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163 responses to “Careful… You may become popular…”

  1. Ben Willis

    Well I’ve been at it for a few years with my music blog (and a few other non related blogs) that bring in some AdSense income, but not nearly enough. I don’t sell much of my music downloads (why buy music online when you can steal it?).

    So I came up with a brainstorm that actually requires work from my end. Sell demo’s to songwriters. A song demo is just that. A sample of a song that the writer can submit to a publisher. Lots of songwriters don’t sing or play an instrument, but they need to convey how the song sounds and that’s where I come in. The business is as old as music itself, and I have gained enough trust from my readers and friends to make a good start at it.

    So instead of waiting for the AdSense checks to come in, I have to actually produce something that’s worthy of a few bucks. I’ve got my work cut out for me, so I need to get busy. Thanks for getting me started. It beats diggin’ ditches. Ben

  2. Ken Evoy

    The most heartfelt, honest, public apology that I’ve ever read.

    I know we’ve crossed swords. Taking things personally as I do (can’t help it), it’s been a weight on me…

    I had you pegged as “the man who is least likely to ever make a post like that.” I was wrong.

    Griz, I wish you well in your new direction. I have always admired your creative brain, although not the direction it took.

    I look forward to reading your thoughts in the future and am anxious to learn something of enduring value from you.

    All the best,
    Ken Evoy

    1. Seth

      WTF. From the guy that rips people off at $300 a website? Looks like the wrong person is apologizing.

      BTW, I must have somewhere missed about 20 to 50 of your posts because I still don’t have a clue what any of this is about.

      The only stuff I read from you was telling us to get links. So, you are apologizing for telling us to get links if I understand correctly. I guess the Keyword Academy will be shutting down soon then as we all move to the Problogger method of NOT making money.

      1. Leo Dimilo

        Hey Seth,

        I don’t think that you actually understand what he is saying. The Bear is simply moving into the direction of marketing businesses long term. And in real life, when you deal with real businesses, you don’t do a scuttle run for quick links. The links typically serve more of a purpose than simply adding to your link meter for Google rankings. Those come naturally with time as credibility is recognized (and this is not just from google, BTW). A business is more interested in engaging the audience RIGHT now, not 6 months down the road (which is why PPC is so popular).

        What he is saying is right on the money. You can still do what you do and get results for now. But in terms of building a long term business, the model usually isn’t going to be framed for what works RIGHT NOW but what will work right now and beyond.

        1. Seth

          I guess I don’t understand then. I have a handful of niches where I try to give the best information I can. I rank highly and hope to keep putting out good information that can actually be used. I have been doing this for as long as I can remember.

          Griz taught me I need links (like I can get though TKA and other places) and it has worked very well. Without Griz, I may have never figured that out. I almost quit before I found Griz because I was making very little.

          Now everyone is saying I need to be social and get natural links from who? Other bloggers? Who else gives links (other than Facebook and Twitter links maybe)? None of the people clicking my affiliate links even know what blogging is. 99.9% of the people who hit my sites don’t have any Internet presence. So that leaves only bloggers and other Internet people to give me “natural” links.

          I just don’t see any of that happening. Again, that is the Problogger way. I don’t cater to the social crowd, I cater to the people searching for what I am selling. They either buy or don’t buy and then leave. They come and they go.

          Most people in the world don’t mess around on the Internet like we do. NO one I know spends any time online for social purposes other than to use Facebook. They use the Internet to find what they are looking for and that’s it.

          Well, maybe I am just more dense than everyone else but that’s the way I see things.

          1. Cata

            I agree 100% with Seth. I hate all this social nonsense. I must confess I don’t like the new direction in Griz’s speech, and I still want to see proof of what he’s preaching now (an example site maybe?). One that’s a BRAND? (because that’s how you sort out the cesspool, allegedly, says Eric Schmidt). So if you want to make money online nowadays, you need to be a brand like eHow maybe? eHow that bought lots of expired domains to redirect them to their site in order to increase authority (something that Matt Cutts frowns upon, or so he says).
            It’s all bullshit, sorry!
            I only create quality content, and sorry, but I deserve the links for that!

  3. Stock trader

    It’s always good to ask “what if”. Murpheys law. Of all the combinations and things that can go wrong, the worst of them will over time.

    Hypothetical situation… Say the unexpected happens and all at once the outside business world figured out the kinds of returns that were available in SEO by outsourcing content using anchor texts and publishing it to various networks.

    Billion dollar businesses start getting into the SEO business and a mania occurs as investors flock to these companies. The companies need to put this money to use otherwise it stops coming in, so they continue to pay for articles. Soon there aren’t enough people available to write articles anymore so prices go way up. But because of this, businesses on the internet pay more for advertising rather than try to get #1 to capture the traffic source they figure is going to make them a ton. With all the investor money flocking in, there’s more money to go around. People think the increase in advertising means who cares if it costs more, there’s more money to be made. The mania continues until all keywords are above $10 per click. Then the federal reserve hikes interest rates, money holds back, money dries up, payments need to be paid back, and investors rush for the exits, advertising expenses drop, and then panic sets in and advertising income it’s lower than before. Typical cycle of any major boom and bust that occurs as a side effect of having a fiat banking system. I know the net is global, but so is the inflationary banking system with bailouts and all. Some buesinesses are bailed out, others are bought out for pennies on the dollar, and those large Warren Buffett type businesses that stayed away from the manias now step in and get great value. But the empires they created online still remain just with different owners, the way they outmuscled you and I in the rankings still occurs, and they are still getting links to go after every keyword imaginable because they used every article directory and SEO BMR/postrunner service to get 100s of thousands of links. They may have overpaid and their earnings may have dropped, but how do you compete with that type of thing? Just like any mania, the majority get wiped out.

    However, eventually the garbage will be sorted out, and the creme of the crop will emerge. If your site was wiped out tommorrow, could you start a new one like Grizz has and be up and running almost overnight? Not unless you do the legit business tactics of branding and marketing… Those that have a strong following will continue to have it not because they muscled their way to the top but because they found a way to appeal to the masses of websites so that they would naturally get links for free. Google proof your business and it’s not only safer and longer lasting, but you will

    I’m certainly not there yet in my sites, but the end game is to not only not depend on search engines, but not even depend upon online income either. That way if the absolute worst thing that anyone could imagine, an electromagnetic pulse or something wipes out technology, you can still function and prosper. Whether that means getting into renting out real estate, publishing actual magazines and books offline, or whatever else to suppliment your income, it makes sense to always ask “what is the worst thing that could happen” then defend against that an dd rpepeat until you are protected from as many possible disasters as possible. Meanwhile you’ll be prospering from multiple avenues anyways, so if one manages to do the unthinkable and takes off in 10 years and becomes “the next google” (god forbid twitter gets their own search engine and advertising platform just like google only for 150 character posts), you will actually be better off as you are prepared for profiting from all possible sources of traffic.

