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123 responses to “The Twitter Game”

  1. Free Business Cards

    Twitter is good for one thing. Customer Service. I had major problems with Bank of America because a direct deposit didn’t go through while I was on vacation. It ended causing tons of fee and the customer support and service phone lines pretty much said too F’in bad!

    So I decided to twit 2 things, one was that BoA was evil and never to do business with them, the second was the BoA twitter page. The next day I got a call from the BoA CEO’s office (some secretary not the CEO calling) and they told me that all fines had been refunded.

    Twitter saved my $$$.

  2. Chewie

    Sorry I was busy washing the cat, but she has a hard time cleaning herself after getting out of the litter. This means we have to wash her literally 5-10 times per day which leaves very little time for twitter. Sorry about that.

    As for the over capacity thing you see, its obvious. Just look at the picture.. Whales are heavy aren’t they?… Well there you go!

  3. Brendan A

    I find it humorous after reading all your 3 year old blogspot blogs, and now reading your newer post style after being on social media. Your starting to sound like a angry tween. Ha ha jk bud

  4. Elizabeth

    Thanks to twitter; I was able to read your post so fast.You are right about the no of followers.I don’t think people will gain much by following a lot of people. I find it difficult to keep up with all the tweets even with a very few following and followers.Sometimes it becomes a total mess where you need to dive deep to get the relevant tweets.
    Pruning the following list once in a while, protecting your tweets to avoid spammers( people who are serious about you will request to follow you)are things that I implement.
    Sometimes we need to learn to unfollow certain people who just help to add to the clutter. Sometimes following someone is a fashion statement; we need to unlearn this habit.

  5. Lin

    Griz, I could go on a rant for hours on end about Twitter and what a colossal waste of time it is. It’s umm addicting too, but still a complete waste of time.

    Sure, some twitter twits are making money on Twitter, if you call Magpie and other sponsored tweet b.s. to be legit money making practices. Oh, and if you’re someone like who is pictured in your post and get noobs to spend money on ebooks and stuff.

    I’m about to go on a major mass unfollow rampage of twitter twits who do nothing but send me stupid dm “vote for me” messages out of the blue, who have never so much as said hello. Twitter is loaded with stupid robot “followers” who suddenly appear out of nowhere because you use a specific “keyword” in a tweet or even in a post title. ARGH!!!!

    Twitter = Waste of time, mostly.

  6. Kenneth

    John Chow is making money on Twitter and says I can too! Who are you to say I can’t? Anyway being on top of the serps is no way to earn money. You need a loyal following…everyone knows that! Sheesh…

    1. Small Business

      You can tell that to the newbies. I followed John Chow for months. He even visited my blog once, but what did I make out of it, zero dollar :-(

      I didn’t need to follow Grizzly, neither did he visit my blog, but I earned my first google cheque after reading his OLD post on how to make money online which was pasted on an ugly blogspot free website.

      If John Chow is making any money on twitter, it is because some noobs are busy following his words as if he is a guru. So, he makes money online out of their IGNORANCE while they make nothing from the mumbo jumbo theories they get from him.

      I’ve been there, I know better and I have better result to show for it.

      Thanks Grizzly for not selling craps to newbies. I would have followed you on twitter, but like you pointed out, it is just all sham. I only check my twitter account once a while (like once in 2weeks) ;-)

      I prefer doing keyword research and build backlink so that my google adsense income will grow. ;-) I figure out that it is a better way to make money online without selling crap to my innocent folks. Cheers ;-)

  7. Steve Sherron

    You nailed it Griz and you did it in a nice way. I could go on and on about Twitter to no avail. It has it uses and purpose but is only 90% of what most people want you to think. 99% of all users use it in such a way that they are dumbasses, plain and simple. You can’t follow 30K people. You can’t interact but with a handful. In real life, most people have a very small circle of friends. When someone rings my doorbell at home, I peak around the corner to see if I want to answer the door. Not very social huh? Twitter is mostly a fad because it has limits. 140 characters. I don’t want limits on my Socialization. Facebook is better and when Google Wave hits, you may kiss Twitter goodbye.

