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92 responses to “The Best Make Money Online Spam Comment Ever”

  1. John

    Amazing. That’s a spammer who put a lot of work into his comment. Of course he probably posted the same comment to hundreds of blogs. He obviously doesn’t read your blog or he wouldn’t have bothered trying to get that past you.

  2. Nathan

    Hi Griz,

    Just add the following to your theme’s CSS file:-
    background: url(img/sidebox.gif) no-repeat bottom center;


    That should fix it.

  3. Making money online in a recession

    Sorry grizz on a good day I can spell javascript so I’m not much help to you on this one so I thought instead I would add a long rambling comment to add to your word count and because well you are one of the coolest blogs on the internet for anchored backlinks because well like your audience actually brings me some traffic – how weird is that! I thought it was all for google but sometimes, if you do real good you can make google gods and people happy all at the same time isn’t that an unusual side effect which you just don’t see mentioned that often on make money online in recession times blogs. But the best thing is that now with the 2nd blog I can ensure that I don’t end up with two-way links if you see what I mean – because like you haven’t even discussed credit cards here even though they are going to be a hot topic with the economic downturn and people wanting to make a little bit of money on the side.
    Lissie P.S did I write enough?

  4. Ben

    Hi Griz
    I’m a newcomer to your blog-wow! A new wave in spam comments? Good to see that you’re giving Kim the credit that he/she deserves for making SPAM a class act.
    Someone on the other blog asked how many backlinks does it take. I know that that is impossible to answer, and you answered “as many as it takes”. To be more precise, are we talking Thousands, tens of Thousands or Hundreds of Thousands?

  5. Josh

    That comment and a couple of programs I know of could really build some links. Someone could almost just put together a blog of awesome spam comments to flatter those getting spammed, not a bad idea… ha.

  6. roger

    Kudos to that spammer. Probably copying and pasting in tons of sites. If he /she ever took time to follow your blog, he/she must have realized, it is not worth to wrestle with Grizzly bear. LOL.

  7. Clint


    It looks to me like you’ve just got a CSS problem, not a javascript problem. Adding:

    background: #FFFFFF;

    to your stylesheet should give you the white background, but if you want it to look exactly like the other widgets, (with rouned corners and same fonts) you’ll need to make sure the textwidget class has the same css as sidebar ul.

    If you need a better explanation or just want me to fix it for you fill free to email me.

  8. Clint

    Oops… didn’t see that Nathan had already beat me to it. You’ll probably want to add the font size like this:

    background: url(img/sidebox.gif) no-repeat bottom center;
    font-size: 0.9em;

    to match that up as well.

  9. Frank C

    Thanks for that Griz. I’m working on adding to the phrase dictionary for Blog Content Wizard and that spam should work in great.

  10. Robert

    I see – going for the top rankings for removed by Griz on two different websites now, huh? Man, you’re greedy. ;)

  11. Bob Soap

    OK I just saw that this was mentioned 3 or 4 times in the comments already. It would be easiest though to add the .textwidget class to this line:
    #sidebar form, #sidebar .block, #sidebar ul, #sidebar { .. }
    right after #sidebar, with a comma.

    That will take care about the text widgets but not about the tags. The tags are not within any div right now. What you could do, Griz, is either tell Terry to add formatting where he calls wp_get_tags() in sidebar.php. Do this:


    That will wrap the tags in a UL with the class of .wp-tag-cloud, which you can in turn add to the line I mention in the CSS file again! Then you would only have to add a line saying that the tags should not be listed under each other (as in a UL, unordered list), but next to each other. So here’s the code for the CSS again:

    #sidebar form, #sidebar .block, #sidebar ul, #sidebar, #sidebar .textwidget, #sidebar ul.wp-tag-cloud { ..keep whats in here already.. }

    #sidebar ul.wp-tag-cloud { display:inline; padding:5px; }


    Send me a mail if you’re confused. I know I am :)

    Good post otherwise Griz. Keep em coming.