  4. Ross


    Personally speaking, I zoned in on what you didn’t say, or at least didn’t say in black and white. Yes, some things were a little tough to stomach, but I simply kept things in perspective and accepted the good with the bad, as I do with most things.

    Deep down, I believe you are a good person (with above average, hard-earned talent) and did what you had to do in a market that attracts (extreme) skepticism and cynicism.

    You never held a gun to anyone’s head, and will conclude by saying there is an underlying magic in your personality that gets and keeps people motivated… and to me, that has been an unselfish gift to all.


  5. Scott Ludtke


    Christopher Reeve once said, “I think we all have a little voice inside us that will guide us. It may be God, I don’t know. But I think that if we shut out all the noise and clutter from our lives and listen to that voice, it will tell us the right thing to do.”

    As your friend I just want to thank you for being noble in this gesture of making an amends for the admission of hypocrisy and bullshitery. I can personally and wholeheartedly say that “I” forgive you. Not everyone will, but I do. Quite frankly Griz, this is about doing the next right thing — which you did by the compass of your conscience — and how others receive it has no relevance to this fact.
    As a friend of Bill W., I’ve had to make amends too. I was advised that my action is all that matters, not how others will receive it. As a friend that’s the best thing I can say in response to this.

    Just for the record, however, there are hundreds of “us” who actually benefited from the things you teach. Some times the message is contained between the lines, while other times its just a matter of watching what is going on. I have learned to to always be acutely aware of my environment, whether its here online, or 2-1/2 stories up on a 12:12 pitch roof… I just “need” to pay full attention, and everyone should do this no matter where they are…

    Looking forward to seeing more articles and reading about the wisdom you are happy to share with the world.

    Thank you Griz!

  6. Satu

    Interesting post, Grizz! I thought I had unsubscribed from your blogs but obviously I hadn’t.

    I happened to stumble upon your blogs when I started to learn about internet marketing but I eventually I stopped reading mmo blogs because they simply made me feel filthy. And I didn’t like feeling like I was dropped in the middle the jungles in Papua Guinea, either. ;-)

    If there’s any real harm done by following your blog (and other blogs like it), I think it was that somehow I got the impression it’s not a good idea to buy products that teach internet marketing. It took me a while before I had courage to buy my first product, but after I did, my learning curve picked up.

    There is life outside “mmo” (or whatever you want to call it), you just have to find it. There are people who teach internet marketing from a business point of view. After wandering around I found people I like following and learning stuff from. For some reason most of them are women. :-)

  7. RED

    One question. These new techniques you are going to teach. How different are they than the old ones. I mean, I know that you occasionally mentioned needing a little bit of money on going further to increase your ranking. Will these new methods still have that aspect or not really? I find that being social with other people in your niche(to a degree) can generate links for you. That’s where social media is helpful, but I wouldn’t spend all damn day on twitter or facebook. I can’t stomache it for some reason. Like Griz has said about offering services. I can make all kinds of graphics and animations, if someone else needs something for their site, they’re happy to give a link for something that would cost them hundreds or even thousands from a freelancer.

    I usually just read Griz’s sites. I started posting when I would come to a road block or had a question regarding a method, or when some other method got my brain thinking about trying something else. One thing I’ve noticed is that some of my pages get a PR2 without any links. This happens for search terms with little to no competition. It looks as though “G” rewards you if you are able to create a page specifically that people search for naturally that not many other sites have for them. So what I’m saying is, Griz is right about looking at what keywords people are coming in from, but you may want to create a specific page that links to another page or site from those pages. They eventually will get a PR2(maybe higher) and you don’t want to have to go back and change anything on them, so it’s good to plan your links out from the beginning. I’ve seen this occur on multiple sites of mine. It looks like they are rewarding “Trend Spotting” with this too. By the way, Trend Spotting is a great way to get links from Big sites.

    Excuse any improper grammar and sentence structure, I’m lazy right now.

  8. AndyK

    I love Griz teaching, but all this seems to me as one orchestrated campaign to discourage those who are not yet established themselves in IM to stay on the path.

    This strategy is perfect for the big guys, but for mere mortals it’s it’s a way back to plain old blogging with 47c/mo revenue.

    How exactly a person can make living form a single niche he happens to have some expertise? What if these people just don’t buy?

    How exactly a person can become a real authority in a new niche? He either does writing and relevant IM research – or he’s playing with his subject of interest with no time on IM. Last time I checked we had just 24 hours a day. Remember the aforementioned guru with 15000 posts on the forum? That about what it takes to become subject matter expert in any new niche – so you do ether this or IM.

    If you take Leo’s take on it, and use immersion approach – spend few days to read tons of articles, bookmarking and citing to appear SME in the area – it goes against what Griz suggests because it makes you BS expert (nothing especially wrong with that BTW).
    Building authority site while being a BS expert isn’t any different from producing regular IM junk content $7 per article – you don’t bring anything original by rewriting other BS content

    So what’s the point of trying to become somebody you aren’t? There must be a way in between for IMers, but simply suggesting “write only what you really know something about” isn’t it

  9. RT Cunningham

    Wait, did everyone suddenly forget SEO 101, the basics? Big G is penalizing people left and right for anchor terms and long tails that aren’t relevant and the secret is to avoid penalties. With all the people continuing to get penalized because they won’t change with the times, the people who are changing are going to rise to the top.

    Use onsite SEO, get creative with your titles and make sure the content matches. When you do that, the natural linking already contains your anchor terms and long tails. That’s the gist of it all – anything else is reading between the lines.

  10. Dave Starr

    Griz, thanks for posting this. I pretty much knew hoe you felt without it, but it’s very refreshing to have someone of stature ‘clear the air’ this way. Too many people seem to gain some sort of notoriety or following … for reasons that run the gamut from very good to very bad, yet never seem to actually let people know “where they stand”.

    I appreciate the openness and honesty.

  11. atma

    Thanks for the post, Griz. This one adds more to your personality: to be famous and and at the same time honest and humble enough for public apology is a rare virtue.

    I like how the things are going; I hated writing for robots (but it seemed that I was not very accomplished at it, since some people liked what I wrote:)), but I don’t feel like to be too social either. Need some borderline, to find a place in between, I guess:)

    I’m one of your early readers, though was too lazy/busy to comment then (of which I deeply regret; I used other titles then). I don’t know what made me begin commenting on your posts now, but at least I can sometimes express my gratitude for helping me start making money online:)

  12. Ken Evoy

    Seth, I don’t want to re-open a negative debate that, in the end, was pointless. Ultimately, it was a debate that hurt SBI! needlessly — the vilification was brutal, personal and wrong. But its construction was brilliant…

    A major Google link-bomb attack on SBI! was brilliantly coordinated by Vic and Griz. Initial evidence of that collaboration and its execution was removed. We learned a lot from that, painful as it was at the time.