  8. Trent Brownrigg

    For some reason my “followers” and “following” on my personal Twitter account are always even with each other, or close to it. That’s not on purpose either. Sometimes I will get a bunch of new followers and feel all warm and fuzzy inside only to find the number back to even next time I log in.

    I used to have like 300 more followers than following and they all disappeared out of nowhere. I could understand it if people were unfollowing me or deleting their accounts or whatever, and I was just losing followers, but it seems odd to me that my numbers are always basically even. I swear they delete my followers and keep it even on purpose. Oh no Twitter is out to get me!

    Anyway, I personally think Twitter is a massive waste of time. I have two accounts totally about 5000 followers and I have yet to see anything useful come out of it. And it seems like everyone I know who uses Twitter on a regular basis says the same thing.

    Even the people who claim to get a lot of traffic from Twitter will usually admit that it doesn’t convert into anything, so it’s basically useless.

    I see it losing popularity and going down the shitter sooner rather than later. People will eventually figure out they are just wasting time on it.

    1. Trent Brownrigg

      Oh I just remembered, I registered the domain a while back when Twitter really started taking off. Almost completely forgot about that. I thought maybe I could come up with some way to actually make money on Twitter but that never happened so the domain has just been parked.

  9. JeepnDave

    Twitting is a total waste of time agreed! What is not a waste of time at least I hope it will not be is the Dragon Speak….. I was considering picking this up as well and was wondering how well it worked with wordpress. I will be curious to hear what you think of it in a few weeks after you have “trained it”. Are you using it for the comment replies as well?

    Thanks Griz

    Gotta go wash my cat ;-)

    1. amki

      Dragon Naturally Speaking is perfect for anyone satisfied with less than 100% accuracy in their writing.

      1. Stephan

        With a few hours of training, you can get close to 100%. So, it is not that different from typing and then quickly editing your writing. I get about 120 wpm with DNS and about 45 WPM typing. I can now complete a good quality 1000 word article in about 10 minutes. The tricky part is training yourself to think/speak in article format. A few notes and practice. It’s definitely a great tool for us typing-challenged types. :)

  10. Marketing Ideas

    I have to admit that I made quite a bit of money from Twitter related products. I test them, write reviews and then use seo to rank for them. Those just like any other affiliate program you do that with will pay nicely. Eventually, people sent me all sorts of programs to try and review because of past reviews. So I neither use the products daily, paid for them and sit and collect the commissions. I even ran an awesome ppc campaign on one program because I couldn’t lose. But pure and simple tweeting hasn’t paid shit nor did I ever expect it to. I cashed in on some paid for tweets to “try” it and review it but that’s not my style. About 6 months ago twitter was quite the hotbed of self promotion and spam but as people clued in that has dropped significantly. Mostly I use it for half hearted banter and trying to reach those people I might not otherwise reach through normal means.

  11. Mr. ToughMoneyLove

    Agreed about the Twitter wasteland. I get new followers everyday by merely existing as a twitter user. I rarely tweet. It’s all about the ego for bloggers who love twitter. They can brag that they have more followers not reading the tweets they write than I have followers not reading the tweets I don’t write.

  12. You're Wrong about social media


    You are completely wrong about Twitter. I am making a killing on it, along with Facebook, MySpace, StumbleUpon and all the others.

    You see, I bought a couple of ebooks that told me the secrets to use them to make a shit load of money.

    It just keeps running in!

    It has also helped me tackle those tough markets that you said couldn’t be done and are to tough to compete in. I’m first for credit cards now…

    …well, at least first in how much I am spending to drive traffic to my site….

    …well, at least I got 3 clicks for $.29 today!!!!

    See it works!!!!


  13. Agrande

    I never did really understand the whole twitter thing. Last year I left a comment about what a waste of time it was and the A-lister said “Oh no just wait and see.” Well I signed up and didn’t get anything.
    I still get people following me even though I have never tweetered or whatever it’s called. At first I thought I was really interesting because people wanted to hear what I had to say but that feeling didn’t last long. My wife reminded me I am boring and the followers probably think I am someone else. :-)
    Enough time wasted on twitting. When I was a kid a Twit was someone who didn’t have a clue, maybe we were right after all.

