

    Hey Grizz…how about a posting on how to create an off shore account?

  32. Ben K.

    Hehe, lovely post Grizz. Us Canucks (I’m a Vancouverite) taking over the US? It’s good to be on the other side of the equation.

  33. steve

    Hi Griz:
    Love your blog, thanks for all your post they help!!

  34. Hostingref

    Crazy, yet plausible scenario.

  35. flea

    “Oh no! Anything but evil socialism!”, they cried as the bankers sucker punched them into crushing debt and massive corporate welfare for those who had just robbed capitalism’s cheer squad of their life savings and indebted future generations with 65 Trillion in debt.

    Ha ha. Conned!

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