    On a larger, less personal scale…

    The splogging tactics that Griz and Vic promoted to their readership worked for a while. Smart Search Engine tricks that are new WILL work for a while. But always remember…

    No trick has ever lasted forever and when one gets widely enough known, the engines shut it down. Griz realizes, as I interpret today’s post, that what an INDIVIDUAL does with the engines is up to him — he takes responsibility only for himself. Teaching others takes on an entirely different level of responsibility.

    He recognizes that people like you will not be able to accept what he is saying here, the profundity of it. Some will either vilify HIM or will minimize the importance of this post. You got MUCH more from Griz than “how to get links.”

    You received original thinking, a philosophy of how to do business — I looked forward to his writings when we did NOT have a similar philosophy to mine, just for his originality (even though I disagreed with direction).

    Original thinking can always be re-thought and applied in other ways. It is a rare commodity. So I really look forward to what he has to say, more so now than ever, now that he recognizes the long-term staying value of authority sites (which is what SBI! enables people to build, except the REAL goal is to go beyond that and turn them in to diversified-income e-businesses).

    It’s Griz’s blunt, no words-minced turnaround that forced me to write, at the expense of a possible snub by the same folks that Griz recognizes may turn vilify him. His followers were intense (I felt that first-hand).

    But his writings, ultimately, hurt people. He recognizes that when you become “popular,” you become responsible. Because while no one puts a gun to people’s head, your influence becomes strong. And I have never seen stronger support than Griz’s, even though I disagreed with the approach — you are a powerful, original thinker when you can develop that type of following for what was basically a flawed model.

    We at SiteSell, Seth, have nothing to apologize about. I am NOT “the guy that rips people off at $300 a website?”

    Why don’t you do some real investigation of SBI! instead of jump at the same, false knee-jerk slams? Ignore the thousands of made-on-demand reviews by Vic’s and Griz’s fans (during link bomb times) and read the real comments by real SBIers, in our forums or in our Facebook page. THAT type of customer delight cannot be faked.

    Does everyone succeed at SBI!? Of course not. But I have not seen anyone else show more proof of success than we have ( ).

    Does everyone like SBI!? On that score, too… NO. Some folks want more control over their site — for example, some want FTP (a complaint you never see with WordPress). We structure SBI! to WORK. We keep it as simple as possible, while building in as much flexibility as we can (simple and flexible are tradeoffs). It will never be easy to build a REAL business, online or off. But we can make it as simple and do-able as possible. In doing so, we make certain choices that some people don’t like.

    Do we accept folks that insist upon being disruptive forces, negative voices who are simply sour personalities? Of course not. We fire them. Life is too short and this world is already damaged by “the few” who are like that. We do not “stifle dissent,” as those same people will run off to some forum or another and claim — constructive criticism makes us better. Destructive negative stuff by those with recurring patterns will only hurt and distract while they will never learn what blocks their success.

    So, aside from the thousands of link bomb reviews that were manufactured, there are actually some REAL negative reviews. Some of those are correct — from their point of view. SBI! is not for them.

    Those people are not our target market. We can’t please everyone, we recognize that, and we refund them.

    Those who work the program have a high percentage chance of succeeding. That is why most SBI! owners love it.

    The vast majority of SBI! reviews are written by SBI! affiliates. But most of those are honest and accurate. There is “affiliate excess” by many smaller guys who don’t really “get” what we teach, but those folks don’t earn much if anything.

    As always, it’s the original thinkers who really used SBI! and succeeded with it, who succeed when they talk about SBI! publicly.

    SBI! depends on proven solid concepts of “keep it real” and “add value.” It provides tools that enable SBIers to build success. That is why we can show proof of success, in so many ways, that no other company can do.

    $299 per BUSINESS is cheap, when you consider the cost of bandwidth, CPU for all the modules that comes with SBI!, the increasing number of programmers year after year, and most importantly, online business success.

    “Regular hosting” is easy — lure with a too-low price. Most never build enough traffic to cost them money anyway, even if they have 1000 domains on one account. Let the sites go down (as Vic’s did during the heat of the attack on SBI!) if someone spikes and get too much traffic. Increase the price if bandwidth goes up, but otherwise your business (regular hosting) is to rent some space on hard disk for $100 per year and to stay up.

    SBI! delivers that. We only do it because we need to integrate all our tools into a 100% controlled environment. Our hosting is the most secure since you cannot hack into anything, unlike say when a host provides WordPress or when you install it.

    But, for the extra $200, do check out all the extra process/information, updating, software and guidance that SBIers receive. When folks choose to stop playing games and start doing business online, they realize the value.

    You’re not there, likely never will be. That’s OK. I wish folks like you would just accept that and go back to trying to “make money online.” Or investigate SBI! more deeply with an open mind. You may be pleasantly surprised.

    I do not wish to re-ignite that debate. I can only help that Griz will publish this comment. I am NOT trying to sell SBI!. His fans have long closed their mind on that.

    I am trying to close the debate, close the differences we have. I would like to close the nastiness and needless hatred of SBI!.

    Real people build real businesses with SBI!. Some of them, over several years add a 2nd, 3rd, 4th. They SEE the value at $299 per BUSINESS, which is much different from the non-challenge of putting up a site.

    They don’t think in terms of “making their money back.” They think about building substantial, long-term earnings. It’s just a completely different mentality, a mentality that is necessary if you are going to succeed at ANY business.

    The fact is that two years later (since the attack on SBI!), SBIers continue to do better than ever. Meanwhile, splogging has largely been closed-down by Google, as Griz as attested to in this and previous posts.

    THAT is why we have nothing to apologize for. SBIers succeed and will always succeed because we work with the engines, not against them. And now, as we start to incorporate social media marketing intelligently (ignore the same excess fluff by the gurus that sell expensive systems to other folks who want to be gurus), SBI! continues to evolve.

    Can some people do what SBIers do WITHOUT using SBI!? Yes, but most cannot. It’s just too much for most people to handle by themselves — figuring it all out and keeping up to date is major work. Picking the right tools will cost you more than the additional $200 (above regular hosting). Making mistakes and falling for scams will happen to most.

    SiteSell succeeds with SBI! because our customers succeed. Period. We provide added value, well above the $299 per year, that they have decided is more than worth it. If your customers make a profit on you, you have a successful business.

    And at the individual SBIer level…

    If you keep it real and deliver value, while structuring your material in ways that Google will rank favorably (both on-site and off-site), if you develop voice and a unique persona, Google figures out who’s real and who’s not over time.