  12. Shane D

    LOL, great post. That is a lot more effort than I see from most spammers, but you can still read the form letter part of it. Well, Google still knows you’re around. Seriously, though, thanks for all the great advice from both the money making blogs. I’ll check back in and let you know how I’m doing once things get going.

  13. Terry Didcott

    Thanks everyone for the CSS fix – I just uploaded it and it works a treat.

    BTW now I’ve lost all credibility as the rootin’est tootin’est code monkey from the darkest side of cyberhell LMAO!!! Damned if I didn’t see that one staring me in the face!

    Bob, thanks for the php fix for the tags, I’ll have to root around for that call to wp_get_tags() as its not in the sidebar (which calls dynamic_sidebar).

    PS: A spammer with some intelligence eh? This is a disturbing development LMAO!!!

    1. Bob Soap


      Take a look at this post at Automattic (makers of WP):

      You can add a little something to the functions.php to tell WP to automatically wrap every widget in extra markup. Try using this:

      ‘before_widget’ => ”,
      ‘after_widget’ => ”,

      …with the surrounding code of course.

      You might need to check if that doesn’t change the other widgets if you do this, because this applies to every widget.

      Send me a mail if you need any help!

  14. lamach

    Obviously that f(removed by LaMach) spammer from (removed by grizzly) doesn’t realize who their dealing with! Obviously sent out everytime certain keywords are used in an article.

    Personal message to(removed by grizzly): Wake up! If you spent the same amount of time just reading one of griz’s articles they would be more effective. But then again, who needs a f(removed by LaMach) spammer like (removed by griz) around!

  15. Making money online in a recession

    Now this has got really, really ugly – the spammer i can handle the css calls I find ofensive! Its OK Terry – you are still my hero – just for implementing this LOL

    1. Terry Didcott

      Just wait until they all find out I’m really just a spaced out musician masquerading as an organ grinder’s monkey… erm I mean code monkey LMAO!!!

      I just got home from a gig, its getting on for 1am and I switched on the damn computer instead of going to bed by mistake… now what does that say about me??? ;-)

  16. Elliott


    I love the spam comments. i get a ton of them that range from saying just “I disagree with you” or “Great post and thanks for letting me comment” to the comments full of viagra links.

    As for java, I’m having a cup right now, not real strong and no sugar or cream. It works perfect for me!

  17. Lin

    Grizz, you crack me up! Then right when my laughter subsides, Lamach goes and starts it up all over again! Ha!

    It’s great to see I’m not the only one who is clueless about coding and css. All I hear is “coding, blah, blah, blah”. Sorta like what a lot of men say about their wives talking and talking blah blah blah! LMAO!!!

    Let’s see, are you going for ranking in removed by grizzly or perhaps make money online or both? :)

  18. roger

    for removed by Grizzly:
    you are sitting at 8th position on page 1 in my data center. lol.

    talk about midas touch.
    Great things happen to people with good soul. God bless you.

  19. lissies latest money making scheme

    YOu are #8 in Australia for removed by Grizley – but only because some Yellowstone bears are being relocated – typical yanks outshining the Canucks!

  20. lamach

    Butt…Butt…BIG BUTT!

    If you search for removed by LaMach nothing!

    Is that your lesson for the day? Keyword closer to the body tag?

    1. lissies latest money making scheme

      which just goes to show: Google LOVES Grizz – I suspected it all along LOL

  21. Lin

    :mrgreen: That one? LOL (: mrgreen :) without any spaces. Hopefully it comes through alright. hehehe

  22. Lin

    Dang it, the coding almost went through. That yellow smiley was supposed to be another : after the word mr green

  23. lamach

    I’ll say…..

    removed by griz shows up because it is on your index page….

    since removed by lamach is in the comments, doesn’t show up on your index page!

    Article was indexed 18 hours ago!

