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163 responses to “Careful… You may become popular…”

  1. Kenney "My Man" Edwards

    yes, i am writing in lower case, don’t know why i do that… lol

    just wanted to say, after reading this post, you seemed a little down and i wanted to give you another perspective of someone looking in from the outside. i have been reading your blog for a long time, waiting for you to post and just to see what you have to say.

    because after reading your blog i felt at home, peace with your info and i loved the realness & truth. you may say that you weren’t teaching us what you were doing, but NOT true.

    you took us on the journey, and if we read between the lines (which you taught us to do) we could get the REAL info that you were trying out underneath.

    one of your post you even take us through a long journey of how we go to where we were with the BIG G and links & spamming and everything,

    you told us exactly what was working as it was working. you told us to start to build better sites as it is now better to do. AND IF ANYONE was listening to the cry underneath the jokes, we would know that:

    we needed to create better content, build bigger sites better sites, be careful with those authority sites because they are gold (that you mentioned were for linking to other sites)

    you taught us that we NEEDED TO DO SOME FREAKIN work and stop trying to make money with adsense if we were not willing to BE content publishers… which means locking yourself away writing and producing good content.

    you told us how hard you worked.. by saying that you sometimes would go on only 4-6 hours of sleep. i WAS listening between the lines.

    you told us in one of your beginning post that we could do white hat stuff like:

    write and submit articles to white hat sites like ezinearticles and goarticles and that the content should be good… that helped us to get good links and (leverage) traffic from these sites.

    you told us things (secrets) that we wanted to hear like what the other BIG money makers were doing with links. we wanted to know this. we wanted to know what people out there were really doing.

    and we should have had sense to know that we should still have been building a business. you told us about sites that were in different niches (like furniture) that you were in and that we should build good content, long post (the gist of the new xfactor course) that would bring us traffic without having to get links because of ALL of the themed keywords that we would have in the post and the “one off” searches that we could really never optimize for with links.

    see griz…. YOU taught us a lot. times change and we adapt. YOU gave us secrets that we would have never known because you had inside access.

    you taught us to think. we know that you are an introvert because if you weren’t you wouldn’t have used a pick of a bear for ever, or not let us see what you look like in your “fox” video and you wouldn’t have messed with your wife for posting your pic on FB. or you wouldn’t have lived in a remote place in Canada away from everyone.

    we get it. this is why i don’t comment usually… i come here and “get out my cup of coffee”, drink, then move on and get back to work. because in the beginning you were real and said that it could take 2 years to finally reach our BIG goals, but that we could have little successes along the way. you said that you had 7 main sites that you were working on to bring to a $100 dollar adsense level a long while ago (if we were listening we would have paid attention and realized that you were building quality sites also, you then pointed us to TKA were they have been taking care of everyone and giving them the info they needed to put your secrets to work)

    so after this, i will leave you alone (comment wise) for a bit, but i will still read.

    i AM hear because your stuff works and because EVEN though i don’t know you personally, i like you. i like to see what you have to say.

    I DON’T READ ANYONE ELSE’S BLOG ABOUT ANYTHING…. ever, i don’t give a crap about what they have to say.

    so, pony up, and tell me some shitznit that i am craving to hear.

    thanks griz

    Kenney “My Man” Edwards

  2. Paul

    Amen, Kenny.

  3. Click Here

    Holy Cow ! I should get a life !!

    How to fill up your blog with a million comments !!!

    The ‘click here’ prize for the best comment goes to ………… Allyn Hane !!!! He made me laugh and got the bear to wake up.

    Sorry to the rest of you – you all need to practice some more !!!!!


    1. Don James

      Only one link should be the response to this:

  4. Allyn

    @ VicW – thanks for the props, just wait until you see my video response. Ken Evoy and Griz having a convo in my kitchen. Just need to block some time to shoot it.

  5. Kat

    Much as I suspected – you’ve pulled off The Great MMO Swindle (with apologies to the late Malcolm McLaren). Except… I and many others have been quietly making good money applying your words of wisdom/hard won experience.