    Social media are leaving the world of “just socializing” and entering our world (e-business for solo proprietors and small businesses of less than 5 employees). Figuring out how to use that, what information and process to supply, which tools to build and not to build — that’s our job, as it was for Content 2.0, blogging/RSS, and so forth.

    Most folks need structure and constantly updated information and process, all tools in one place (including tools that do not exist anywhere else), guidance and help in one set of forums regardless of what their questions may be. This year, like every year, will see several major new modules, at no added price, folded into SBI!, updating of all documentation, and so forth.

    It’s a constant challenge, but that’s our business — to remove that challenge from SBI! owners so that THEY can focus on one thing… building a profitable e-business that impacts their lives in positive ways.

    I’m hoping that Griz publishes this so that I have one chance to say what we are all about. I believe our philosophies are very much in sync, as far as I have read from Griz since his original post some time back (May?) that his mind was resetting to the realities and responsibilities of influencing others.

    I won’t reply to the inevitable slams, slights, innuendo and inaccuracies. They will have all been said before. And speaking of the same feedback that Griz expected…

    I don’t see how anyone can belittle what he contributed as “just being links” or attack him for a nakedly honest apology. I am very anxious to see what he writes going forward.

    Of all the folks who attacked us way back when, Griz was the ONLY one I subscribed to. Researches may send me a post every now and then by a few others, but I never miss a Griz post.

    Behind it all is a mind that is original and resourceful. There are others who are entertaining and who are even somewhat informative, but there is nothing new in it so time’s a wasting.

    I learned from Griz when he wrote from the dark side. I am excited to see what comes from his mind writing with his new realizations.

    Please, Seth, stop the bashing. It’s needless and inaccurate. SBI! is not for you. I get it. And if you have a successful online business that is generating the income you want, you are 100% accurate — it’s not for you, you don’t need it. I always tell anyone who already has a successful business that they do not need SBI!.

    It’s just that most folks do. While it may not be for some, they can simply choose to tradeoff what is more important to them than their failure to succeed online yet, and return to search for THEIR own answer. There’s no “rip-off” there, Seth.

    All the best,

    1. Seth

      Man you have an itchy trigger finger.

      Good luck with your business. Just think it is way overpriced. I could possibly understand $300 for the first website but for each additional one that is way too much. (if that pricing still stands). If your pricing has gotten better then I apologize.

    2. Cat

      Ken, Seth’s point about you charging the same amount for each additional site is something I was curious about too. I can see how your program is valuable to many, and I understand why you’d need to charge for the extra bandwidth & any other costs incurred when people want additional sites. But if the cost of the first site includes access to your training materials, site-building tools etc – why do people who want to add another site have to pay for all that again when they already have it? Why not charge a reduced fee for the additional sites?

      btw this question isn’t meant to come across as bashing you – I don’t have any strong opinion for or against SBI – but it’s something I’ve wondered about ever since reading all the arguments that went on last year (and sorry Griz for going off topic!)

  13. Ken Evoy

    I swore to myself that I would not reply or enter into a cantankerous debate here. I think Griz’s original post is just too important. Griz will influence a large group of people to build real businesses online by building genuine authority sites.

    However, the question (“why is every SBI! the same price no matter how many you purchase”) is a good one, asked in good faith. Before asking, let me premable..

    There are comments throughout this thread that show just how much they don’t understand the ramifications of what Griz is saying (at least by my interpretation). So he has excellent material to cover, and I’m sure he’ll push well beyond that, including pushing beyond what our thinking is in certain areas.

    I see a sea change in mindset coming and I can’t emphasize enough how much there will be for everyone to learn from it. And I’m not ashamed to say we’ll incorporate the best of his brain, like we do with the hundreds of other feeds we follow, into parts of SBI!.

    The following may sound corny, but I believe Griz will have make the world a better place by steering you right, by influencing folks who are ready to take a longer, harder path, but one that lasts and builds you serious, long-term income.

    And there’s nothing wrong with making money while doing so — that’s what makes capitalism so great (it’s the uncontrolled excesses, as we suffer in today’s economy, that is the downside — those Wall Street folks took bogus short cuts, fooled folks who they influenced, and hurt who? Us. But I digress…

    The question of “why do you have to pay the same amount for the second site is a good one.” It was asked, as I said, in the spirit of non-antagonism/bashing, so in the spirit of non-debate, here’s the answer…

    Suppose we were doing “regular hosting” (I don’t even consider SBI! as hosting, as a I said — I would outsource that if I could be sure of pricing, the quality of it, and the 100% control of the technical backend (the choices of which vary enormously and which we could never be sure of).

    But suppose we did do that, and only that. I would let you put 1000 domains on one account, too. For two reasons…

    1) Most people still won’t exceed the TOTAL bandwidth limits across all those sites, so I’d make money if you do 1 site or 1000.

    2) What if you do exceed that bandwidth? Read any TOS agreement by hosts carefully — no matter what the promo material says, the $100/year hosts all have some sort of small print, such as CPU usage, to nail you for a price increase). And free hosting? That’s just deadly if you are serious about building a future online — their TOS’s compromises your entire business.

    Here are our expenses compared to “regular hosting”…

    1) Hiring more and more programmers to…

    i) rewrite existing software (ex, BlockBuilder 2 comes out this year, an entire rewrite of the actual sitebuilder, will be a massive improvement) — the current BB gets the job done (and it includes block-by-block training and other modules that other sitebuilders don’t provide)

    ii) improve existing software (ex., Brainstorm It!, which will be a smarter and smarter partner in the ENTIRE process of business-building, not just a keyword researcher — one small example, it will tell you which page with high potential page could use a deep backlink).

    iii) add brand new software (ex., last year we added Content 2, and then AdSense It! to C2, as well as multi-image upload) – this has become the most important addition to SBI! ever. It turns your site into many-to-1 instead of 1-to-1 content-building, automated. New tools coming this year for this module, too.

    This year, we’ll add important new tools for Social Media (one upgrade and one totally new) to help folks get as much as they can out of with as little effort, along with the conversion of the articles we now provide into a step-by-step guide about when, why, and how to use SMM.

    2) Bandwidth — each year, our bandwidth per site increases. The older SBI! sites get, the more successful they become, on average. I’m sure that we have more “old” sites that work, on a per capita basis, than anyone else. We keep busting into new levels that cost us more and more. Even our bandwidth per site costs keep going up, including all the brand new startups.

    So one alternative is charging more for sites that drive more traffic. They often have thousands of pages (thanks to C2) and grow faster and faster. As logical as this pricing option seems, it will feel like a penalty. Many would understand, some would claim we went back on a promise. It’s a hard call to make.

    3) Infrastructure costs — The hardware/processing power/database needs to run SBI! increase every year, and not by a little. All of those modules take a lot of computing, databasing, etc.