  24. lamach

    I purposely put that there to see if your virtual address correction software was properly installed. It is working!

  25. roger

    wow. yes, you are on #1 for : removed by Griz in my data center also. I will address you as Griz from now on. LOL.

  26. Don R.

    Hi, Griz…Please interpret this as groveling for a little help. After following your “Beginners” blog, I built a blog entitled Golf Talking and started writing and posting articles there, on Ezine Articles, Go Articles, etc. After about five months, lo and behold my blog started showing up on G searches for “Golf Talking”. You can imagine how excited I was to turn up in the #1 position a few times ahead of 16 million competitors, and on the first page quite often. Here’s the bummer: No increase in the number of visitors to the blog. Only 2 to 10 per day.

    A keyword search on Google’s keword tool showed me why – only 4300 seaches on average for “Golf Talking”. So, I changed the blog title to “Golf Talk”, which showed a much higher keyword average search count. Now, my blog is showing up on page 2 of a G search for “Golf Talk”…still NO visitors. What could I be missing?

  27. Costa loves doing business online

    LMAO! how and where on earth did you get such a good quality spammer? Give me more of these and I’ll happily approve them, if anything, just for their effort.

    BTW, do you approve of my new spamming way? LOL.

  28. Kim

    This is not funny! I’ve spent a lot of time compiling this message about this INCREDIBLE business opportunity and all you do is make fun of it! I will NEVER share (removed by Griz) with you or any of your readers again! You don’t even deserve my attention! I would have been glad to offer (removed by Griz) to your readers at a discount for the first week but now I WON’T. I HOPE YOU’RE HAPPY!

    Now you and all your readers will be poor forever! Ha! And are you the same guy that owns a “make money” BLOGGER BLOG? Ha! What a JOKE! You can’t make any money with ADSENSE OR BLOGGER! Adsense doesn’t work anymore and Blogger is ugly! Boy, you need my (removed by Griz) more than anyone!

    Later losers!

    (just having fun Griz, please don’t ‘askimet’ me or whatever they call it) :)

    1. The Jerk! Kim's Boss

      Thanks Kim for all the traffic. Server crashed for a couple of days, but that’s a good thing right? By the way, I noticed no visitors are clicking on any of our adsense ads. Do you think we should change the wording? Also, is there any way to increase how much we make on each ad? We are getting all kinds of traffic, and just .01 each click. Please look into changing the wording. I’m sure thats the problem. Keep up the good work! How about doubling the production nest week? …..and I am looking into that threat against your family!

      Have a good day!

  29. I Hate Star Wars

    I think what you should do Griz is collect all these great comments and make an ebook to sell for $7 a shot! Best Guaranteed Money Making Blog Comments, an ebook all MMO wanna-be entrepreneurs have to have!!!
    Honest folks, I bought this ebook from Griz and now I make $25000 per month!

    - Coaster (Paul)

    1. Sathish

      Amazing info…

  30. Dennisjr


    If I knew you would profit from it I would send some cash your way. You could put a disclaimer.. This is all my free crap wrapped into an ebook.. Get it in pdf format for $37.97

    I have paid much more tech classes and waled away with less than what you have given for fee

  31. RT Cunningham

    I’m not from the dark side, but I can tell you the simple way with the text widget. Put this at the top:

    <div style="color:#000;">

    and this at the bottom:


    As for the tags, don’t use the built-in one. Make sure you have the Exec-PHP plugin installed, use a text widget and put this in it:

    <div style=”color:#000;”>
    <?php wp_tag_cloud(‘smallest=8&largest=22′); ?>

    You can change the 22 to make sure that “Make Money Online” fits in the box properly. I think 16 would do the trick, but it depends on the CSS and you’ll just have to test it.

    Oh, and it’s not a JavaScript problem. It’s the CSS. The older the theme is, the more likely the CSS won’t cover every type of widget.

  32. RT Cunningham

    Oh, make sure you use real single and double quotes, not the pretty WordPress kind.