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  15. Denise

    I love Twitter! :-)

    I can get notifications so much quicker than I can from Feedburner or email. I do not tweet much on it but I get all sorts of current info quickly.

    I mainly use twitter for search. I can target my local areas and see exactly what is going on in different communities before it is sent to the media. This really helps to scoop the news. I get pretty decent rankings for current news.

    Do I make money Twitting? No! But I have not dug into niche specific areas yet.

    1. Steve Sherron

      This is one of the few good ways to use Twitter. I do the same sometimes. Sometimes I do get a lead on a story or person who helps me in my hyperlocal blogging effort.

  16. Costa

    LOL. I’m in Twitter cos everyone is there. That’s the only reason. I have a plugin that tweets my post everytime I update and I almost never have anything funny or useful that can be said in 140 words.

    Said someting about this topic a couple of months ago. We think too much alike. LOL.

  17. PotatoChef

    I have a Twitter account but rarely ever use it. I have thought from the beginning that Twitter is over-hyped.

    I have also noticed that people tell me they are following me so I follow them just to find out they have deleted me. There goes my 15 minutes of fame.

    I even added Griz to my friends list. He never added me. So now I don’t know when Griz gets a glass of water, thinks about eating a bag of potato chips, or if it is time to wash his car.

    I would not be too suprised to wake up in 10 years and find out that Twitter went the way of the Edsel.

  18. Chelle

    I am so busy washing my non-existent cat I don’t even check twitter on a monthly basis…but I am amazed someone from google actually responded to you.

  19. Paul

    Very interesting…just before this post showed up in my in box I tried a little experiment with my 12,000 twitter followers. I asked them to follow BlueToolCrew tonight to help me win a bet about social media. I got 5 to follow.

    I know if I asked this bunch to do the same thing I would get many more.

    Yes, Twitter is worthless for making money, but it is great for winning bets.

  20. lissie - Legitimate Online Businesses

    I think twitter may be of some use who are are actually running a busienss with real customers and everything – but otherwise complete waste of space – you can’t say anything useful in 140 characters.

    I did try to tweet you yesterday – but twitter was taking a nap !

  21. sherwin_828

    conan o’ brien reported that youtube twitter and facebook are going to merge for yet another extremely time wasting site called youtwitface. LOL. funny stuff.

    I don’t bother with twitter at all. Very few businesses would need such a platform. Say if you’re in the forex signals business and you want your signals to get to your recipients quickly (though you could do with ym). Otherwise, what the heck is the point?

    Griz, is it just me or your niche support page just got lobotomized. I’m not seeing the comments that used to be there! :)

    Best regards.


  22. Medic


    I signed up to see who was in my local area, but I think i have maybe 6-7 followers. I have probably spent one hr on twitter total ever. Never having tweeted, i guess you could say I’m a twitter virgin.

  23. The Computer Lady

    Okay mister. Where’s the butt ugly blog I grew to love? You’re cracking me up over here. What is a twit? I thought birds tweeted. Or are you calling yourself a twit or maybe we are twits for using Twitter.

    Okay, I have to say that at the beginning I was addicted to Twitter for about a week until I realized it was a real time waster. Then I stopped using it. Now I’m back using it but I have it automated so whatever I post to my blog goes to Twitter automatically and I don’t even actually have to use it. Occasionally I have to go and check to see if someone responded but most times I have it set up to email me if that happens.

    Value? Why yes. I am now mentoring other bloggers. Yes, passing on what I have learned to the unlearned. I used it and Facebook last night to send one of my newbie bloggers some much needed newbie traffic. Success! Some of these visitors actually made her money by clicking on ads while other Retweeted what I had written to their “twits” and still others signed up to be readers on her site. While she is waiting for search engine traffic she is making money from what I send her. $5 a day for a two week old blog through social traffic is pretty darn good. Oh, and yes, I am teaching her how to write for search engine traffic so don’t think I didn’t learn my lessons well from the ole’ bear.

    Another way I have seen value is in just what you mention. I had a problem with eBags the other day for something I was promoting on one of my blogs and I mentioned it to them on Twitter and got an IMMEDIATE response and answer. Not only that, they fixed a page on their site because of my problem. I would have had to wait a week if I had emailed them. It’s like going directly to the source. At least for now companies are paying attention and you will get that response. In the future when Twitter has become a fad maybe not so much.