    4) Other personnel (except Support, since Support is a feedback loop that helps us clarify our documentation) — but Content providers, who scan hundreds of feeds, sending me ones they feel is important. They delete old content, update with new material of importance, add new articles.

    Every change filters down from the written Action Guides (provide in full-text, condensed text, video and mobile formats).

    5) The more e-businesses SBIers build, the better they get at it. But no one starts by writing 10 at a one time. You really have time to do ONE at a time. After 6 months, a year, or 2 years (depending on your niche and your time availability), more than half do go on to start a second business.

    While it costs no more to set them up, it will actually cost us more for that SBIer, who is better at it, over the entire process.

    For example, the SBIer takes more time with Brainstorm It! the second time around, doing many more searches, which costs us in CPU. It doesn’t sound like much per user, but it adds up.

    They’ll re-read or re-watch the Action Guide as they do it, in case they’ve missed anything new (although we do send out announcements of new information and tools, etc, in our weekly zine). We know directly (from our stats) and indirectly from the forums, where many will comment about how far it has progressed since they last went through it thoroughly.

    That SBIer will actually, in the long run, cost us more to run his second business than his first. He makes enough from the first not to worry about the price of a second.

    6) Each new SBI! requires a new domain name. We pay for that domain name, and we automatically renew it each year as part of the service. Again, it’s only $10, but that’s straight off our bottom line. So consider the price of SBI! to be $289 vs $100 for “regular hosting,” which will not GIVE you those free 100 domains (cost = $1000, but on average people doing mass-volume, low-value splogs at that cost probably don’t amount to the average SBI! business, and are vulnerable to due to Google Guideline violations).

    7) Every page, every graphic, every THING you ever do, is stored in a database. This integration is unique and allows us to do things for SBIers that other standalone modules don’t do.

    Even mundane modules like Page and Graphic modules are going to incur costs along the way. They actually don’t just get “put” onto the server. We store them all (even those created by those who use their own HTML editors) into a database.

    From there, we assemble each page of every site, to include all other features that SBI! delivers. And whenever someone adds a new page as a link in her NavBar, the entire site is rebuilt.

    Again, the database grows and the CPU keeps going North.

    Maybe you want one C2 page to provide AdSense ads with Aggressivity level 8 instead of 5, which you’ve chosen as your site-wide default. Even stuff as small as that costs a penny her and a penny there.

    And we’re talking about thousands of pennies.

    I’m sure I’ve forgotten other aspects, and I’m sure details can be picked over above, but overall…

    The bottom line? Some things don’t cost more (setting a user up and some minor modules), but when you take it all and add it up, we have to keep the price at $299 per user.

    We would go bankrupt without the income to support ploughing back most of it into the business of building THEIR businesses.

    Regular hosting puts up a blog or site. They don’t charge you more for each site (except for the cost of additional domains). But they’ll increase the price if you start doing real traffic. At the end of the day, IF you ever build enough traffic at good-quality regular hosts, you’ll pay quite a bit more.

    SBIers understand this because they see it first-hand. And they know the value is here. $299 is cheap for building a BUSINESS. I know that sounds like “marketing,” but it’s all OUR expenses behind the scenes to do what we do that enable SBIers to do what they do.

    No one in the real world builds 50 businesses. There is no reason for the e-world to be different. The most any SBIer does is 10. And that was over a period of 10 years. It takes work, hard work, to build a business. With the barriers gone, everyday people unleash potential they had forgotten they had. THAT is what thrills me more than anything.

    But it does not thrill me enough to ignore the economic reality of our business model — we’d go broke if we charged less for each additional business. “Luckily,” the VALUE (the profit that the SBIer makes off of SBI!) can sustain that policy.

    I hope that makes sense.

    All the best,

    P.S. I’d like to respectfully submit that the thread return to Griz and his post. My first comment was purely irresistible to make — never did I dream I would make a post like it. It had nothing to do with SBI!.

    The second was to reply, on a one-time basis, to a typical slam. Seth, I hope this helps you understand and I thank you for your reply.

    This one is to reply to a good question, asked in good faith.

    But I don’t want to sidetrack a post that no one of any prominence (from politicians and billionaires on down) has ever made… voluntarily, without pressure, simply because he came to a realization that he hurt people…

    “I let people believe the dream and encouraged it while knowing that it benefited me while not really benefiting others. I talked about tricks and short cuts and manipulation that worked for short term gain…”

    THAT is a statement that, well, I just can’t enunciate it well enough how much it impacted me. And how much it speaks to Griz. It’s an easy slippery slope to slide down and he stopped it dead in its tracks.

    I have re-read the entire post several times now and am more impressed by it every time. I cannot believe, despite his worries that folks might think this is some sort of Google-appeasing trick or “cynical attempt to manipulate my readers.” The voice is so strong, consistent, without any “if I hurt anyone” type of clauses. It’s real.

    THAT should not be pulled off target by SBI!.

    I also do NOT want to appear to be selling SBI!. Like I said, I know the position of most here is unchangeable. I just post to congratulate Griz.

    So, love him or leave him (and I suggest you love him), could the thread return to his original content? :-)

    1. Cat

      Thanks for clarifying Ken; that makes sense.

      I hope this doesn’t devolve into another SBI debate also.

    2. Seth

      Well, thanks for the reply but honestly, I don’t have time to read all that.

      I am too busy making money with the 20 websites that I have owned for over 3 years and thank goodness they aren’t SBI sites because I would be out a LOT of money if they were.

    3. Leo Dimilo

      Ummm…..was this comment a guest post or something? For a second, I thought I was reading a sales offer without the corny impact fonts and sub heads….

  14. Ken Evoy Makes Me Sick |

    [...] write more on this later … but the fact that Ken hijacks Griz’s post and makes it all about him and SBI shows what a POS he really is.  He just can’t help but [...]

  15. Dennisjr

    Its not gone people can still read it here:

    It was interesting to watch a group of people collaborate to create dissenting views using links and SEO. However, when people searched for SBI before, there was barely any reviews other than praise for SBI which is not typical.

    For what its worth, I never cared when Griz would take the negative aspect. However several people learned allot from his plot. I also believe he also used to gauge how powerful of a network he had access to:I could be wrong too.

    1. Booboo

      I laughed after the first sentence.

  16. Site Build It Review | Passive Income Online: Lis Sowerbutts

    [...] few days ago Grizz made an interesting post about how he became one of the good guys in the Make Money Online niche – and why he walked [...]

  17. rob sellen


    Wow, nice way to do the same shit you say grizz was wrong to do ken… hijacking the thread, stop hyping ya crap, it’s alot of money for EACH site, except it… you are pitching your shit on a blogger’s blog who has clearly shown it for what it is… oh the irony.