    Mind you, I could never quite bring myself to write drivel. The modus operandi at Kat Towers is 1) identify a lucrative looking topic, 2) research the thing to death 3) write better article(s) than what is currently available.

    My conscience remains unruffled and of late I too have noticed that I can worm my way into high places pretty much (I presume) on the strength of the material, the trust placed in the site and a mere sprinkle of links – both internal and on well related sites. Works for me and a lot less tedious than mass link building – though that certainly delivered results in the past and I’m sure still does.

    Oh, and leave the tears to the crocodiles, it’s most unbecoming in a bear, especially a supposedly grizzly one!

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  7. Fishhound

    Ok Griz, you should be feeling all warm, fuzzy and relieved by now. Lets get to work on the new way. Even though after 4 years of reading you, I never really figured out the old way or at least I never figured out how to be successful with it. I’m sticking with you because I believe you’re the only one in this sewer that truly cares if your readers learn to mmo or not; and like everyone else I enjoy reading your stuff. I’ve invested way too many hours to quit. I’m going to make some money at this or die of old age trying!

  8. MJ


    The problem with the ‘new method’ (which is not all that new) is that most people are not naturally experts in anything. Many are not even passionate about anything except that they hate their jobs and want out.

    Its all well and good for all of the gurus (from their lofty perches) to decide they’re changing their minds and going a different direction, but many of us will struggle to become the expert that they are calling for. Don’t get me wrong. I hate link building and don’t do much of it.

    I’ll continue to follow you to see what you teach, but I’m disappointed at the change.

  9. Mark Washburn

    Hi MJ,
    I can totally understand where you’re coming from and agree with your assessment of most people just wanting out of a job. Been there, done that. However I do want to say that it’s not impossible or even that hard to become a type of expert in something. Been there and done that too. I became knowledgable through time and study on various topics and now I am able to help people in a truly beneficial way. I sincerely think you can pick almost any market which has value and move forward with it.

    Is it all about making money? Well although this blog has that title, I don’t think it’s as simple as that. Griz has the following he does because he’s become a noted “expert” and has shared that knowledge pretty freely unlike other garbage that comes from so many others. I guess if I would follow anything that he did it would be to model his big picture approach rather than every little nuance.

    You and I, as well as anyone else can learn more about anything we set our mind too. Not everyone will get the most out of that knowledge or the sharing of it, but I have to say as I look far, far down the road, that’s going to the be the thing that will end up paying off in a greater way and long term. If the expertise and most importantly the value isn’t there…people simply won’t need or want it.

    Just my two cents and hopefully it’s worth more than that:)

  10. Nigerian Entrepreneur

    Well in those days when I started newly, I was gullible and I swallowed everything the ‘gurus’ claimed worked for them. That was until I stumbled on your old site and my eye was opened that I was just been lied to and used.

    Well, I read your post above and I can only say you’ve done well. Many may see you as a fraud, but I still see you as someone that helped me in my time of need. Many of the lessons I learned from your old site still work for me. Maybe because I chose the option of working hard and allowing time to reward my effort.

    I still remain your fan. Cheers. ;-)

  11. Mike

    Love what you say about the forums. Too funny! I have seen it time and time again. It’s pukey to say the least. Great technique for getting a following though. Might have to try it.

    Been trying to get a hold of you.


  12. make money James

    wooow, grizzly, i have been reading your blog sonce 2008/2009, I think it was those years and I remember when you were the first one that I followed that talked about how to make money online, and I feel now that you are blaming yourself, dont! it’s not your fault, you just wanted to survive and to provide better life for your familly, we all do. We who are going through the same (bloggers) know what you are trying to say to us and world, we all see the mistakes we make, and talking about A while doing B, but I guess at the end we all know deep inside of ourselves that we do the same things as the others and that’s why we go over it in hope that everything will be ok and better.
    Many of us grow up reading you, I was in my teens, now I’m finishing college and writing new blog too, and its all thanks to you, so even If this criticue on yourself was to straight us up, don’t worry we will do the right thing.
    And yes, this blog post is the one that you took from every blogger’s mind.

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