    So, yes, well, I have found value in Twitter. And I think with any of these tools you have to find whatever value works for you and don’t spend a lot of time beyond that. I don’t spend timing actually using Twitter or Facebook but they work for me so to speak.

    And, I think these tools are more for the social blogger than anything else. Blogs that are bringing in search engine traffic won’t need to use Twitter I don’t think.

  24. Top CD Rates

    I’ll probably be in the poop with Askimet, too. Really frustrating. I’ve stayed away from Twitter and from the looks of it, I haven’t lost anything by doing so.

  25. Tracey

    What are you talking about? Of course you can make money with Twitter. Just sell a bunch of ‘how to make money with Twitter’ ebooks to noobs.

    Or better yet put it on Clickbank and let other affiliates sell it to noobs.

    There .. collect your commission – money made.

    Now if only MySpace, Twitter and Facebook would all join up we could all be members of

    Tracey :)

  26. Phil

    Geeshsh. What is this Twitter thing? Looks like it is useful. I have been too busy building backlinks that I am missing out on some real way to make money online.

    Seriously? I think you bought dragon naturally speaking, because you are writing that notorius e-book. This post is aimed to target keywords whis attract the crowd and you are – as you speak – trying to decide which island to buy.

  27. WordVixen

    Twitter has some definite benefits, IMHO. Just not for internet marketers.

    I’ve made several good friends through Twitter.

    I got to watch my technologically challenged mother giggle like a kid at Christmas while watching for people to respond to her very first tweet (sent from my account).

    Several of my freelance writing friends gained clients through networking on Twitter.

    It’s also a great way for companies to keep track of what people are saying about them in real time.

    Not so great for marketing.

    As for people following- I was still getting 3-5 follows a day even when I hadn’t tweeted in several months. Most of them aren’t even trying to build up their follower numbers anymore, but just hoping that you’ll click through to their profile and click a link before they get banned.

    I no longer follow ANYONE that I don’t recognize unless they send me a personal message or respond to one of my tweets first. It’s just a waste of time to keep following people that you have no interest in.

  28. RT Cunningham

    I tried Twitter for about a month (maybe longer) but the only thing I’ve done in the last 7 months is log in to see if my account is still there.

    Maybe I’ll use my code monkeyism prowess to create a private twitter clone, just for all the Grizzites (yes, I just trademarked that, so hands off or I’ll sue for using the word “Grizz”).

    Speaking of suits… You really need to check out the front page at Rock Art Brewery.

    1. Trent Brownrigg

      Just checked the Rock Art Brewery site as you mentioned RT, and I must say that is AWESOME! I am so happy that the “regular people” were victorious over the huge corporation! I never did get around to putting up my post about the whole thing so I can’t take much credit but I did vote it up in some social sites so I guess I helped a little. I know many of the “Grizzites” were much more helpful by posting on their blogs about it, so I want to congratulate you all on your victory!

  29. Stephen Cronin

    Hi Griz,

    Let me ask you: do you make money through answering all your comments? Do others here make money from commenting here? Not directly, but it’s built a community that will link to you and help each other out.

    Twitter could be used for the same thing – if all of the people here got together and followed each other on Twitter, then used it to help each other out, it would be wild!

    Twitter’s no use for directly making money (neither is commenting).

    Personally, I use it for other reasons. As well as finding a steady stream of useful information, it helps me ‘brand’ myself in case I want to apply for another job (that’s right, a day job – one day I may be able to live the Grizzly life, but not for a while yet!).

  30. Vermonster Beats the wicked Lawyers- Was it SEO of Social Media ? | Passive Income Online: Lis Sowerbutts

    [...] and the Grizz got in on the act as well – but I am not linking to him cause he thinks the twitter game is pointless so how will I ever make a zillion dollars flogging a get rich quick twitter book now [...]

  31. Blue Chick with Yellow Beak

    Twitter? Never heard of it. Is that a sort of a new hangout for birds with lots of time in their hands… errr… wings?