    Anyone who can’t put a wordpress site up on a domain and do things that way at a FRACTION of the cost of your crap overpriced set up should be really considering whether it’s a wise thing to be getting into…

    Anyway, grizz, sorry for me little outburst… I don’t feel you have any apology to make, I am also reading between the lines here… if anything I have learnt from you it is that, not just what you say, but what you do, matters. ;)

    Handicap dropping? :)

  18. Allyn

    FWIW – I never really liked you Griz. The help you gave me by sharing your audience through linkage and recommendations and all that… it was all just you being fake and just used up my bandwidth (Ken Evoy- I feel your pain there skinny).
    Good riddance bear.

    :) :)


  19. Tyler Davis

    So, is this what Grizz was trying to say?

    “Grizz was rich and bought his way to the top. He played golf with SEO experts who helped him out a lot on SEO issues and link building. He felt guilty selling a dream to people without the ability to buy links and without his golf course allies.”

  20. Steve Sherron

    It’s like this Griz…Internet marketing and golf are very similar. You study, watch and practice. Figure out what actually works for you and throw out the fluff. Everyone loves the long ball but the best putter usually wins.

    I love you man!

  21. Paul

    Hey Allyn! It’s nice to see you are still alive and still like to poke bearz with sticks!

    What I enjoy about this discussion is some of the people complaining actually think it is about them!

    $300 for a site! You can get an indexable one from Intuit for free! And it comes with free, live advice!

  22. Booboo

    Started with zero, now I’m in a tropical country making $4k a month.

    ..I’m not in a tropical country because of what you taught, but I’m here because of real life work lol. But still, from zero to $4k in nearly 3 years doing something on the side? That’s awesome.

    I just randomly check back if you have anything new, now I have to check 3 sites instead of just the crappy blogspot one? Dammit.

  23. Dave

    So, I am maybe “guessing” that guy may have a slight involvement in SBI then????????? Although it is a little hard to tell.

    Jeez Grizz, and I thought your posts were long.

    Like Seth, no way am I reading all that, backlinks to make.

    Old Skool Grizz styley!

    Follow me on Twitter ;)

    You know it makes sense.

  24. Alexis

    Grizzy, muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuah


    That's all I have to say…
    wait… no it isn't

    You'll never be a guru to me, you'll be the gurizzly.

  25. Dennisjr

    wow.. over a 100 comments.. that is old skool Griz blogging….hehehe

  26. Terry


    Ok, after all that, I’m just going to crack open a cold one and put my feet up to contemplate why the bubbles go up in the glass…

    Que sera, sera hombre!

  27. Rhys

    This is, as usual, a terrific read. Glad to see you back and still firing on all cylinders Griz, albeit with a new “filter” to lessen the “smoke”!

    As usual you have made me look a bit more carefully at my own methods – I had to go and re-write my home page as a result!

    So thanks again and good wishes for 2011.

    ;-) – Rhys

  28. SaltyDroid

    Can’t say that I exactly understand this post … or how I got pulled into it … but it sounds like some sort of epiphany so I’d hate to interrupt.

    But how do I censor my comments? I beg to differ.

    It’s strange how you all want to see me through your marketing lenses. I got popular on accident while trying to accomplish a different goal. I remain focused on that other goal … whatever happens with the popularity happens.

    In case you don’t get the underlying premise of my site it is this ::

    – badguys {especially sociopaths} can’t take jokes
    – victims of cult-think manipulation tactics can still hear jokes … even through the fog

    … that is all. It’s working pretty awesomely … I’m sorry that it’s left you unimpressed.

  29. BenK

    Great post Griz . I agree with it.

    I’ve been down the road of building shit and promoting it by any means necessary. But that road is a road to nowhere.

    Link building spam, SEO trickery (and yes, it all works wonderfully — but for how long?), and BS content works, but it’s not a way to build a real business that lasts.

    SEO is important but it’s not necessary (other than some of the basic principles). People get too caught up in trying Post Spammer X or Y method of ranking their sites fast.

    But what most people don’t seem to realize is that IF you build a site that really helps the reader find what they are looking for (build content WORTH linking to) and you SOCIALIZE in that niche, stuff happens by magic.

    Some of my best sites were sites I created a few years ago and did 0 backlinking. Yet 3 years later, said sites have 10k+ natural links and completely dominate niches. There are a LOT of methods to get real links that don’t require link spamming.

    In a lot of ways the whole SEO/linkbuilding stuff has done more “harm” than it has good for people. If more people just “forgot” that stuff ever existed and focused on building up REAL websites, promoting them like you would a real life business, a lot more people would find they make money online.

    Good stuff and best of luck with your new stuff.

    Ben K

    1. Seth

      “natural links” from where Ben? I want to know where these “natural links” are coming from.


      1. Ross

        Hi Seth,

        For me, natural links have come from customers, media/blogs, press releases, and similar businesses (when the content is good).

        In my experience, it takes much longer than forcing links, primarily because the content needs to inch up the rankings before anyone even knows it exists.

        Regarding press releases, yes, they are initially contrived but the natural links that follow are not.

        Keep in mind, my experience online surrounds businesses with tangible (including digital) products/services, and not so much “content only” properties.


      2. Terry

        The only decent natural links your ever gonna get will come by accident or by pure luck. Most of us don’t get that kind of luck.

        I have some sites I started 4 years ago that I put my heart and soul into. Real blogs well written, real subjects (not MMO), interesting stuff that loads of people like to read about and I knew what I was writing about because they were (and still are) subjects that I was/am passionate and knowledgeable about.

        I did the whole social 9 yards because back then its all I knew. Blog catalog, mybloglog and all that crap. Digged, Stumbled and Reddit’ed (ad nauseaum) until I was blue in the face… and how many natural links did I get from all that socializing crap?


        Those lovingly crafted and painstakingly built old sites that I left to rot 2 years or so ago so I could put all my work effort into working niches that made me decent money, well they still don’t rank shit for anything worth ranking for.

        But the niche sites that I built links for DO rank and they rank very well thanks to all those links. The sites that rake in the coin for me are NOT thin. They’re 200 page plus, all original content monsters that are still growing. I will keep building them to rank for ever more keywords in their respective niches and pull in more affiliate sales. I don’t really care about adsense. Its pocket money compared to what I make in affiliate sales from targeted traffic that comes via the SEs.

        The trick is finding your own balance in this business and do what works for you. Don’t listen to ANYONE else tell you to change what you’re doing if what you’re doing is working! If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

        Reading between the lines, I think what Griz is telling everyone is something like, while you need to learn the basics from someone who is not going to rip you off, you must take what you learned and apply it, tinker with it and make it work for you and your business.

        Stick to the basics but experiment and come up with ideas of your own. Most will crash and burn but every so often you’ll hit upon something that works. And then the money comes in because on one else is doing it. Watch for things changing and modify your working methods to keep pace because some things fall by the wayside while new stuff appears.