  33. Trent Brownrigg

    Haha yeah that is a pretty good spam comment. At least she gave you some content as you said. Much better than the one-liners most spammers use.

    As for your code… I’m glad you have other friends to help you out with that because if it’s anything other than basic (and I mean very basic) HTML then any 3 year old knows more about it than I do!

  34. bingo

    hey, Grizz,

    Long time reader, but never posted anything (I did send an email, but I’m sure it was lost in the flood that you get daily).

    I don’t really have a question, I just wanted to say thanks for all this good information, and hopefully I’m doing things right to get my little network together. I haven’t seen a dime yet, but I know now that it’s because I targeted a bunch of lousy keywords, and didn’t do enough backlink work.

    I did manage to get pretty high in some more obscure keywords for some personal reasons, and that made me happy. I am now trying my hand at gettin’ some CASH – lol.

    Thanks again,

  35. e-lottery Dude

    I like the way they say, “thanks for the great blog, and for the opportunity to put in my two cents” when it’s like $20 worth of effort to create this text and embed all the links.

    They also messed up in that your blog is a no-follow blog Griz.

  36. Cath Lawson

    LMAO Griz – that has to be the best spam comment I’ve seen so far. I wonder how many spammers will copy and paste it, as you suggested?


    Great Post, Ive liked every post Ive read on your site so far, just signed up to your RSS feed :D

  38. proson

    very funny giz. some times I received this kind of spam
    as well. But Kim was doing good. cheers :)

  39. Taking your advice - dont askimet me!

    Taking your suggestion!

    Hi Griz,

    I’m a newcomer to your blog-wow! great info…but a little disheartening. Only a little,though. The fact is my partner and i do make money online, and we have discovered an amazing avenue to get there even faster than we did the old fashioned way – with a lot of research, hard work (implementing what we learned), and time. Okay-here’s the scoop, there is a web building company called (removed by Griz), My partner and I highly encourage people to sign up with (removed by Griz) through our website, (removed by Griz)
    If people sign up through us we will offer a nice little discount on our web packages. The reason we love (removed by Griz) is because of their extensive step-by-step (idiot-proof) program which has an amazing built in analytic program (I know they have some kind of arrangement with Wordtracker-among others) so that your page is optimized to Google’s high standards. I have been into Internet marketing for the past 8 years or so, and (removed by Griz) blows any web Building service out of the water. The caveat is some of the tutorials are a little difficult, and the customer support isn’t so hot. But once you get over the hump, it’s smooth sailing-as long as you keep writing. They recommend 250 pages of great content. (removed by Griz) has the same philosophy as we do to making money on the web-provide quality content, with no tricks, and the traffic will time. Patience is required-no doubt about it. But if you follow the steps between (removed by Griz) and us (removed by Griz)-stock market decline or not- you will start to develop a nice little retirement fund in a couple of years. Anyway thanks for the great blog, and for the opportunity to put in my two cents.
    To you success, Kim

    ha funny post mr griz!

  40. Brock Predovich

    That’s hilarious, I’m disheartened too. Mainly because I haven’t found a way to generate any profit online yet. Adsense isn’t working for me. I’m trying the whole ‘link-love’ thing, which is why i’m here spending more time reading other peoples blogs and placing comments. I’m really at a loss though. I believe I have a fairly interesting niche. My blog follows the adventures of me. I’m a young entrepreneur developing a website called My blog follows me in my adventure, hardships, mistakes, lessons learned and triumphs in bringing to market. Kinda of like an american idol of business I guess. So anyway this is my clever way of spamming but I’d really appreciate it if you Griz, or anyone else can come to my site and let me know what i’m doing wrong and how I can make my blog better (aka profitable). here it is

  41. Jack

    Great Information Man! Thanks

  42. Will Glidewell

    I was completely lost, but still amused. Thanks for all the comments.

  43. Industrial Machinery

    How to subscribe via email?

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