  32. Scott

    Hey Griz:

    I concur with you and the majority opinion that the twitter game is just that — a game… Other than providing me “1″ do follow keyword anchored back link, it really serves me no constructive purpose whatsoever! And most importantly it does not help me in the SERPS. My tweets pretty much go unnoticed by the search engines, but I still tweet occasionally. What the hell, right?
    I would like to share that I do know that Propeller (www dot propeller dot com/) does very well in the SERPS and as a bonus it provides me 2 “do follow” keyword anchored back links — maybe more but I haven’t spent much time trying to figuring that out yet :-) Further, what I do know is that when I create a new article at eHow I will immediately submit it to Propeller and Yahoo Buzz just to get it out there, and in most cases Propeller will have me on the first page of the SERPS (for the keyword string/title) even before eHow does.
    Nevertheless, as mentioned above twitter can be a resourceful tool, but as far as its use to make money online I have yet to discover that benefit — and I’m not going to invest in some book(s) to teach me how. I try not to spend too much time reading when I could be pounding out some good content! Speaking of which, I’ve got some work to do! See ya in the SERPS…


  33. Make Money Planning a Wedding

    Sayyy… I’m not following you on Twitter…I am, however, stalking you here as well as your other blog
    *stalk stalk*

    If I have to follow you on Twitter, I might have to leave the Internet.

    I don’t care if it makes me money online or not, sometimes you have to draw the line.

    I’ll just stick to those nice anchored backlinks and John Chow can have Chitter, chatter, twatter, twitter.. w/evertf it’s called.

  34. Barbara Ling

    While I use Twitter to update useful tutorials/links/etc. I find online, as well as my own community, I find the ‘Good morning/afternoon/evening chats’ to be the best benefit.

    It’s nice to touch base with folks with whom you interact.

  35. Allyn

    I have a Twitter account because in today’s online world, you have to. It’s like having a belly button. I don’t find any use for it, but if i didn’t have one, the chicks wouldn’t accept me into their…well, ya know.
    I don’t think Twitter has any use at all for niche bloggers or for making money.
    I do think it helps establish credibility (fake cred anyway) if you want to become a social blogger like I hope to become with my next project.

    1. Marketing Ideas

      speaking of next project, when is that going to be up and running?

      1. Allyn

        waiting on the music to be done (having a buddy write it, draft one done already) and then we are good.
        I am actually taping 2 episodes this weekend to get ahead… it is just so much torture taping these episodes, LOL ;)

    2. Vinny Lingo

      Yeah, it is good for faking credibility. There’s a local realtor who has used auto-follow spam techniques to pump her follower count into the tens of thousands, and she gets so much adulation for it. But she follows just as many.

      When people talk to her in public, they act like she’s something of a celebrity, but she’s just another peddler of houses.

      Hard to believe that one of the most watered down forms of online communication has somehow become a platform for people to build a celebrity status for themselves.

      But at least I know the market of people who will click my ads will never dwindle.

  36. Kenneth

    The real question is the new thing with Google where they are going to display Twitter tweets for your search results. I think this is a bad thing for those of us who make money from generic searches. You can read about it here:

    1. RT Cunningham

      Kenneth, it’s time for everyone to start using Twitterfeed. Make sure your keywords are in the post title and have at it.

  37. Chris Holdheide

    I have almost a thousand follows on twitter and only know a few of them personaly, mostly friends and family. I tried sparking conversations with others but it seems everyone is only interested in what they are talking about.

    In my oppinion twitter is like being in a room with thousands of people and everyone is trying to talk over the other person.

    The only thing I have found great on twitter is using the RSS function. For example if I would create a search on a specfic topic on twitter I could then have those tweets delivered directly to my RSS reader.

    So I guess their is some use to it.

  38. John

    Believe it or not Griz, I actually make money almost every day with Twitter. I’m not going to say how I do it here but if you email me I’ll tell you exactly what I do.

    It is completely automated and made me over $100 last month.

    1. John

      Oh well, all good things must end. The powers that be finally caught me.