        Stay flexible and keep tinkering!

        1. Cata

          Thumbs up for Terry!

    2. Strathy

      When I look at the ‘natural’ links that I’ve received on some of my niche sites, the only links are coming from scrapers. I have a Hub that has several hundred links coming to it – I build about 50 of them – the rest are from scrapers.

      On my boating site, I’ve received a good number of legit natural backlinks, but I believe it is because of the niche and the ‘birds of a feather flock together’ mentality of boaters. That mentality is not found so much on my ‘purple kitchen curtains’ niche site … that site has never received a ‘natural’ link nor have the scrapers seemed to have found the information worth stealing.

      Looking forward to hearing how Griz ‘acquires’ backlinks.

  30. Mark Washburn

    I think you put it about as clear and succinctly as it could be said. Looking back, I guess I should have followed the old axiom…”do onto others as you would have them do onto you”. I’ve made what some would consider a boatload of money with parked pages, autogenerated web pages and crappy sites and it was relatively easy to do. Funny thing though, anytime I ran into one of those things myself I kept thinking they were the scourge of the net. Eventually I worked just as hard building crap and trying to keep up with it all when I could and should have just built some honest to goodness sites that even I would have found truly useful. Oh, and by the way, you and I aren’t the judge of quality content…your readers are and you’ll know soon enough if what you have is good or not. If it’s good enough there’s no reinventing the wheel at that point, you just build your business and be damn happy about doing it along the way.

    And for those that are interested…a Grizzly Brears bobblehead is on the way, be sure to sign up if you want one cuz a guy’s gotta make a living…me…not him ;-)

  31. | Where Social Marketing Comes into Play

    [...] this is why I think that a lot of folks who read Grizzly’s last post don’t really understand.  They view it as an either/or thing; not something that can be used [...]

  32. Mark Washburn


    It’s a good question on the links. As I understand it your a member of TKA right? So you know about Frasers site where he’s said he’s never worked on backlinks? I think he’s posted as such in the TKA forum and in speaking with him personally he noted the same thing. At last check in Yahoo Site Explorer today that site as about 13,000 links coming into it.

    Now granted the site has been around forever and is huge but I can think of at least a handful of other sites I’m personally familiar with that are making decent money (in info or ecommerce) that have never worked much on backlinks, yet there are a good number coming in.

    All I can say is these sites either stand out (to me anyway) as being pretty large, laced with good content or a really unique level of content, or they’ve connected with enough people to create some kind of buzz. In some of these sites there have been forms of link exchanges in terms of article trading, and such, but that appears to be very limited.

    Those are my observations at least and I write this with the disclosure that I’m working on backlinks as we speak. I’ve just seen enough evidence to suggest that while they’re a part the whole equation, there are other components that matter as much or more.

    Just my two cents without a money back guarantee…

  33. BenK


    ““natural links” from where Ben? I want to know where these “natural links” are coming from.


    Be creative Seth. If that’s the attitude you take with internet marketing, you are not going to go very far indeed.

    You need to find creative ways to generate natural links. And no, they don’t come by following a 1-2-3 guide.

    For a start, you should write linkbait. If you do it write, the links, over time, rain down.

    1. Seth

      You don’t know how much I make. It might be $100 a month or $20,000. But I have been doing this professionally for almost 3 years now and this is my job. And my job right now pays me well because I get links like I was taught by you know who.

      I also noticed you didn’t tell me where any of your 10,000 “natural links” came from.

      So I need to write link bait so that other bloggers will link to my “black night stands” site?

      Link bait for my “cheap dishwashers” site?

      Is that what you are telling people to do. Really?

      I’ve read every word of your blog and I know you link like a madman as do I.

      I’m with Terry on this one. I write some good stuff on some of my sites and only TWO times that I know of has anybody linked to it naturally.

      We are not talking about make money online blogs here. You no doubt have tons of natural links to your MMO blog.

      I just seriously doubt you have gotten anywhere close to 10,000 natural links to a niche blog or even a blog that covers multiple niches.

  34. BenK - Make Money Online with Seo


    You’re right, I don’t know how much you make. I’m a full time internet marketer myself and I have been for a few years now. I’ve even posted portions of my income from time to time to cut through some of the bullshit (I’m a firm believer if you are going to offer advice online in this niche, you better damn well be able to prove you know what you are talking about).

    Keep in mind that I have nothing to prove in this niche. I’m not taking anyone’s money and I’ve had

    I think you are misunderstanding my comments. But you certainly have a point, so I’ll take some time to address this.

    I’m certainly not saying give up linkbuilding. Oh no (and you can read my soon-t0-be-posted-post for more info as I’m gettting a ton of questions about this). I linkbuild like a madman and I would never tell you to give up on it.

    But, it’s so easy to get lost in the whole SEO linkbuilding thing that you miss the forest from the trees.

    Does linkbuilding help. Hell yea.

    Is that the “best way” to go about it? Well, I’d be a hypocrite to tell you no. I make more each month than some earn a year because I build links and mostly because I’ve built links.

    But, I’ve also found that you can do VERY well without doing the build backlinks like a beast mentality.

    Some of my sites have received over 10k links naturally (one in particular), but I’ll be the first to tell you, it’s not something you can just do by writing a couple quality posts for “cheap toasters.” For something like that, you need to be indirect. And that’s where the creativity comes in.

    How do you do it? Well that’s why you need to buy my How to Make Money Online ebook for 97.99.

    Just kidding.

    There are a number of “ways”, but the most effective I’ve found personally is to write linkbait posts in the form of a list. And if you are in a niche where you can’t do that, you can indirectly cook up something related. Say you have a female bra site. You write a list about Top 10 Sexy Ladies That Don’t Wear Bra’s (see for some ideas here). THAT’s the type of post that gets links. There is some groundwork to promote that type of post.

    Of course, your site needs to look like a good site. The bottom line is that you say “you can’t get that many natural links” and I say you certainly can. But you need to be creative about how you get them. If you are “active” about trying to get natural links, you can.

    This is a frickload of “work” and for the average piece of shit 10 page site, it’s maybe not practical. But if you are trying to build a site of substance (which is not a 10 page site), then that work is worth the effort.

    I’ve said my piece on the subject. And good luck to you.

    1. Seth

      Thanks for that. I hear you about the creativity but what you described is more work than most are willing to do. Perhaps me too.

      I understand being social doesn’t hurt but I’ve already been down that “social” path when I started (thanks Problogger and others) and I made squat. Once I started linking the money started rolling in.

      I think a good balance is always great if you can do it but I wonder how many of us can really pull it off successfully? I’d hate to see a whole new bunch of bloggers reading this (and old ones) thinking they have to Tweet 20 times a day now just to get a following. Well maybe I would like that after all because it would cut down my competition.