      I did actually end up making about a grand before it was over though :)

      1. John

        oops! Used wrong email addy in the last reply so my gravatar didn’t show ;P

  39. Bilal Ojjeh

    I follow back only when:
    - person has a small number of following
    - tweets are relevant to me (and not overwhelming in volume)

    One interesting ratio:
    Followers / Following
    The higher, the more attention the person gets from me (but still not enough reason to follow)

    Bilal Ojjeh

  40. Bilal Ojjeh

    FYI — your system refused my entry of my other email

  41. Will Platin

    Hey Grizz,

    I can’t understand how anyone can really make BIG money through twitter, every day I see countless Tweets with links pointing to get rich with twitter programs. They’ve become somewhat commercial like, my mind is automatically programmed to ignore them and I imagine many others experience the same.

  42. Caroline

    I think Twitter is fun but not serious for business. I do read the twits that are on the first few pages when I log in and I do tweet now and then for my blogs. But so far I have not gotten more subscribers to my newsletters, even when I tweet about contests or other giftees if they do.. and I have put the link on there tons of times. I have not seen more folk driven to my blog because most of them followed me back and follow like a thousand people or they came over from the blog to begin with. If somebody can figure out how to convert all these people it would be great. But, for now, like Facebook, Twitter is just fun. Although my Facebook page is helpful in connecting me with my readers, who are slowly becoming “fans”. But it doesn’t get a dime out of anyone’s pockets.. and that’s where I’m headed these days. I just read your post on anchored backlinks and went to one of the links in the post and found what I consider to be a step by step “bible”. I’ll let you know how it works on the site I will build once I find a keyword that isn’t swamped.

  43. Ralph J Ramirez

    Hey Grizz.. luv to read your stuff, Been learning alot from what you have to sayI reallly do appreciate the free info.. I recently posted a short post about Twitter.. after reading yours..I’m with you on it being a waste of valuable time.. Never in my life have I seen so many philosophers about life..wisdom, expectations,inspirational quotes,you’d think they were all descendants of Plato , Socrates and Edgar Allan Poe. Do you think these folks missed out on literature or philosophy classes..
    Like everyone else I find Twitter to be just another venue for contact. If your lucky someone may pick up one of your links. In essence, we live in an impersonal world and Twitter symbolizes that. The more users the less personal its going to get. Do grade school students really get anything out of attending giant size classrooms. Not really!

  44. Gary

    Yes, I’ve gotten real, tangible returns from Twitter. That being said, most people probably will not be able to do what I’ve done.

  45. Shane

    I’m so glad you posted this.

    I was always slightly confused by this whole twitter thing. I wasn’t sure if I just didn’t “get it”.

    It’s nice to see a Grizzly confirm my suspicion that “following” someone on twitter generally amounts to ignoring them along with the other gazillion people you’re following.

  46. Genesis Rocket

    Damn – I don’t spend enough time reading blogs, otherwise I woulda responded sooner. I’ve made a little cash off twitter….basically affiliate marketing a twitter method to other twitter users. Nothing spectacular in terms of income, but there you go.
    As a lot of people have noted, most DMs tend to be a little bit on the spammy side.

  47. Vi | Paid Surveys

    Griz, did you do any testing on google caffeine? Is it still the same:

    “SEO really is just “getting targeted anchored keyword backlinks”, that you don’t have to post on topic, backlinks don’t have to be from relevant sites to help” ?

    They closed sandbox before I found time to play with it :/

  48. William Hanks

    Although I have twitter acc, I also don’t see what’s the point with it :)

  49. Earle@ Solar Deck Lights

    Hi Griz
    Recently I have noticed it seems Google has changed how they recognize keywords related site. I.e. A few sites listed in the top ten for a specific keyword; if you check their back links and anchor text don’t have that keyword included but in some cases may have related keywords. E.g. hypothetically a keyword might be “Green Italian Sport Cars” you might find the top ten sites may have back links such as the domain name, URL, Italian cars, Blue Italian Sports cars etc, however nothing of Green Italian Sports Cars. Yet I know for a fact there are sites with content and back links specific for this keyword. Is there a change in how Google select sites for the top ten?

  50. MakeMoney

    I’m old fashioned guy :D . I don’t use twitter cause I don’t see how twitter could help me in promotion . I’m glad there are more people who thinks similar.

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