      I’m done with this too now. I’ve almost written as much as Ken Evoy.

  35. Scott Ludtke

    Just a question…

    How do you get anything done having a debate in Griz’s comments?

  36. BenK - Make Money Online with Seo


    Agreed, I think we did write more than Ken Envoy. That’s depressing.

    For sure, it’s pretty much impossible to acquire natural links if your sites are those ultra specific niche sites without more work than it might be worth it.

    I will agree that’s it’s not worth the time. But if you are moving towards the model of the “supersite” as I call it, then linkbaiting tactics can work amazingly (FYI, some of the content I did write ended up on frontpages which resulted in a shitload of links).

    Good luck to you make lots of money online!

    Ben K

  37. How to Build Backlinks Naturally | How to Make Money Online with SEO

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  38. Internet Marketing Done Right | Internet Marketing

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  39. Anonymous

    LMAO. Ken, that is the best caricature of a privileged white male I’ve ever seen.

  40. Graham

    Hello Grizz,

    You seem to have websites all over the place! :-)

    That’s a very interesting piece you have written there, and it seems to me that it came from the heart.

    Your conscience obviously pricked you, but nonetheless it takes a lot of courage to openly admit to it.

    Hypocrisy never hurt anyone, and you never ripped anyone off so you can sleep easy, and never forget in your old blogger blog, in case you have forgotten, you quite clearly stated to all: “Never trust anyone”

    I could be wrong but maybe you had a little competition going on and maybe it was hard to let that go.

    The fact remains that you are still very good at what you do and your writings have helped many more people than they hurt I’m sure, and even give some a glimmer of hope, even the latecomers like myself who found many nuggets in your pages, just simple stuff that helped a lot in the beginning.

    What you were doing for yourself makes no difference, you gave your time to help others, for selfish reasons or otherwise, still makes no difference, you actually helped people unlike 99.9% of others in the IM field who do not give a f***.
    So, thankyou for your help and I salute your honesty.
    Happy New Year.

  41. PotatoChef

    Grizz, does this mean more or less golf?

  42. holbrook

    good to see the man behind the bear. just like all crusades by the end of them often times the true meaning of why they began it is lost. it looks as though you have found your true meaning again and that is exciting. cant wait to see more stuff from you. thanks for what you have done

  43. Don James

    Ha! Very funny post, Griz – here I was gone for over 9 months (hiatus) and had absolutely no idea that you had revamped, rebuilt, retooled and refreshed to a new start. In mid December I clicked on my old Griz links and, behold!, they were gone! It took no time to find this site, however.

    There is something I want to add to your article on essentially how to ‘make money online’ (shameless keyword plug for you) and content. One observation about long content that I think you didn’t mention (or, I’m just getting old and missed it) is that longer articles produce longer responses from readers as well – thereby increasing your content and improving your search engine, content reading, bots excitement. As a reader I’m glad to get longer, better information about ‘earning income online’ (there’s another) as does Google.

    What bothers me the most is that I’ve always known that longer content = better rank thanks to Bruce Clay – who I followed about 7 years ago – readers, note, read Bruce Clay’s online guide to SEO at If you look at his front page; 10,000+ words on one page – he has been #1-#5 in Google for the keyword ‘Search Engine Optimization’ for years now. Do you think he looks like an authority?

    I’m getting offtrack here – but, the key is – the more you are expert, the more you have to write. The more you write, the more the search engines like you. And, if you’re really lucky, you’re an expert in something that is popular and high payout.

    Now, back to my work on lizards of north australia….

  44. Splork

    Damn bro. Seems like your shift of focus has got some in the TKA in a bit of a tizzy. Folks have been working so hard the last 2-3 years in building these simple sniper sewer niche sites and now all of a sudden the guy they admire, or heard about, is doing something different just spins their heads. It’s like some are going through the 5 stages of grief. They are still between anger and denial. :)

  45. Behind The Scenes Of A Guru | Copywriting Dean

    [...] Careful… You May Become Popular [...]

  46. RED

    To be honest, after the may-day update, it seemed like Griz’s old methods hit their roadblock. This is just me personally, but that’s when I noticed I had to do a bunch of different things in order to rank well. Besides, if these methods don’t work as well, would they rather him just teach a bunch of old BS still and pretend its the way to go? For me SEO boils down to a few things in no particular order: Images, Interesting Articles, Backlinks, Socializing within the Niche. Backlinks will come if you have the other stuff. That’s my new gameplan for things anyway, has been for quite a bit and it works well.

  47. Mark Washburn

    Hey Red…interesting you should mention images, you don’t hear that talked about very much for the most part.


  48. RED

    Yeah, most likely because even if you get a ton of traffic, people looking for pictures won’t always convert for marketers. Images are big part of one of my sites though. I almost always never write a post without one or two relating to my content. It all depends on what you are writing about too I guess, but I’ll definitely say that I believe having related images in a post helps get natural links easier and quicker than without.

  49. Nick

    Well, glad I’ve been pumping out some masso content sites in 2010 and diversified from thin affiliate/ebook sites. Also, I’d advise anyone to start a proper business site – no, not related to IM or SEO – but a business/brand site. You can outsource most of the work if you haven’t a clue, and tbh whether it’s products or services you offer then you’ll do well if you focus at it.

    I started a services business about 5 years ago and IM/SEO fulltime 3 years ago – the services business makes more money & profit than the IM/SEO one, even though I put more time into the latter and I make a decent income. And, if you haven’t got any ideas for a business idea then get ahold of a friend or two and sell something – create a solid brand.

    This, I feel, is what Griz is really getting at, but I could be wrong – diversity and stability for the future.

  50. Htaccess Redirect

    Whoa there, Nelly! Anybody who has dipped their toes into writing and teaching about making money online is going to have “students” and “followers” who LOVE them (stalk them online and keep asking “Just one more question!” and HATE them (because they think it’s immoral to recommend IM products that you might actually make a commission on.) Doesn’t mean they aren’t responsible for their reactions. You didn’t do anything wrong. Seems all you’ve done over the years I’ve been following your writing is to try to give people useful info and OF COURSE not everybody is going to have the same advantages or knowledge base or resources that you do, so it won’t be as easy for them. So what? If I attend a real estate investment seminar taught by Donald Trump I understand that the guy was born into money, so therefore he HAD money to invest, and his situation is going to be different from mine if I’m fresh out of college with $150,000 in school loans and that’s all. Doesn’t mean his point of view doesn’t have value. Doesn’t mean his way will work for me, but it’s all good information to have.

    I don’t think anybody expects experts in the make money online niche to be white knights OR bad boys – being realistic, occasionally cynical, and yet still helpful works just fine for me!

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